When It is Time to Refresh!

When you are at a point where you know something is wrong, that you are stuck, and you think you have spent years getting on the right path, but then you find you need a time out like I did over the past few days, I took the time out, and the Universe provided so much for me to follow…a leadership retreat scheduled weeks before, a free reiki clinic at a nearby (20+ miles away) holistic venue, and I went to both, and I was back on my path with many surprises. Things change, life changes, we change, and we do need a refresher. While I read Wayne Dyer’s THE POWER OF INTENTION when it was published in 2004, I found it actually before I had the reiki session on Saturday. It caught my eye from across the shop because it was on the SALE book shelf. There was no hesitation, there was no comparison shopping, I knew this had my name on it. I spent yesterday reading it and notes totaled almost 20 pages. I really needed the refresher, and I am back on the path. WHEN IT IS TIME TO REFRESH, PAY ATTENTION, AND KEEP ON YOUR PATH WHATEVER IT MAY BE!

When the Sacral Speaks…


Good morning, and it is!  I am very glad to be here talking with you as a group and individually for each of you will receive what you need from messages.  

Twenty four hours ago I spoke of good vibrations, and yesterday’s activities made it clear that I was doing a lot of clearing physically and emotionally.  This is really the sum of activities for many, many years.  And then one day, something major happens.

For many years, I have participated in holistic care on many levels including spiritual intuition combined with medical intuition practiced by a wonderful holistic practitioner as well as resin and massotherapy.  Many times over the years, the messages that came through indicated that my sacral chakra was blocked.  Yes, many times that was the focus of my work but it never became cleared.  That is until yesterday.  I am not saying that the sacral popped up and said “Hallelujah!” but it was the culmination of all of the work I have done.  

It is amazing, and now knowing what I know, the sacral has been blocked for many years.  The sacral has a lot to do with keeping emotions under cover, which I learned from my earliest days because I was a part of a very dysfunctional home.  There are no stories to share about that.  It was what it was.  But emotional outbursts from others in my total family were common–I was a quick learner, and, wherever possible, I kept quiet verbally and emotionally.  

The first indicator that the physical body was suffering was when it was finally safe to do so–an interesting thing we have learned over the years is that nothing appears until it is safe to appear.  At the age of 25, I had an emergency gall bladder uprising and removal resulting in a fatty liver.  Where did that come from everyone asked at that time.  Now I know.  The gallbladder and the liver are affected by the sacral chakra.  Then I went on to experience infertility and reproductive issues, another area in the sacral’s domain.  Without becoming the drama of a victim, there were more and more issues physically which I now know were more than likely in relation to the blocked sacral chakra.

One thing I do know today, after all of the learning and energy work I have done, is that I trust what my intuition tells me, and yesterday, it yelled and screamed and cried with joy as I participated in a wonderful core energy program for the second time.  Before two hours were over the body quaked, the legs shook with release, and the energy settled in the sacral area.  For anyone who participates in energy work, these feelings are what you are seeking, what you are hoping for.  Intuition quietly after all of the noise and shaking simply said you are now at peace with the sacral chakra.  And I was…

So today, the vibrational colors shown are physical renderings of what happens with vibrations when the chakras are calm and balanced within me.  That is the only authority I have is me and my body!  And today it is thanking me….

Here I Go Again…I Quit as an Adult!


For those of you who regularly read my blogs, they have really been a disappointment this past week…I was going through a tantrum time and really needed a nap and to be sent to my room, which never happened until the last 24 hours.

So, with a deep breath after the tantrum, a literal red cape (I refuse to turn the furnace on yet!), and in my jeans and tee shirt, I am finally back.  I am struggling to regain control of my life in so many areas.  You see, the problem is balance.  When I follow my own directives and go with “balance”, life gets really screwed up!

So, with the “balance” theme, seven days ago, with an unexpected text on Saturday morning came an invitation to meet with someone I had been waiting to hear from for several weeks, but it had to be at the Oberlin Farm Market which was open for only a little over 2 more hours.  I was still in bed–sleeping in, trying to get the rest so I would not need the “nap”–had to shower, grab some nutrition, and drive 45 minutes, but I did it.  Had the meeting with 2 people I needed to meet for a 2017 venture when I move to Oberlin–successful, and I did all of my local, organic shopping at the same time!  But while there, I received a phone call from my daughter-in-law with the wonderful question, “What are you doing tomorrow morning?”  Carefully answering, it resulted in an invitation to go with her and my two grandsons — 29 months and 7 months– to the Lego Fest…  In case you have never been to a Lego Fest, and this was my first, it is a place for 29 month olds to run like crazy and play on solid cement floors with Legos for hours, not stopping until forced to eat and then leave.    So much for balance; it leads to exhaustion!  In between the Oberlin Farm Market and the Lego Fest, mundane chores like cooking all the natural foods from the Farm Market, and doing laundry for the upcoming marathon week…And that was just the weekend.

