Is the Time Right to Hire a Money Coach?

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Whenever you feel that money is occupying your mind more than it should is the time to talk to a money coach…

Transitions are usually a good time to begin the conversation:  an impending marriage, becoming pregnant, preparing for your baby’s future, the end of a marriage, retirement is closer than you think, you need to find the right financial professional to work with you, looking to buy a house, and more.

I do work with financial professionals so that I can recommend more than one person to a client:  I take you through the process of educating yourself before you begin to work with a planner or other professional.  Most people change advisors because they do not fully understand their role with the advisor, and every client has a role to play in that relationship.  Whether you need reassurance or are just confused about the whole financial picture, a coach can clarify and educate you to be better prepared to handle your financial picture.  

A coach can help you minimize your concerns about life insurance, retirement planning, estate planning, and so much more and then work to define your preferences for finding the right professional/advisor to continue working with you and providing the service and fee structures that are right for you.

Let an expert, a money coach, help you find YOUR financial professional.

To start, let’s begin the conversation with a 30-minute complimentary phone session:  440-670-2252

And Your Focus is on WHAT?

Simplicity less focus

Today is the day for focus, at least for me!  The R-Evolution is back in the world of money, but the secret is to focus on what you want, to become easier with the work you do while focusing on what the end result will be, and the end result will occur.  My ultimate goal is to spend more quality time with family both here and in Florida.  So, yes, my r-evolution is focused on family but split between locations.  That is focused.  Everything I do is aimed at that…money, desires, business, and more.  In the meantime, helping folks with their money relationship, and for many that is a R-Evolution, is my immediate focus, but I am working smarter and not harder…I am doing less but accomplishing more with a focused energy.

Who Am I?

PWC W 4 17 18 Litterst Presenting B W

This may very well be the first time in all of the time I have had this blog that I am including a photograph of me, and I only do it to display a really important question for every one of my readers to ask themselves:  WHO AM I?

And I am sure you are asking “what does that have to do with anything?  What does that have to do with money?

It has everything to do with Money!

You, as you are right now reading this, are a composite of every singe day of your life; and who you are in the composite is a good reflection of what your money relationship is.  If you want a good relationship with money, you need to know who you are, with and without the money part.  Then and only then can you begin to see if you want or need to make changes in your money relationship.

Today, asking yourself WHO AM I?  could be the easiest or the hardest question you have ever asked.  The answers will determine just where your money relationship is and what changes you may decide you would like to make.  WHO ARE YOU?

Is Your Financial Professional Your One & Only?

Happy Tuesday Bee

Any day of the week,when you think of your financial professional, are you happy?  Can you live without your advisor?  Or would you rather live without them, but it is too difficult to make a change?  This relationship is like any relationship; JN it takes two.  There are 400,000+ advisors seeking to work with wealthy clients.  How does your professional keep you happy?  

Are they indispensable to you?  Would you refer your friends and family to them?  Does every member of your professional’s team know and care about you and your concerns?  Are you asked to rate your advisor annually on investment satisfaction, service satisfaction, and overall satisfaction with the total team?  Do they know your preferences on meeting frequency, communication style and format?  Is there a plan in place, in writing, that details how they will improve your financial life?  

If they make you happy, then it is up to you to maintain your part of the relationship.  If they do not make you happy, then it is up to you to begin looking for an advisor that will!  This is something I strongly believe in.  I spent 12+ years in the financial planning area of the industry.  I believe so strongly in this that I work with folks to find the right professional for them…maybe, we should talk.


Jan Litterst



Looking at Risks…

Sing Anyway

There are days, there are weeks, there are months when I just do not feel like moving, talking, working.  It feels like the whole world is a risk!  Today is a day when, after a good night’s sleep, I am ready to take on the world in spite of some after effects of risk taking this week.  I know it will all work out, but for now, I find myself doing Jhin Shin Jytsu exercises to quell the anxiety.  Nothing big, just anxiety that will pass.  But risk taking is something that I look at as chances to listen to and learn about myself.  And Mercury Retrograde is already in play with an actual launch date of March 22.  It goes all the way through April 15th.  So these past two weeks were weeks when intuition hit and told me to “Go for it!”  Do not wait.  “Go, go, do”!  And I did…

My new website is almost ready to announce.  I have an on-line school for my courses to be housed within:  Empower Excellence Transformational Moments.  I have a Signature Talk ready to go, and I presented it successfully in person under the worst conditions this past week.  I have upgraded my security on my computer, and I really like it when it tells me what it has stopped!  This was all for my business Empower Excellence, LLC.  However, this is a major risk I started in 2012, and it will be the supportive part of my life to reach my dreams for the next 30 years of my life.

You see, I am a risk taker from way back.  Risk taking is sometimes pushed upon us when we become married to the wrong person, we become a single parent, and we take seriously that my job as a parent was to raise my children the best I could.  I often said that I mortgaged my future for my children; and that was pure survival.  I was never raised to be the BRAVE one as Sara Bareilles sings of, so I had to learn by doing, and I did.  All the while, without knowing it, I was being prepared by The Universe to do what my mission has been since birth:  to help make money relationships better.  No detail, end of story.

So, yes, I am a risk taker.  You can be a risk taker also…  Go ahead and take a risk with life, with money, with you.  You never know where it will lead!

