People in Relationships are Your True Assets! #Financial Freedom

Truly Your Wealth!

Look around the women in the above picture. Do you have a group of men or women like this that you consider your true wealth, that these relationships are your true wealth. People are the true assets no matter who you are or where you live. They can be family or they can be friends. You create value for them and they create value for you. In this time of COVID-19 this has never been truer.

You create value for each other in every relationship by being there for each other, by listening to each other, by understanding each other. Be a receiver as well as a giver. Do this with every person you value in your life and see how your relationship capital grows. But only remain in the relationships that work for both of you.

Stop the Panic, Start Conversations About Your Life Moving Forward… #Ageless Women of Wisdom #Professional Women’s Connection #Empower Excellence


It is so very important to stay connected in times of change. You may find yourself in “conversations” in person 6 feet away from someone, or you may be communicating by phone or on line. It may be difficult to not talk about the pandemic, but try to be kind and change the conversation letting the person you are communicating with that you care about them in this time of change. Talk about the future, because there is a future.

What we are all facing is what we believe is worthy and important and right for us to do at this time. And I do believe that conversation runs through our minds as we isolate in place and more right now. In our lives, we have so many “shoulds” and none of us are positive that each one should happen, and in many cases we never act on them. But for right now, it is right that we feel that the “shoulds” are urgent enough to consider.

This, too, shall pass, and in its place, we will begin to acknowledge our own self awareness in brand new ways because w have had the luxury of time to think it through. Self awareness will begin to change our personal and professional conversations , and as a result new opportunities will begin to appear mentally, emotionally, and physically. The fear we may be experiencing right now will begin to dissipate, and that is good. Because right now some of us may be so fearful of failure because of the times we are in that the fear of failure will cause us to fail. No matter when in life we feel fear, we also most desire success. But fear is an old habit, and habits die hard. They limit our beliefs and justify our doubts. But no matter the circumstances at any moment, our mind is trying to do its primary job of keeping us safe. When we talk about fears, our brain has no way to know if it is real or just imagined at the moment. If not stopped, we fall back into the default of fear.

Online interaction will not disappear, but in person interaction is still very beneficial. The world is moving so very fastened we are doing more and more online. That could be better than in person, or it could be worse. This discourse is not to fight for online or in person, but it is an effort to remind all of us who believe that ideas are shared, wisdom is shared, and relationships are built both ways. I just happen to know from experience that “conversations”, real live in person conversations are more apt to enable many, especially women, to be brave enough to share their wisdom and their ideas. That is age old wisdom being shared across all generations, and it can be used for good or for bad. BUT, women of wisdom find empowerment through in person interaction. I hope that something new and better will continue to blossom as in person meetings become an option once again. It is the true meaning of “conversation” talking and listening to others… And I miss it right now!

Money Mind & Clear Thinking #empower #money mind #monkey mind #butterfly wings #sleep #health

Clear thinking is so undervalued, and most of us do not take the time to make sure that we are thinking clearly. Over the years, as I have worked with and studied my own money mind as well as others, more and more clear thinking became the right answer for me to have a clear money mind. The butterfly, similar to the above, became part of my logo from the early beginnings of Empower Excellence as it depicted the use of energy in small amounts to solve problems, especially money problems. Money mind for most people when I begin working with them includes “monkey mind”, the constant chattering within your head, or brain, that comes from family, teachers, religious leaders, the media, finance leaders and more. But here the butterfly became part of my process: the quiet flapping of butterfly wings has enormous power even though they have a relatively short life span. While the butterfly is a symbol of transformation, the butterfly wings are a symbol of quiet energy. Not to go into a long, detailed formula to get to a clear mind and thus a clear way to think about money, I ant to share some of the steps of self care I have incorporated into my life over the years:

Sleep Meditation simplification Reiki Healthy Food Nature Exercise mindfulness Tai Chi Yoga Intention imperfection gratitude appreciation faith trust relationship focus bravery

THERE ARE PROBABLY MANY MORE YOU COULD PERSONALLY ADD ONCE YOU BEGIN TO GO TO YOUR QUIET MIND AND LET THE WORDS FLOW, DO NOT FORCE THEM, DO NOT FORCE THE MONEY ISSUE. When you begin to think clearly because you are aware and in pursuit of self care, meditation comes if taken in a series of slow steps and can be as simple as a “thank you” when something goes right for your life. From meditation and simplification many other practices flow including “letting go” of things, “letting go” of unimportant issues in your life, and very importantly, “letting go” of toxic people, energy suckers, and relationships that are more harmful than helpful; but take your time, choose one thing to focus on first, let it flow, and find that slowly you begin to feel a little better, your mind is a little clearer, and you have begun self care which leads to a clearer mind, and begins you down a path to a better money mind. I know because I have been there, and I now can help empower others on how to clear their mind and create a clearer money mind for the rest of their lives!

