And Here We Go Again!

You Can Heal Your Life

My mantra about money and energy is that everything is related to money, and everything is related to energy!  This blog is definitely about money for whenever I am not well my productivity as a solo entrepreneur plummets.  Whenever my voice is shaky because of a cough or a tickle in my throat, I cannot do  program narrative or do phone calls with clients and potential clients.  That costs money!

So, as I woke up at 4 am this morning with the “tickle”, I went to work online doing my research not only how to get rid of it quickly but also to Louise Hay and her excellent work on linking physical ailments to emotional issues.  I resort to Louise quickly whenever things are not feeling “right”.  I am not paranoid, I am a believer in metaphysical and emotional connections.  

In late 2017, I spent a good deal of time with calendars matching up five upper respiratory events that occurred in 2017, and learn I did!  There was a common thread linking my siblings to the events.  Without going into detail here, I have not seen them until Easter, and two days later the upper respiratory event began with a cold.  Then my voice was disappearing and more…

I am about to share my awakening from this morning to demonstrate what happens when lifelong emotional issues are considered to be normal occurrences.  I am about to reverse my life because I have three decades plus to live, and I do not want to continue this pattern.  

While a child, I had no knowledge of the type of information Louise Hay provided.  As an adult, I use traditional medicine only as a reference base; my preferred providers are intuitives and naturopaths.  And me!  I have learned through the intuitives and naturopaths to listen to my body, and I do! 

Quite common when I grew up was the removal of tonsils in small children.  At the age of five, I joined that club because of strep thread occurring before then.  However, the strep throat illnesses continued.  Then came the bronchitis events.  Even to the point of needing an inhaler as a young adult.  At the age of 25, my gall bladder was removed in an emergency procedure.  Endometriosis took over my life in my late 20’s.  I was a walking disaster in my mind.  I had no idea why my health was so poor.  I was uneducated at that time.  

Now, without sharing the details of a truly dysfunctional family–generations not just my family, here in short terms are the emotional issues for the illnesses I have shared:

Tonsils, throat issues:  fear of speaking up, sharing my feelings, looking for my voice in life.

Bronchitis:  an inflamed family situation.

Gall Bladder:  Unexpressed emotions tied to bitterness, hard thoughts, condemning or hurt pride.  This is seething anger.

Endometriosis:  old beliefs preventing me from creating what I want in my life.  Disappointed, frustration, depleted, unsupported, ungrounded, and rejecting my feminine aspect because of feelings of rejection from the men in my family.  

Yes, there is total truth in all of this.  I was brought up to be “quiet” and not share my feelings.  My life was overshadowed by a narcissist mother and an acquiescing father.  There is so much here that I now understand.  I take responsibility for allowing myself to be overtaken by my familial background, but it is never too late.  I am taking care of me to the uptime extreme starting today.  More than I have ever done.  With the recurrence of the upper respiratory situation this week after four months of no exposure to siblings until Easter Sunday, I no longer have any doubts that my relationship with them, while on the surface good, has no depth to it.  I am not comfortable sharing my mission and passion with them, and I am still frustrated by that.  I am ready, finally, to recognize that this relationship is toxic.  

The energy is toxic.  It affects my mission and passion; it affects my livelihood.  I share so that others can learn to recognize that health problems have an emotional component that can be a hindrance to health and energy…and money.  It is never too late.

Clearing the Way to My Destination!

Flying Leap Hummingbird

I love hummingbirds, and I love butterflies!  No one ever tells baby hummingbirds that they can fly, and butterflies, I am sure, in the midst of their major transformation are never given a course on flying.  They just trust, have faith, and just do it!  They learn as they go!  

Tomorrow is the last day of 2017.  A memorable sort of day as it is my youngest son’s birthday.  His birth changed my life in many ways.  While I was married, I never felt right leaving him on his birthday to go out and celebrate New Years’ Eve.  Then when I was a single parent, I no longer refer to myself as divorced, I am single, leaving a child with a babysitter on their birthday seemed almost obscene to me.  So for years, we celebrated as a family at home with sparkling grape juice and calling cousins to wish them happy New Year.  Then, when he was old enough to drive, he began his own tradition of traveling on his birthday.  By then, my social life was pretty much done because I wanted to be reachable from the start when his first trip was to Toronto for his birthday!  

