Beauty comes and goes, but the energy remains, AWE!

I am where I am, and so go I! Just like the beautiful red lilies blooming outside my door, they were beautiful last evening and this morning with the overnight rain, the petals of all of the lilies were found on the ground. Always, always, always, they moved forward just like energy of all things. It was a brief time of awe. I wish I knew what the lilies thought about this: were they sad that their time was done, or were they excited with the energy that they were becoming a part of a new cycle? They are now asleep, they are releasing the consciousness of their brief time in the sun, and they are releasing their resistance to move forward. Just like our sleep, their energy moves, and I am aware of my own energy movement during sleep for when I awake I am on the verge of being ready to launch…so much is happening right now, and I finally am trusting everything that is happening in my life. It is time for the launch of Ageless Women of Wisdom in so many different ways and the Universe is responding. I asked, I trust, and I move forward.