Is the Time Right to Hire a Money Coach?

Whenever you feel that money is occupying your mind more than it should is the time to talk to a money coach… Transitions are usually a good time to begin the conversation:  an impending marriage, becoming pregnant, preparing for your baby’s future, the end of a marriage, retirement is closer than you think, you need […]

Is Your Financial Professional Your One & Only?

Any day of the week,when you think of your financial professional, are you happy?  Can you live without your advisor?  Or would you rather live without them, but it is too difficult to make a change?  This relationship is like any relationship; JN it takes two.  There are 400,000+ advisors seeking to work with wealthy clients.  How […]

Looking at Risks…

There are days, there are weeks, there are months when I just do not feel like moving, talking, working.  It feels like the whole world is a risk!  Today is a day when, after a good night’s sleep, I am ready to take on the world in spite of some after effects of risk taking […]

Want to Renew Your Money Relationship?

You often hear of folks renewing their vows, renewing their license, renewing their library card, and more; and yet, there is hesitation to admit that it is time to renew your money relationship.  Things may be going just fine, or not.  But it never hurts to do some introspective work on where you and your […]

The Money R-Evolution Loves Travel!

Having a good money relationship does not inhibit travel in any way.  Travel can be done without breaking your bank simply by paying attention to several things: Shop Smart, and you can use a travel advisor, a real person, and still do this with a reassurance that there is someone “traveling with you” should something go wrong! […]

Planning a Peaceful Transition!

Separation, divorce, death!   Not fun in any case.  The money is in motion in any case.  Planning would have helped, but transitions cannot always be planned for I am told.  Currently I am separated from a companion of six years almost.  The anniversary is April 4th.  I got the call this morning as the […]

Money Emotion, Confidence, & Behavior

Most people are looking for peace with their money relationships, and there are many roads on which to travel to get to that peace!  To start with emotion, confidence, and behavior is a good start.  It is the start of mental strength.  It is knowing that you are going to be fine with your money. […]

Happy, Happy, Sad, Sad!

It has been a long siege of illness for me since the end of October, but I am still a pretty happy person.  Of course, I have my sad days, and I have my happy days, and, when it comes to money, there is no telling what the day will bring so I think very little […]