All is good because a 25-year relationship ended 10 years ago, about 25 years too late!  I no longer drink, and I find in my wiser state that most men absolutely do not capture my interest.  I have found me, and I like me, and I like the newest movement of solo marriage.  Much simpler!  

Five years into my business and my move to Oberlin, Ohio, finds me in a much calmer place in life.  My business went on hiatus this past year with the move, but now, having tossed aside several whims that were never meant to be, I am finding me and my mission to be alive and exciting once again.  This year was the year of choosing my destination and clearing the way to get there.  Yes, it is a Saturday, and I have spent the morning in self care at Splash Zone in Oberlin and on a phone call with my birthday son.  It has been a very productive morning.  

If you watch my “Money in Transition” Live moments on Facebook, you already know that I also found my red sun glasses!  That made me happy!  Simple things do.  I also ran across some notes from a book written in 2014 written by Roger James Hamilton “The Millionaire Master Plan”.  What caught my eye were levels of progress of the Millionaire Master Plan.  Very briefly, I want to run them by you:

They happen to be colors, and I love colors!

  • Infrared (The Victim Phase) which for me was the growing deeper and deeper in debt.
  • Red (The Survivor Phase) put me in a place with just enough to survive.  But it was also a time of mastering personal FLOW!
  • Orange (The Worker Phase) do anything to survive and make a living!
  • Yellow (The Player Phase) which for me was forging my own journey to becoming financially successful.
  • Green (The Performer) had me leading a team and mastering my market!
  • Blue (The Conductor Phase) where running and growing the networking groups beginning in 2013 with multiple teams creating multiple streams!
  • Indigo (The Trustee)  where I had earned the trust of the market.
  • Violet (The Composer) mastering my personal global flow
  • and, finally, Ultraviolet!  This is where I am becoming a legend where I make my rules and I am slowly becoming a symbol of my time and wiser than ever before!

So what does this mean as we are entering 2018?  My future vision has me reaching all of my goals through focusing on FLOW!  I am beginning to see the predictability of my main business where I am dealing with the demands of time, money, and relationships.  I am beginning to measure my cash inflow, and at the same time I am committed to my conduct!  That really has taken form in the months since I moved to Oberlin, mostly by trial and error!  I am blazing my path in the Infrared phase.  I am linking my future vision to the growth of steady cash flow.  It is the lesson of looking after me first.  

Several years ago, following the publication of The Four Agreements, Ruiz wrote the followup The Fifth Agreement which simply put equated reaching the state where you simply do not care what others think with peace and success!  I am now at that stage.  No matter who the relationship is, please take me as I am or let me go!  I am Ultravioet, and I love it.  2018 is a great year already…



Be Whole, and Be Well!

Happy Butterfly New Year

We have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before the New Year kicks in, and I want to wish you Wholeness in the New Year.  I am a strong believer of the mind, body, spirit connection, and it has me baffled right now.  I spent a good part of the last 6 months ill with one respiratory situation after another, and I thought I had it figured out; but I was wrong.  After about 3 weeks of wellness, including a trip to the dentist for an exam, teeth cleaning, and a general exam with my traditional doctor and blood work, I have pretty well lost my voice as of yesterday.  And I have a blazing cold that began yesterday morning.  I, the nonbeliever of pharmaceutical drugs, is taking a one-a-day decongestant–strong, and it is helping with the congestion but not with the voice! I am turning it over to God, and maybe he will let me know what is really going on…

In the meantime, as we approach 2018, wholeness is wellness in all parts of our lives:  career, social, financial, physical, and community.  Being well does not live in a vacuum!  It is more than eating healthy, which I do.  It is more than working out, I have lost 14 pounds over the past year with walking; and I am waiting for the temperature to warm for that and for my physical wellness to return so that I can once again be a part of Silver Sneakers without contaminating everyone else.  But take the community involvement, and the career fulfillment; add those to financial wellness, and you should be on your way to being well on a holistic level!

And I want to take a moment to discuss “financial wellness”.  Everything to have everyone better aware of their money situation is good; but our traditional financial institutions have fallen into the habit of offering “Financial Wellness” which is primarily product driven.  After all of my years in constituent services, banking, and financial planning, the need is far deeper than that.

