When Energy is POWER!

Energy is with you forever. You create positive energy or negative energy. That is your basic use of power. As a baby you learn: when you are uncomfortable with wetness, with hunger, with fatigue, or with pain. While your energy may be dwindling, you find you have the energy to get what you need. Over the years, you learn when to call on your power—positive or negative—to accomplish your needs of the moment. You begin to learn control while manifesting your needs.

Power is yours, learn to use it well, use it apart from ego to use it success successfully.

Aging, Anti-Aging & Anti Anti-Aging…AWW, Really!

Many months ago, when AWW AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM was being conceived, there were differing pinions about our approach. While others were most concerned about the impression left by the media culture about aging which was felt that it had created a cultural and gender bias against women of maturing years, I took a strong stance that AWW only have a positive approach. For me, it is very simply up to each of us as women to raise our self esteem, with or without help, to be positive about our personal aging and create what it is we want our future, no matter how old to be. In other words, it is up to us to stop giving a damn about what people think of each of us as women. It is tiresome to be told by other women that we “intimidate them”, and it is just as tiresome to let others express their negative opinion to us about aging. End of story.

AWW is about self discovery of our needs and helping to create conversations, friendships, and retreats to raise our personal visions of ourselves. Doing that in concert with other women, in a positive manner, raises all of us by raising each other. This is empowerment first and foremost, not leading into the discussions with reinforcements of the negative sides of this topic. We are AGELESS women, WOMEN OF all ages, who already possess WISDOM, whether we really know or acknowledge that at this point. Credence is not given to the negative aging images as we begin this journey. That does not mean that it does not exist, it means we are not giving it any credibility. We do not need to create awareness of any manipulation or negative perception of women at any age. Fashion, beauty products, and marketing are not our concern! To do otherwise simply takes away the power, the energy, and the potential we already possess. We start with the WISDOM each of you already possess; we are not wasting anyone’s time revisiting the old perceptions we may have faced. This is the emergence of the inner WISDOM within each of us as women. It is there, it simply needs to emerge!

YES, we are anti anti-aging!

Make Money Simple: Define YOUR Legacy

You Will Get...Help Others Get

Good Morning!  I try to greet folks when I see them for the first time in any day.  I get a feeling of gratitude when I say it because I can say it!  Each time I say it, it makes me feel a little bit better.  But I also know that others feel good when they are acknowledged in a positive way, and they may very well go on to share a greeting with the folks they encounter during their day.  It really is a win-win situation.  I get what I am looking for, grace, gratitude, and a little bit of love while I hope others get the same from me!

The Universe has been good to me for a long time, but I always get the nod of acknowledgement from the Universe when I have begun to talk about the programs I offer through Empower Excellence, LLC.  Recently, after I have begun to verbally share with all the Family Legacy for Financial Wellness program for 2019, the word “Legacy” keeps appearing.  Yes, I know that this is a reticular activation phenomena, but it is more than that.  The Universe sends me gifts that surround “Legacy” in ways that I can never anticipate.  This weekend the first ever Open Mic Poetry Gathering I attended announced the week before that the theme was “Legacy”.  OK, but it was also the message that I should participate as I meet this new group of folks.  I did, and it was a success.  

About a month ago, after beginning to follow Garrett Gunderson and his Wealth Factory program over the summer, I was invited to a series of three webinars.  Topics were not announced as far as I know.  I attended the first in the “Win Then Play” series , and I attended the second.  But the third was all about Defining Your Legacy.  Ok, this was fantastic.  It reinforced for me what I am doing.  I was hooked on Garrett and my concept on Family Legacy in Financial Wellness.  I was amazed, as I always am with the Universe, that this validation was coming to me in such a strong manner.

So, before I formally announce the Family Legacy in Financial Wellness program in the coming weeks, let’s continue to share a little more about what this is all about.  How do YOU define YOUR Legacy?  

It will be different for each person reading this.  A “Legacy” is personal.  It is a way to combine your reality–money is a part, but only a part–with your fantasy, your dreams for yourself, your family members, and others.  It is the mark you leave on the world.  Do not shut down on this saying you have “nothing” to leave.  Oh, yes, you do!  This may be the hardest part of the “Family Legacy in Financial Wellness”:  acknowledging that you have plenty to leave as your mark.  You just need to find the time, make the time, to make YOU important enough to think this through.

Start with defining a “DREAM” for YOU.  I can hear the outbursts now as I write this.  “I do not have a dream”.  It could be followed by how your life sucks, and how you wish you were dead.  But, Stop, really stop, and begin again.  It is time to define YOU.  That is it for today.

DEFINE YOU, with one qualifier  Only in Positive terms!

See you tomorrow…


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The High Quality of Energy…Resilience

Spiritual Energy 5

As we continue to begin building a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness, and continuing the definition and meaning of ENERGY, Resilience is a treasured holistic characteristic.

Youthful ENERGY is maintained in Resilience.  It represents the quality of ENERGY in a holistic way more than food and exercise.  Deepak Chopra has spoken of ENERGY at birth being used 70% to build the brain, and he has also coined the word BodyMind.  At birth, the body knows where the ENERGY has to go while as we grow and mature we need to be able to organize our ENERGY throughout our BodyMind.  The secret to successfully organizing ENERGY lies in Resilience, the ability to dynamically be flexible, to bounce back mentally as well as physically and emotionally.  