Want to Renew Your Money Relationship?


You often hear of folks renewing their vows, renewing their license, renewing their library card, and more; and yet, there is hesitation to admit that it is time to renew your money relationship.  Things may be going just fine, or not.  But it never hurts to do some introspective work on where you and your money are today.  It may be a great idea to take it on as a “renewal” experience instead of always saying that you have to do something about your money.

Let’s keep it simple with just a few steps, and then you can be successful with your renewal process.

  1. This is a big first step…letting go.  I used to say to my children that everything can be fixed unless you have murdered someone.  Letting go means letting go of beliefs, family culture, religious teachings, habits,  and  more and start with a clean slate:  maybe even literally with a blackboard or a whiteboard to start with.  But this is big because you have to learn to forgive yourself.  I am not saying you will get this done in an hour or a day, it is a process, but you do have to start.  This is the process of learning to look at yourself and your money without judgment.
  2. Once you begin the process of step 1 and letting go, your next step is to believe you do have the answers within yourself.  Call it intuition, because it is, or call it whatever you want to call it.  It is that gut feeling that tells you when something feels right or it doesn’t.  This is another big step…listening to your inner voice.
  3. And, yes, this is another big step.  Learn to find what it is you really want in your life and how money can be the tool, only the tool, you have to use it to make it work, that will lead you to identifying and fulfilling your dreams.  But first, you have to begin to identify your dreams; and they can change all of the time.  But you deserve to renew your life and to renew your money to be the tool to help you accomplish the life you want.
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The Money R-Evolution Loves Travel!


Having a good money relationship does not inhibit travel in any way.  Travel can be done without breaking your bank simply by paying attention to several things:

  • Shop Smart, and you can use a travel advisor, a real person, and still do this with a reassurance that there is someone “traveling with you” should something go wrong!
  • Be open-minded not only about when but where you want to travel.
  • Book your lodging very carefully choosing to view individual testimonies rather than relying on corporate marketing!
  • Take your time to be “at home” with your travel.  If you have not seen your own country, why not start there?
  • Study a map before you begin the process.  Know where you really want to spend your resources of time and money.

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Planning a Peaceful Transition!

Apple Glasses Studying

Separation, divorce, death!   Not fun in any case.  The money is in motion in any case.  Planning would have helped, but transitions cannot always be planned for I am told.  Currently I am separated from a companion of six years almost.  The anniversary is April 4th.  I got the call this morning as the companion is seeking outside help.  I helped facilitate the separation when I discovered an outside involvement this weekend!

It could be worse…it could be a real relationship.  Thankfully the call was about my MacBook Pro, and a 3-year fix is being explored.  I now know that a MacBook Pro hard drive life is about five years.  Life goes on, and all will be well for now I know, and the future planning is beginning.  Planning is always helpful…for small and big events!  Planning involves money on all counts…short-term and long-term.  What in your life needs planning?


Money Emotion, Confidence, & Behavior


Most people are looking for peace with their money relationships, and there are many roads on which to travel to get to that peace!  To start with emotion, confidence, and behavior is a good start.  It is the start of mental strength.  It is knowing that you are going to be fine with your money.  And sometimes that feeling of confidence comes not only from mental strength but also from spiritual strength.  More appropriately, spiritual strength comes from faith.  And this is a tricky area to work in when you begin creating a good money relationship; and that is because money is very complicated and tricky.  But to know that you WILL be ok no matter what in whatever part of our life, and especially with money, comes from a deeply instilled confidence of faith.  That touches on every taboo that a person may hold in their hearts, and it is risky to go there before a person signals a readiness to go there.  So the answer is to go slow:  gauge the emotion, feel the confidence, and watch the behavior–the body language–before touching on “faith”.  It will become apparent that someone is open to approaching their faith confidence.  If it is not, then the simple areas of emotion, confidence, and behavior can get you started on the evolution of your money relationship!

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Happy, Happy, Sad, Sad!

Butterfly   By Example

It has been a long siege of illness for me since the end of October, but I am still a pretty happy person.  Of course, I have my sad days, and I have my happy days, and, when it comes to money, there is no telling what the day will bring so I think very little about money on a personal level.  Sound strange?  Yes, it does because I have had years of sad money days, but the more I followed my mission of helping others with their money relationship, the fewer sad days I have had and that is because I have learned that the Universe and faith and hope always make sure I have what I need.  And the bigger secret is that I have learned to live in the NOW most of the time.  I am neither perfect nor do I want to be perfect.  I cannot change someone else’s outlook on money unless I truly believe that our individual attitudes truly can make examples fro the rest of the world.  And they can!  My example for all to see, and hear, because I have no ego involved in this covers the gamut of dysfunctional families, divorce, single parenthood, career disasters, and more.  They were lessons that needed to be taught and learned, and they have enabled me to know that I will always be ok.  

The other lesson learned is that money is only a tool that takes us through life with a bargaining tool; it is not the ultimate, it is not that by which we are truly judged.  And, at this time of the year, it is a symbol of commercialism for many that can lead to depression and ego illness.  Money is not love, money does not buy love, but love is what this season is about.  It is love that keeps everyone moving every day of every one’s life!  Love is the attitude and example that can serve as the guidepost for all of us every day with money.