And that deeper level has everything to do with understanding how each of us as an individual makes personal money decisions.  I have found that working on the personal money relationship empowers folks to understand “their” personal money relationship and then to go on to choose the best decisions for them!  Festering financial problems, which employees hesitate to discuss in a group setting in their workplaces where the financial institutions offer their “free” programs can cause loss of sleep, lower self esteem and reduced productivity.  Several years ago, COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises) included my thought sin an article they did on this topic:  “managing money issues “frees up people’s spirits and gives them more energy.”  The rest comes easier!


Transitions Can Begin in the Workforce…


Unless you work on Saturdays, the weekend can be considered a workplace transition as each week ends and new one begins on Monday morning; that is a very simplistic transition.  And it does affect your money:  you don’t work, you don’t get paid!

While the workforce is also transforming, the blending of work and life looks different for everyone.  Embracing the difference makes it more acceptable to each and everyone of us.  But for many of us, we are “always on the clock”.  There oftentimes are no borders between work and personal.  Too many of us focus our happiness on our work life:  engagement, culture, team development, stability, protection, and a safeguard against disruption.  We look for harmony between work and life, and that includes well being on both the financial and emotional areas.

Not only employees, but also employers see that employees (49% according to MetLife’s 15th Annual “Benefit Trends” study) are concerned, anxious, and fearful about employees’ current financial wellbeing, and the employees are looking to their employers for financial support and security.    Employers are concerned and are looking at customizing benefit plans as well as retirement planning as family structures change and retirement dates are being extended.  The employers are beginning to include in their benefit objectives “Help employees make better financial decisions.”  They are also beginning to recognize that anxiety about finances can affect employees’ personal lives, which can then, in turn, impact their careers.  Those who don’t consider themselves financially secure are more than twice as anxious as those who do!  It is an everyday occurrence that employees come to work with financial concerns.  This affects their productivity and their health.  Sleep is being lost, they worry about financial calls coming into work.  

Helping employees to be better versed in financial decision making brings peace of mind, reduces financial anxiety, impacts productivity, and helps employees to become more financially secure.  

Employees of employers who are recognizing this transition in the workplace are on a path to better financial decision making in their total lives:  work and personal!  

Sleeping on the job?

child dreaming

studies show that 43 percent of Americans don’t receive enough sleep at night according to Workforce magazine’s Alexis Carpello…

If you are an employer, you may find that there is an increasing problem with employees being less productive, making less than good decisions, and simply making mistakes.  Fatigue and lack of sleep, restless nights hurt employees, but they also hurt employers in the same manner that stressed employees are hurting employers.  It drives down productivity while driving up benefit costs.

But take it further, money issues cause for restless nights, lack of sleep and fatigue.  It is quite obvious to me that money and sleep are directly correlated.  Time to do something about both, don’t you say, employees and employers???

It is Saturday, but…


As an entrepreneur, as an employer, the weekends many times, when you are away from the everyday workplace, become the unconscious thinking time, a very productive time.  For those of you have employees, this is their time, for many, to kick back and relax before returning refreshed to the workplace in a day or two.  But for many employees, the stress they experience with their finances becomes more intense on the weekend when they have to deal with the money for all sorts of things.

Can you, as an employer, spot the signs of financial stress in your workplace with your employees?  If you are seeing these signs, you are also seeing a lack of productivity, which does affect you and your business, and a lack of happiness in your employees.

I cannot help but share these signs with you.  That is what I do.  I empower excellence in individuals and organizations especially when it comes to money.  So, here are some signs to pay attention to.  We will talk at a later time about what to do when you are seeing these signs.  The first step is to become aware:

  1. Folks spending time dealing with personal finances while in the workplace.
  2. Taking loans against their retirement savings.
  3. Asking for advances before payday.
  4. Unexpected absences; and
  5. Medical issues that could have been avoided through preventative care.

Pay attention.  Your employees heath affects your business, and their financial health oftentimes goes unnoticed.  It can cost you happiness, productivity, and money!

Breaking Habits to Reach Happiness…A Labor of Self Love

Spirituality energy 2Labor Day, 2016!  The end of Summer, the beginning of Fall, my favorite time of the year.  And today I am continuing on the path to take small steps toward what is important to me.  I have labored my whole life to do what I thought I was supposed to do; and it was not always easy because it was a  fight against what was my natural way of living.  And I know what my natural way of living is now that I have returned to being me…

No more laboring, just living!

