Red AWE Shoes, Ageless!

It is a red shoe day, no matter your age or gender! It is really “the little people” day for Sheep Shearing at the FarmPark! The sun is shining beautifully, and I am ready with my shoes trimmed in hot pink, pink glasses, and red jacket vest. It is close enough to red…and it is a day to celebrate a 3 year old and a 5 year old out in nature! Yes, all of us have always had the power to celebrate everything…Now I am going out to celebrate. It is Saturday! Celebrate with us whatever you do. It takes more intention and planning than money! Go find your red shoes!

Too Much “Legacy”? Never…

This morning a reminder came that while living is good, planning for a future after we transition is so very important…  My usual routine for sleep is usually 4-5 hours before awaking at the spiritually-thought-of time between 3 and 5 am because our Spirit has messages for us.  Not only do I meditate at that time but I also do check email messages.  Habit.  This morning I found a message sent late last night from a good friend and current collaborator that she was out of town because her near and dear sister passed away after only a few days of illness.  There really are no words when that happens… While the shock and sadness of the passing stuck with me, I did do a meditation and followed that with real soul searching about how prepared am I for my children to take over my life in any way, shape, or form.  This is what a Legacy is also all about.

And I am not prepared.  Maybe more prepared than others, but I intend to leave a Legacy to make my passing easier.  And I have decided to take a whole day before Christmas to really clean things up for my sons.  I am healthy, but so was my friend’s sister.  No one can totally prepare for a transition.  But I will do what I can.  

Are you ready?  Take a few minutes to think this through.  If you need some guidelines, continue to read my blogs, but I am also doing LIVE Facebook presentations (2-5 minutes) at 8:45 am on M-W-F each week, and this month they are little topics about financially preparing for 2019.  (Facebook Page:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE & More)  And then, if you really need help organizing yourself for a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness, call or email me.  Don’t let this become a nagging feeling for what remains of your life:  5 minus or 50 years.

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Facebook:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More

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Plan to be a Star!

I am the director of my life

Planning is what it takes to be a star whether that is in life in general or in your money relationship.  If you do not take the responsibility for you and all about you, you will get nowhere!  Ok, I am wrong, you will get somewhere but it may not be anywhere you want to be.  About three years ago, I made the plan to move to Oberlin, Ohio, and I began to develop the story line, and I shared it with folks I wanted to know about it.  I created the move, the place to live (really, trust in The Universe works, but you have to do the work, too!), my life here for the last almost 16 months.  But the players changed; there are now two fascinating “little people” in the “movie of life”–Liam and Kurty.  Their location is changing from an hour away to about 90 minutes away, and I need to be closer…The “folks in charge of Liam and Kurty” are planning to move within the year.  I had no doubt that the “sequel to Oberlin” would probably be lived out in Aurora, their intended destination.  As a planner, I began to watch Trulia to learn about the housing market, and I found where I plan to live…Walden.  Not Thoreau’s Walden, but a place built in the architecture–simplistic and of nature and the values of Walden–quality but simple!  Aurora is a quaint town totally unlike Oberlin, but plans change as the players change…and, as a planner, I am now visiting Aurora, mapping out the surrounding communities.  I know that may favorite grocery store is there, my banks are minutes within where I plan to live, there is a dry cleaner, there is a library; and most of all, Walden is “being in nature” which allows me to sleep, each, and create.  It will Empower Excellence in me…

Can Financial Wellness Solve the Retirement Crisis?

Spirituality 1

We do try to be practical with our blog topics, and today’s topic is retirement because we all want to be in retirement some day no matter of we keep on working!  The typical products, such as a 401(k) have not worked very well for folks to save for retirement .  I am not going to give you the depressing statistics; all that does is put FEAR in your Heart and Mind and Soul!  Retirement planing needs to be more holistic, and Financial Wellness needs to come first.  

And Financial Wellness needs to be more than a simple addition to retirement planning.  Get back on track financially!  Pay down debt!  Save for short-term emergencies!  Then save for retirement!  And it means changing behaviors.  People do not set themselves up for failure by choice.  There are many who have been single parents, have had health emergencies, and, to be honest, they do not want to have FEAR poured into their heads about how bad they have been!

So, yes, Financial Wellness can help prepare for retirement , but let’s start in small steps.  Financial Wellness begins with an evaluation with a professional of where someone is right now.  And take the FEAR out of it!  Begin with the beginning:  what can be done now to change their situation and behavior.  It is almost an elitist approach that makes people FEARFUL to get them to change their behaviors.  Let’s just be REAL and begin with my Spending Plan approach.  