Attitude of Gratitude to Start the Week…

Attitude Gratitude Patience

And then there is a new week…

Mondays roll around quickly with my 9 AM Empower Excellence LIVE program on my Facebook page “Empower Excellence LIVE & More” …And then there is Wednesday and Friday.  This is in addition to my blog here on as well as an Empower Excellence monthly newsletter and my website

And there is more with an award-winning professional women’s network in Northeast Ohio with three locations and a fourth coming in 2019.  

Sometimes, all of this weighs down the real reason I founded Empower Excellence in 2011:  to help people with their money relationships.  I have to get back to that mission in the coming weeks.  As a starter, I began a school on “Teachable”, “Empower Excellence Transformational Moments”.  It is an exciting way to introduce assets to individuals through programs that were left to gather dust since about 2013.  That was when I discovered that no one likes to talk about Money in groups as it is is way too personal.  So this year I educated myself in online programs.  This way my help with your money relationships can be delivered to you wherever and whenever you know it is time to make money a better friend to you and your family.

Yes, I am still available and eager to work as a money coach with individuals and families in person or through Skype.  The personal touch is important because everyone’s situation is different.  And that is the beauty of the Teachable platform:  we can still have additional coaching once you begin to realize you need help!  

So why am I devoting a whole blog to this on this cloudy, cool Ohio Sunday morning?  

Because I am grateful for what has been given to me, and I am grateful for everyone who takes the time to look at whatever I am sharing.  And I am patient.  I would like to get to know each of you a little better, and I am starting to follow and really read what you write about.  This is how relationships are built.  Let’s get to know each other and how we can be thankful for the relationships that may develop.  Namaste…

Tomorrow’s 9 AM program on Facebook “Empower Excellence LIVE & More” is “Attitude”…Start your week with an attitude of gratitude

Self Esteem Based on Money!

Self Confidence Super Power

There have been so many discussions for me this week about money…clients, networking groups, and more.  And then there is my own self perception and self esteem that has been talked about.   It does matter in all cases to know what you are building your self esteem on.  Please do not build it on money.  And do not focus on being right or being smart.  I have built my self esteem on being a constant learner about life, about money, about relationships.  And be willing to admit when you are wrong about anything.  Being a learner, being able to admit when you are wrong, brings much personal strength and takes away much fear.  To build your self esteem on money will only place you in the position of always being fearful that the money will disappear and so will your self esteem…and self confidence.

Cry When Your Heart is Breaking..

woman-crying older jpeg

Earlier today on my “It’s Your Money!” on Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money!” LIVE and More on Facebook, I shared a brief admonition about valentine’s Day!  It is a day of romance, but it can also be a day to break your heart…

No matter your gender or age, when entering a relationship, take the time to sit down and have “the money talk” including credit scores.  Do it early and be disciplined about it.  Money can ruin a relationship, and more marriages end because of money issues.  There is a very clear correlation between credit scores which can range all the way from 300 to 850, and they can change on a regular basis.  Lots of variables are involved with that.  The credit score is used by creditors to indicate how likely someone is to pay back a loan on time.  It should be used by potential partners–no matter the sex–to indicate relationship stability.  The Federal Reserve analyzed 15 years of data as well as Equifax data (that is another story!).  Beginning a relationship with a gap of 66 points or more revealed in the study that the relationship is 24 percent more likely to break up within two to four years.

Add to that there is a more fundamental element of relationships that may be at risk, and that is trustworthiness.  Think about it!  It is better to have “the money talk” before you do something that could end up breaking your heart!

See me on Facebook at “Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money!” LIVE and More where you can join the group and view my Monday-Wednesday-Friday money moments.

Call with any thoughts or questions 440-670-2252 or “Comment” Here!

This Week Is Gone, Thank You, GOD!


While I heartily disagree with apologies, I really feel that I owe my readers an apology for this week.  My mind has been too many places as I am “The Wicked Witch of Everything” during Halloween week as Halloween was my birthday.  But it was more:  the calendar moved to a new decade, I met with a new holistic doctor in Oberlin (emotionally draining as she is holistic and takes “everything” into consideration), one of my Women’s networking groups had a major meeting yesterday, and so much more.  So I want to get back on track and take claim to my title of “The Wicked Witch of Everything” at the same time I am starting a new meditation series withe Deepak Chopra and Oprah dealing with “TIME”.  

