Looking for Precious Things in Life?

You can have them, yes, you can!   And, yes, there will be times when feelings such as joy, courage, and gratitude may feel out of reach.  Our life becomes cluttered many times; and many of those times are during transitions.  Transitions such as marriage, divorce, birth, death, a new job or the loss of a […]

The Sexy “Spending Plan”…

When we talked yesterday about financial self defense for women, we touched on an emergency fund with other affectionate names such as the FOF.  I will let you figure that one out for yourself.   Over the years, there has been much discussion about “paying yourself first”.  Well, that is the Emergency Fund, that is […]

It’s Showtime! Break a Leg! You are the Producer/Director of Your Life Story with Money!

Welcome to the Theatre of Your Life! The seats are filling fast! Are you ready for your opening night? “No, no!”, you say? What is possibly wrong? It is after all the holidays; everyone is gathered here to play their usual parts in the play of your life–tragedy, comedy, love, war. It is all right […]