Your story is your story! Every story has a character which may very well be you. Every story has a problem or a reason to tell the story. It is very possible in the story the character finds a guide or guidance to help them with their problem and calls them to some sort of action. The action helps solve their problem or issue and success is achieved to a total or partial degree. A transformation occurs. But the story must be shared, and it happens more often than not in a conversation.

Stories are powerful. Stories can make the story teller powerful. Sharing a story shares the power of not only the storyteller but also the transformation that can occur. When AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM was conceived through a conversation, the story of my former collaborator had more of a negative vibe about women and aging and the media and culture. My story became more positive.

Positivity was my story, living in the NOW, moving only forward and not back. The launch program and 2020 retreats of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM (AWW) focus on “what would make your life better in 2020?” Conversations during the summer of 2019 were stories with women of all walks of life, all ages, and positivity. Energy is what moves us every moment of our life; healing occurs by moving forward with energy of all types. With Energy and your story, you are armed to make changes that are very possible. The first thing is to tell the story, share the story, empower your continuing transformation by asking for help through your story. There is nothing more powerful than your story except for sharing it through conversation one to one or through groups. By sharing it, you empower another to see that there is a way through their problem.

Women are nurturers. Nurturers who want to help, and they help each other, whether friends or strangers, when they are invited to share their stories on their own way to finding their own solutions to life. AWW began with a Summer Program called Ageless Women Emerging through three “Conversations”. The idea worked and more than 100 ways to make their lives better in 2020 were shared. Women will on October 16 not only enjoy a fantastic comedic program THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Faktor but also prioritize the ideas for retreats in 2020. They will be in a winery setting in Richfield, Ohio, out in nature planning the beginning of many transformations in 2020. They talked, they shared, they opened their hearts to others to tell their stories. Every one benefited, and they will continue through their participation in retreats created by their own stories…

Do you have a story to tell, to share, to find a solution in? You can attend on October 16th The Eventbrite invitation can be found on Facebook @AWWAgelessWomenofWisdom or leave me a comment…You have a story, I just know you do!

Healing Positivity Sets You FREE!

Short, sweet, and we all know this, but putting it into practice is another step forward. During this season of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, much has happened in my personal development: a sense of betrayal, a sense of mission, a sense of commitment, a sense of watching a concept develop and prove “right on”!

As a money energy coach I have put into practice a way that I have put fear with money, personal money, into a very positive vein and it is manifesting for me very well. But AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM had a partner, a collaborator, and we shared the financial responsibility, but the collaborator was totally unable to put her arms around the financial responsibility of what we had put into creation. She totally abandoned her responsibility and left the company. End of story for I am sure she has her own tale to tell, and it is totally inconsequential as AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM (AWW) has carried on to the point that our launch event is only a few weeks away. The point is I did have fear that was hampering my progress with this company. It took me back to many happenings n my life where financial abandonment occurred in a dysfunctional family, in a divorce, and more. BUT THAT IS OVER. My fear of numbers is on its way out the door. Totally as of this weekend when I was offered a healing for the 1% of fear remaining that I would fail with the “numbers”.

I have always had the ability and the power with money and numbers; I just did not totally believe I had the power. The fear has been healed, and I am experiencing a sense of freedom that with my Inner Source, Higher Being, and my vibration of a fear free sense with money that I can achieve all that is mine to do not only for others, especially women, but also for me!

It is a combination of what has always been with me: faith, belief, values, and pure determination aka perseverance that is moving me forward on the biggest victory march of the total realm of Empower Excellence, LLC–AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, Join me on October 16th and into 2020 as we all become empowered in whatever way our stories lead us to become empowered… Let’s Lose the Fear and Be Free!

Check out Facebook @AWWAGELESSWOMENOF WISDOM for the Eventbrite Registration Link for October 16th. Thank You!

