What Was That Caterpillar Thinking?

Transformation is not easy.  I fact, it can take a whole lifetime; and, I am sure, that is how a caterpillar feels when its transformation begins.  I cannot help but feel that a lot of listening by the caterpillar occurs, which can lead to a lot of respect of what is happening.  That is, if a […]

Fueled by Purpose, Energy Abounds!

Oh yes, I am pumped today!  I am wracked with allergy symptoms, but that is not stopping me.  I have listened to one of the Abraham Rampages that was so appropriate for where I am right now with my life. More than that, my journaling last evening put into writing the saying “Not my Monkeys, […]

May 1: May the Butterflies Bloom in Your Life!

It is no secret that the butterfly is  symbol of transformation.  Believe it or not, but find the time today to ponder the power of transformation and the power of the butterfly!  The butterfly transforms nature after it experiences one of the greatest transformations nature displays.  From a caterpillar to a chrysalis to a beautiful […]

Money Strength…Suppleness Counts!

Be strong in your life.  Promise yourself that you will be willing to face all of the situations in your life that will make you stronger than you have ever been.  How do you know what will make you stronger than you have ever been?  If you have to stop and think about doing anything, […]

Things Always Get Better…It is a Matter of Perspective.

First of all, this photo is not mine.  It is precious, but it is not mine.  There was no credit for the photo which I found on Facebook, but it was too precious in capturing me at this moment in time.  Resignations usually come when things are not going as planned, OR, resignations come because we […]

Faith, Love, Stability, Power…

Pico Iyer’s words, “None of the truest things in life–like love or faith–was arrived at by thinking; indeed, one could almost define the things that mattered as the ones that came as suddenly as thunder.”   It is not as if thunder or lightening strikes and you are given the answers that give you the […]