Two extreme needs for Resilience are Sleep and Reducing Stress.  Sleep and Stress can impact the quality of ENERGY.  Period.  These two factors increase or decrease the quality of ENERGY.  In both areas, making positive choices over negative choices in all things are crucial to Resilience and to quality ENERGY.


Facebook:  Empower Excellence  “financialwellnessforall”

Facebook:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More

LinkedIn:  Janice Marie Litterst

Twitter:  @empowerwithjan

Email/Phone:  janicelitterst@gmail.com     440-670-2252


Tell Your Story, Tell it Well, Be Positive!

Addicted to problems

As a great advocate of telling our story in order for the Universe to hear it and play on the Reticular Activation Syndrome (RAS), I am also tired of hearing the same old stories dealing with same old problems.  It has ended a long time relationship for me.  There was once a friendship that started in 1998, and it ended in 2016, for good!  The culprit in the relationship was that I had heard a different version of the same old story for 18 years, and, when I brought it up to the person that she would do herself a favor to become more positive, I never heard from her again.  Enough was enough, and I am sure The Universe felt the same.  The situation never changed because that became my friend’s story.  It was always “woe is me” whether it was about her daughters, her mother, her brother, her friends, her MONEY!  The Universe kept giving her more of the same because that became her story.  

Very recently, I had a great conversation with my son about one of his cousins who I mentioned her unhappy disposition for many years.  Yes, he agreed, that she was unpleasant to all, and he cited her story that the Universe had done her wrong–no marriage, no children–and she then projected that out to the world.  It became her story, and The Universe gave it right back to her.

The Moral of the Blog is:  Create your story.  Make it positive.  Make it you.  And then watch the Universe deliver it to you.  Understand, The Universe has its own timeline!

I Am the Goddess of Money…

DNA Goddess

I am leading the Money Revolution, yes, I am!  And you, too, can be a part of the Money Revolution!  Attract money thoughts, attract more than money!  Attract joy:  gain confidence to make money decisions, know your needs and wants, regain hope!  Tune in to Money thoughts you have:  nothing negative, only positive!  It makes a big difference!  You CAN make a difference…


When It Comes to Money…

Our Own Best Friends

Oh my, I see it way too often that folks get way too hung up on life with money.  They are so super critical of themselves saying “I am bad with money.”  “I cannot get it right with money.”  “I will always be in debt.”  Well, guess what?  If you are one of those folks,  what you are telling your brain, which is all too familiar with reticular activation response, is that you are seeking to be bad with money, to be wrong with money, and to keep you in debt.  Your brain has the capacity to listen to your words and then seek the answers to what you say:  “debt, be wrong, and be bad!”  Think of money in your life as a gift of flow–it comes and it goes–and it is there as a blessing for you to live a positive life.  

Really, What is Money Energy?

Apple Glasses Studying

This is the kind of question that really is so easy for me, and yet it is not easy for others to understand.  

Let’s start with “energy”.  Think of this is your personal electrical system.  There are many factors which come into play when you talk about your personal energy.  Joseph Campbell described money as “congealed energy, “and releasing it releases life’s possibilities.”  That is a very implied view, and to learn more about it you can always read what got me started on this in the 1990’s.  Maria Nemeth in 1997 wrote THE ENERGY OF MONEY.  It is described o the book’s cover as “A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment.”  And how do you get the energy of money to be your personal guide in your money relationship.  It is really quite simple if you read the book jacket:

  • Uncover the hidden landscape of beliefs, patterns, and habits that underlie and sometimes subvert your everyday use of money and personal resources
  • Tame the dragons of driven behavior and busyholism
  • Defuse fears of deprivation and scarcity
  • Embrace and work through paradox and confusion
  • Consciously focus on your money energy
  • Clear yourself to receive the energy and support of others and the universe
  • Develop and stay on your personal path to abundance

Now, isn’t that easy!  No, it is not, and that is why I am offering to take small bites out of the topic after years of spiritual study and years of financial preparedness in the financial industry.  Your money relationship involves every part of your life, so I would like to help you direct your personal energy towards working on your money energy especially when you are experiencing transitions in your life.  Just one small step at a time like the illustration shows below:  

Logo with Words

Start with your energy, identify your first step to work on (such as being positive about money), do that work, and with time you will become excellent which will empower you and generate more energy to start the energy cycle all over!  Now that cycle is easy to follow, just do not expect that everything will happen all at once:  one step at a time!  


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Excuses are Desertions of the Soul!


Excuses are easy, and they do not build mental strength, which you need for a good money relationship and all relationships in your life.  When you make excuses, you are walking away from the responsibility for your life.  Knowing that your life can be better only comes through the exploration of the explanations for all of the outcomes in your life.  It does not have to be a long drawn out process.  Begin to believe that your life can be better in all areas, the explanations will begin to flow to you, and all of a sudden excuses are not what you seek; you seek the reasons why something happened or did not happen, you believe that you can do better, and your soul begins to float into the future.  Do not desert your drowning soul, serve as the life saver, and move forward!

Talk to Yourself Positively, Optimistically!

Unspoken Words

Find your words carefully!  Speak your words silently and out loud!  Learn to look yourself in the eye in the mirror and begin to speak positively and optimistically!  If you cannot be kind to you with your spoken words, why would anyone else take the time to do just that?

This is the time to reframe any negative thoughts.  Reframe drama in your brain before the words are spoken either mentally or verbally!  Everyone can have negative thoughts, but put a stop to the negativity and drama right there and move on only with the positive!  

Not only will it help you through bad days, but it will also build mental and emotional strength and increase your energy all at once!

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