And then Election Day, which I promised myself I would not watch the returns, but I did.  Then another surprise meeting opportunity which will expand my coaching into assisting an ADHD Coach with her clients on financial matters.  The meeting was with a holistic practitioner who is also going to be on the team, which led to a wonderful introduction to a healthy aging tool, and more introductions and meetings.  Then, this is still Wednesday, it was time to visit my Sprint store to upgrade to the iPhone 7.  I spent three hours in that venture, and I always forget that this is never cheap, and it was not, but I walked alway with a new iPad and the iPhone 7, both of which were upgrades I needed.  My three year old Samsung tablet which was presenting issues on not being able to accept upgrades and apps has now been wiped clean and prepared with games for a three-year old human named Liam.  He will be so thrilled tomorrow!  All he knows is that it is an “IPAD”.  Whew!

Then that same Wednesday evening was the monthly gathering of my newest women’s networking group in Lorain County, Ohio.  This six month old group is growing beautifully, and the noise level in the room is my truest indicator that the group is becoming successful for each of the members…

Finally, Thursday arrives, with another 7:30 AM Event which was a semi-annual event on the beautiful Rocky River coast, and many more contacts to focus on.  On to a 10 AM meeting with a local banker, followed by a stop at a local merchant whose products I love in Rocky River, connecting with a candle maker who only uses the healthy stuff for candles!  She will be connected to three of my members of my Westside networking group who deal in essential oils, reiki, and massages!  

And then the real fun began on Thursday…at about 12:30, ready to work, the escapade with Time Warner Cable began.  While I will not expend the energy to go through that again…it was disruptive from 12:30 to 10 PM that evening with diverse conversations with folks in the Philippines and Indonesia with no resolution until the local technician happened pos top in front of my house and informed me of what the problem was….and more and more.  That never resolved itself until Saturday morning with another two technicians coming to my home to finally get my WIFI stabilized and to update anything that Time Warner could update!

Friday was a slow day with almost two hours involved with the healthy aging venture followed my the normal three hours of creating one of the newsletters for the East networking group and then crashing.  

Then the Saturday crash took hold as I went off to an important business function when the Time Warner issue was resolved, and when I got home, I did crash…

Unfortunately, the blogs were a victim of this week…and the week starts over tomorrow, but I am really trying to redefine “balance” this week…please wish me well with that.  In the meantime, I am no longer in tantrum mode…

I Am Who I AM…finally!

Quote Anne Lamott

Realizing who we are meant to be is a lifelong journey…there are many checkpoints along the way, but part of our life journey is to reach the point where we can live life as we are meant to be.  Really…

Yesterday, was my mini vacation, and I realize that my host for the day at my destination might have felt pressured to make my day a success, but that is not who she is, and that is why the day was perfection.  My hostess, who we shall label only with initials was MJB, and I am so thankful for her being a part of “my day”.

This is a day we had talked about for a long, long time.  It was a time to see her paradise on Earth, and it truly was.  Totally sunshiny day, totally in nature, and far from the maddening crowds.  Add to that a kindred Spirit, and time.  Time we both took from our days to do this.  Thank you!

Everything happens in Divine Order.  I am a fairly disciplined Spirit myself, but this Winter has taken its toll.  Clothes fit a little tighter because I stopped walking because I no longer like the colder weather.  Excuses kept coming…launching two new networking groups, the birth of a second grandchild, moving to a formalized merchant services plan, and launching the licensing of several of my programs.

Before I left yesterday morning, a look at my refrigerator commanded that I make it back to Northern Ohio to stop for food…I have worked diligently to make sure there is no wheat, no dairy, no snacks n my house.  I needed to get good, healthy food.

Part of our day together with MJB was energy work, and OMG did I need it.  I had stopped doing my routine of reiki, Jhin Shin Jitsu and more on a daily basis.  And life was beginning to reflect that.

I made it to the grocery without any dairy, wheat, or snacks in my bags.  I came home and prepped all of the food for the week, and I do mean all of it.  It is like living in a deli where I go at mealtimes and pick the food and just heat in the oven if necessary, but that is only a small amount because I am back to raw vegetables and fruit for meals and snacks along with small amounts of high quality protein.

I caught up on all of the laundry…yes, and I ran the dishwasher from all the prepping.

But I made the time after my shower to begin the energy work again…back to being me within 12 hours.  Why it took this to get me jumpstarted, I do know.  It was like I had clogged fuel filters.  My energy was stuck.  Some folks think this is “hogwash”; but it truly is not.  I am an energetic being, always have been, and always will be, if I take care of me.

It has been a long Winter, but now it is Spring.  It is the time when the Earth comes back to life after hibernation.  It is the time for me to continue being who I am after a little hibernation.  summer and Fall are on their way, and so am I!