More Sleep, Less Stress, Fulfillment


It is almost the universal prescription to heal and head towards fulfillment in life:  More sleep, less stress.  And then there are those who get stressed trying to get more sleep!  But it is true that when stress sets in and nothing is working sleep does work.  It is the same reason children need naps!  Well adults need naps, too!  I know I do.  Just this morning, after a very long day out of town celebrating Halloween with “the little people”, I awoke after 7 hours of sleep to meditate and go back to sleep for another 3 hours.  Oversleeping was stressful but I am fully aware that my body needed the sleep.  Sleep is a healing modality that can help with stress, your inner state, and your insecurities, like money issues.  Finding and maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle is a moment to moment undertaking.  Daily we struggle to make sure that we have happy moments and happy days–that is how having a happy life, a fulfilled life develops.  Positivity is a constant healer for physical, emotional, and mental distress.  Directing your energy in each present moment can heal many issues over time.  

Dealing With Money, Honey!


Often I think that money is another creative medium; and it is.  You can take it and create whatever you want; but it does take courage when you become so creative that you are not strong enough to take the criticism that will follow!  My thought “Deal With It”, and in SUCCESS April 2017 Amy Morin wrote an article about Mental Strength, and I think of her suggestions as they apply to money.

  1. Establish Goals
  2. Set Yourself Up for Success
  3. Tolerate discomfort for a greater purpose
  4. Reframe your negative thoughts
  5. Balance your emotions with logic
  6. Strive to fulfill your purpose
  7. Look for explanations, not excuses
  8. Do one hard thing every day
  9. Use the 10-minute rule
  10. Prove yourself wrong!

For the coming days, I will take each of the steps and apply them to the money.  It will be fun, I promise!

Families & Money…Uh oh!

Positive Me

Families are forever, like it or not.  When it comes to money, families are really forever.  Money in families starts at a very early age.  Your family either has money or does not have money.  It is that simple.  Or is it?

As the oldest child of three girls, I learned from a very early age from my mother that we did not have money.  We always had food to eat although my mother was not a good cook.  That is a fact.  Because of that fact, I ate very little and remained underweight until my adulthood when I learned to cook.  We rarely ate out unless it was the little Chinese restaurant in Cleveland’s Chinatown.  Plenty of food and cheap.  I also learned that I had no style because I went to Catholic school for nine years–uniforms.  The cheapest way to go!  High school I learned to sew to start making my own clothes so that I had my style.  This goes on and on.  But there was no money until…

After my wedding, which my parents paid only for the actual reception with much begrudging because I chose not to have it in the Amvets Hall, I returned from my honeymoon to find they were renovating the house.  But there was no money.

My middle sister got married a year after I did, and I really do not know what her perception at home with money was.  She went to school for a year, went to work, and got married.  She got divorced a year after I did as well.  So we were both single parents…that is its own story!  

My youngest sister by 12 years married at 18 and is the only one still married.  She is still financially secure because of that as well.  She worked all through their marriage and built a career for herself.  

We all react differently to the messages our parents send us about money and life.  I was the rebellious good girl…did what was right but totally disagreed with the parenting in our household.  I married a young man at the time whose parents always took care of him financially.  They made sure he was ok but still taught him a work ethic.  

What we become as adults with money is a hodge podge which we then have to discern if it is right or wrong for us.  And then there are the life situations that come to us:  returning to school to achieve our degree, infertility issues, an adoption, health issues with children, a divorce, poverty, job changes, career choices go amuck…and more and more!

Hopefully, I  was able to communicate my money values to my children.  I am not sure about that!  But I do know one thing, no matter how little or much money I have in comparison to my immediate family, I am happy.  I am not sure my sisters are.  There is an air of desperation with one, and there is an air of “settling” with the second.  This is not judgmental; it is my feeling.  I am happy.  My life is not perfect, but I am happy.  I have my own business still growing.  I live in the town that I have intentioned to live in for years, I am surrounded by positive energy because I give out positive energy to family, friends, business associates, and perfect strangers.  I am relatively healthy because I work at that every day.  I am highly spiritually directed, and I am in the process of growing a spiritual practice in my town.  I am calm, I am quiet, I not share my total life with my sisters.  We are good together socially, but we are not close.  You see, we never talked about money in our family, and we still don’t.  That is one of many subjects that we did not “need to know.”  So we don’t know each other well, and we never will.  That is what family can be, and that is what family and money can be.  In the words of Simon and Garfunkel…”teach your children well…”  Talk about money!