Personal Sustainability is our main title area, and the foundational platform is your Money Relationship because if the Money Relationship has bad energy, every part of your life will have bad energy.  So I am getting back on track with topics on energy…


And, I am going to start with this favorite illustration of mine:  blue, purple, and green balloons.  The colors are pretty but not totally important except that they are colors in my logo, and for me they represent power or royalty , peaceful water and sky, and serenity!  But balloons are only pieces of rubber (do they use rubber in balloons still?) or latex.  They are very fragile, and they need energy from a source other than themselves to be able to realize their potential.  It could be a single person blowing up a balloon or the use of helium or a simple air pump.  Once inflated, they can be used for many things or set free to travel the world.  Really, they can with with right conditions.  They are strong but not only dependent upon outside sources but also free floating in many cases.  However, one tiny hole or pin prick and the balloon deflates proving itself to be totally useless, good for nothing!  

Our personal energy, especially with money, is much the same.  We are flying high until something pricks us and we are free floating down to Earth.  As we continue looking at money and a good relationship with it, think of the balloons.  Even go out and buy yourself a pretty balloon.  See how it makes you feel from the moment you choose it until the moment it ends up flying away or being tossed into the trash!  Because energy and money have everything to do with feelings, too!

Let’s Talk About the Selfish Basics!

Owl Evening Worrying

No matter where you are on your path, make sure that the basics needed for a sustainable life are included in your plan.  Sleep is one of the greatest healers, and we many times carry with us the stigma from our parents about sleep issues.  I know as a child I was always told that I sleep too much.  So I went around with not enough sleep, not quite as sharp as I was told I could be by teachers.  No one ever addressed the sleep problem without being told by my parents that I sleep too much!  I believed that for many years, and upon my beginning work with a holistic, intuitive doctor, I was suddenly told that I was sleep deprived.  Of course, after many years of being a single parent, burning the candles at both ends and in the middle building a life for all of us, I was sleep deprived with fatigued adrenals.  Then I began to listen to my body and soon learned that I function best on 8-10 hours of sleep.  I feel fantastic with my sleep routine.  I do try to minimize that when necessary but I can feel it within the day.  Some say that it is a selfish way to live, sleeping away a third of the day, but OMG can I tell the difference.  I guard my sleep in all ways:  caffeine intake, exercise routine, meals, and scheduling activities.  I wish I could be happy with 6 hours of sleep, but it will never work for me!  I do not lay awake 99% of the time.  I hit the pillow, go into meditation and sleep.  It is a foundation for Personal Sustainability in all ways.  When I sleep appropriately for me, I stay in a positive place with my money relationship, my eating habits, my cleaning habits, my successful Personal Sustainability practice housed in The Empower Excellence Experience.  Take the time to analyze your sleep habits and how they affect your total life.  You could be in for sweet dreams!

Empower Excellence is Changing…

The New Me

Happy Friday…Happy Weekend!  June is here, and it is 3 months since I have moved to Oberlin, but who am I and what is Empower Excellence now!  Empower Excellence remains focused on financial transitions: career, personal, and lifestyle.  It also remains more focused on networking for women as they make career transitions:  the award-winning regional Professional Women’s Connection in Lorain, Cuyahoga, and Lake counties and The Partnering Program as an intro for those new to networking in Lorain County.

But, there is more to Empower Excellence today:  food is directly tied to money.  That is true from the farmer who produces the food, the food entrepreneur from the farmer’s market and restaurant, and each of us making choices in what we eat and feed our families.  Our personal relationship with money affects how we make choices with food, and, consequently, our health.  With my background in helping local food entrepreneurs finding financing as well as helping women make financial transitions, and more so to help folks make healthy financial decisions with food, I have begun my “healthy” venture as a Pampered Chef consultant.  Intentional work in this area will be to work with local farmers through farm markets, with entrepreneurial women in transition to create their own businesses, and through virtual cooking shows as well as traditional “healthy” cooking shows.  Money rules when it comes to food!

And because money rules with food, my affiliation with Pampered Chef, will allow me to work with local nonprofits to raise money for their organizations–food related and others.  This is a different approach to organizational fundraising.

Yes, Empower Excellence is becoming more The Empower Excellence Experience…money affects all parts of our lives.  

 And with that, rounding out the Mind, Body, Spirit experience, Empower Excellence introduces The Practice at Oberlin.  As a weekly program in spirituality, meeting in Oberlin, all are welcome to the non religious discussions and more.

yes, Empower Excellence has evolved into The Empower Excellence Experience, but in many ways we remain the same….