From our early days, we come creatures of habit.  We learn those habits from the total world around us.  I learned to hide my true feelings, most of the time, because I certainly did not fit the mold my parents were forcing me into.

Organized religion is one of the habits I have broken.  I was raised Catholic by a Catholic father raised by Polish immigrants and a Converted Catholic mother who listened to everything the priest told her every day of her life.  I watched Catholics at Sunday Mass pious during that holy hour to go on to get coffee afterward to gossip about everyone at the Mass.  Today, I have participated in many organized religions only to be planning a nondenominational spiritual activity as I move to Oberlin.

The Sunday paper and daily newspaper reading became a lifelong habit while the printed media has become more and more irrelevant as the technological media world provides us with news as it happens rather than in time delayed format.  But I am breaking that habit because the vibration of the media, especially as we head into the horrible part of an election year, is totally against what I work daily to provide to myself through meditation and mindful living.  There are no more newspapers coming to this house to have their pages turned simply out of habit.  Positive vibrations are headed my way more and more every minute of every day!

Dysfunctional family relationships are no longer part of my habit which I learned at the knee of my mother.  Anger, drama, no more!  And I have worked quietly, diligently, with intention, and the sibling relationships are on the road to peace and loving.

Living healthy rather than “living” because you have to die of something has brought me to breaking the habit of bad eating–no more sugar, no alcohol (except on very special occasions), no more non-organic foods where possible.  And the positive vibrations of breaking this habit are already presenting themselves.

The workaholic habit has been broken also as I have found that taking care of me allows my productive work to flow easier.  My business is thriving, piece by piece, and I am learning just what my business is.  There is no rule that says emails and phone  calls must be dealt with immediately or on weekends.  My business is not an emergency service business.

Creating the habit of making my personal family the top priority is manifesting itself…

Creating the habit of healthy friendships is manifesting true friends and, in some cases, surprising old “friends” who were not friends but bad habits.  They are being broken by taking all of the good habits in the process of creation into consideration as the old make their demands and have their little tantrums to get attention.

The graphic at the beginning of this blog is energy exploding, blowing out the old habits and pulling in the energy of the new habits.  This is work, this is labor, and it is my version of Labor Day.  It is a symbol of freedom to move forward to create the life I am willing to work for…  Take a few moments today to see what you labor for and why.  Just a suggestion from a friend breaking old habits and creating new…It is a lot of work!

No Matter What…

Decide Commit Succeed

Yes, I am talking to you, and I am talking to me!  Several years ago I made a decision to leave corporate America and begin my own company to work with people and their money decision making.  It has been an interesting trip.  Every day it is an interesting trip…

Yes, I make a commitment every day to be as committed as I can be.  In turn, I prefer and carefully choose clients that display a sense of commitment to energizing and transforming their money decision making life.  Some are more committed than others; those who are committed find a resolution to what they are seeking.  There are different paths folks want to take:

  • To gain control over how much money they could make.
  • To gain control over the hours they spend making that money.
  • To open up a new passion in their life.
  • To have an impact in their life.
  • To gain personal power.
  • To work less, get more done.
  • Rethinking their “expertise”.
  • To successfully change careers.
  • To “Sparkle”!
  • To Find their Vision.
  • To find their personal value.
  • To find their purpose.
  • To be in nature.
  • To stop living for deadlines.
  • To take a flying leap of faith.
  • To build a legacy.
  • To save the environment.
  • To turn a setback into a success.
  • To regain motivation


You may have noticed, few people really work with me to become rich.  There is a reason for that.  Money affects control, time, passion, impact, power, productivity, expertise, careers, vitality, vision, value, purpose, environment, risk, success, and motivation.

So what have you decided to change in your life?  What commitment level do you have?  

Success comes when the decision is made, the commitment is made, and the behavior is there to be successful…

Empowerment is a Many Splendored Thing

Butterflies in Blue








WAS THE CHOICE, AND IT WAS A GREAT CHOICE, FOR IT COVERED EMPOWERMENT AND ALL THAT GOES WITH IT…very personal, but very encompassing!  No matter what your area of empowerment, whether it be money, relationships, etc.