A Day Just to Be…


Italy sparked within me to be in a place where there is water and meadows and blue sky.  But it also was a place where diversity was the norm.  Peace was the cause of the day.  Please, do not think this is a naive way to think of any place.  While a peaceful activist, I am in remission in this area.  The vibrations of negativity manifested through violence, crime, and more are in a far away place for me as I have chosen to only be a part of positive vibrations emanating from my Soul.  I am taken back to Italy, a place where I did not understand the language but the communication was easy due to love and actions…Words sometimes get in the way, in the way of water and meadows and blue sky…I know I can find this every day everywhere I am…I am just being.

Thankful for the Positive!

Positive Me

Very simply, as we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, be thankful!

Being thankful has everything to do with being positive.  Being positive has everything to do with enjoying life!  

Enjoy the holiday no matter how you spend it…it is a perfect time to be positive, to spread good vibes, and to enjoy your life!

Good, Good, Good Vibrations


One thing that is missing on Facebook more and more as the days go on is balance, there are not good vibrations–everything is going political–either attempting to be positive politics or downright negative politics.  And I am looking for good vibrations; not there!

So, I am slowly disappearing from that form of social media.  Yes, I will posit periodically on my personal page or on my business page, but it is hard to fight the “stuff” that is out there.  And I do not want to fight–I want good vibrations.

So, if you are a Facebook fan, please help me, turn this around with Good, Good, Good Vibrations…I want to share, I want to be inspired.  

The Election is OVER!

Positive Me

There may be 24 days until the election, but I have voted, and it is over for me!

This has been a year of energy-sucking from all directions.  And it is over!

October is my birthday month, and my new year is beginning now.  While I do not want to talk about it at all, in summary, I was so out of alignment doing my mail-in election ballot that I have no desire to talk about government, candidates, elections ever again.  So that is over.  I am a strong energy believer; it is what my business is based on; and it is how I have turned my life around in the past 8 years.  From here on in, positive energy is all I really want to be surrounded with.  That does not mean that I am denying that negativity is out there; it means that I will choose the energetic environment in which I will dwell.  This decision will continue to remove me more and more from social media on a personal level.  Yes, I will share positive posts periodically, but being a positive force in a negative arena is a form of energy-sucking, and that is not for me any longer.

So, join me, become a positive energy person.  If you make this one change, and it is a small one if you do it step by step, you will begin to find more joy in your life…and this is what I am recommending…



Love and Joy; Joy and Love!

Joy is a Net of Love

Fridays are usually a laid back, heavy work day for me.  There are always exceptions, but today is  sunny day in Ohio in the ’60’s while Florida, where one of my sons lives, is under the emergency of Hurricane Matthew.  With plans to move to Florida in the coming years for 6 months annually, it gives me pause about where I want to live, if I want to live in Florida.   But that is all being done with love, for love wins out.  Love really brings about joy, and more joy brings about more love.  It is so simple.

But it can mean so much in all areas of our lives.  

Let’s start with the basic physical body for no matter what you think, what you feel, you do have a body!  We all share that commonality.  Sue Monk Kidd once stated that “The body knows things a long time before the mind catches up to them.”  So true, and, if you learn to listen to the body, you can feel love, you can feel joy, and you can feel all sorts of negativity occurring in the body as a response to all types of outward influences.  You will feel in the body before you realize what is happening to you…the little twitch, the little ache, the slight headache, and more can lead to all kinds of issues within the body.  When you really listen to the body, you will have the opportunity to listen, to absorb, and to react early in very small ways in the spirit of love and joy that can offset the negativity and turn it into positivity.  

This is how love and joy within you leads to taking care of you.  Loving ourselves allows us to listen to ourselves quietly and intently at some time every day.  It is because of love and joy that when I awake at 3 or 4 in the morning it becomes my meditation time, my introspection time.  It is with peace, love, and joy that I do this and most times go back to sleep really prepared for the total day.  When I wake up for the day, I feel that I have given myself the reasons for joy and love to occur all day!  Love yourself, listen to yourself.  Find Your Joy and Find Your Love!