Stress is already a problem with money causatives.  It adds to absenteeism and loss of productivity and healthcare costs.  Let’s stop the FEAR, for God’s sake!  Let’s change the way we all think:  Financial Wellness is to help you with basic financial thinking and decision-making .  The experts have to start thinking differently before the folks facing retirement will make the necessary changes in their lives.  We want them to live to retirement, don’t we?

Sometimes You Just Need to be HAPPY!


No need for heavy thinking today!  It is sunny in Ohio, and it reminds me of a crisp September Ohio day!  But it is not September, it is August!  But being happy does not pay attention to any calendar month or day.  

No need for elaborate planning today.  Life will flow as it is meant to flow.  Just be ready to go with the flow, and be HAPPY!

No need to stick with healthy eating today, unless you really want to.  I chose not to.  I had a very healthy breakfast already including 4 fruits and vegetables, and then I went to the grocery to pick up two things, but I ended up doing the grocery shopping.  After all, I had an apple fritter from my morning meeting waiting for me in the car.  Might as well be happy at least for today!  But eating healthy makes me happy as well!

What I am sharing is that once in a while just be HAPPY and do not overthink it!

Good Vibrations or not…


Today is going to below key day starting with many errands…the first is not a pleasant one inasmuch as my landlord/neighbor found in his mailbox a check made payable to Empower Excellence, my company, and the ripped open envelope.  Who ever opened the mail in his mailbox did not even bother to put the check back in the envelope!  So it is off to the Post Office I go to be there when they open to file a complaint.  Then to return books to the library, then 8 miles away to one bank to deposit said check, and to another bank to make a deposit to earn extra cash over the next month!  No serious negotiations on this waning day of Mercury Retrograde. Yesterday was the day from Hades in that concern.

But I did resolve a big issue yesterday, although it too most of the day with Sprint totally ignorant of what they were doing, leading me to my internet provider, who led me to the supplier who sold me my router.  I was on a mission, and it took almost 4 hours of my day to retrieve a password for my wifi which I wrote somewhere (it is probably with the 500 business cards that disappeared) during the days leading to my move to Oberlin!  I will never forget that password again.

There are lessons to be learned with a day like yesterday:  time is money, and money rules the world, right behind technology!  Time is a valuable resource, and sometimes we just have to slow down enough, which had I been working a little slower on the move I might not have forgotten to write down the wifi password and my iPad would have been usable for the last 5 weeks, to make sure that we are doing what we need to do to save us tome and money moving forward.

Ironically, yesterday morning I canceled a 7:30 engagement for today because I have a lot to accomplish today with my newest venture in my company Pampered Chef “healthy” and its launch this weekend.  That time is now being spent with the Post Office!  And, yes, money is involved.  So, sometimes our inner voice knows what might be coming and helps us slow down enough to plan for the unknown!  And for that I am grateful…slow down, think, and be blessed on this day!


It is Always a Challenge to Just Let Go and Believe

Challenge 4 3

And my challenge to you today is to let go of having to know how much, when, and where all of the things you seek to manifest will appear.  That is a challenge.  I know because I am a planner, and I always try to forecast, predict, and figure it out before it happens.  But letting it go, and just believing that it will happen and it will happen at the right time for you has taken at least five years of my life.  But I am there, most moments, and it really has been delightful.

You see when you try to take control, when you forecast, when you predict, when you try to “figure it out”, you are actually putting a limit on what is actually meant to come your way.  That, I guess, if where the saying “this or something more” came into play.  Allow God, the Universe, your higher power, to give you all that is meant for you without putting a limit on it!

Challenge:  Try it!

When It Comes to Money, Do Not Go Looking for Trouble!


Money has become TOO much a part of our lives; and we cannot change that as long as we want to eat, have shelter, and at the minimum have clothing and health!  But we do not have to go searching for problems with money.  Money is not life; life uses money to make life what it is.  Use money to achieve what you see as your passion, your mission!  Yes, you have to do the work to gain the money to live your life; but, do not make money your end all. 

Several years ago when I started my company, I worried about money–I am a planner, I made money working with others to determine how long their money would last–how long they could live.  But EMPOWER Excellence was more about the person than the money, and I have transformed my life in this manner as well.  My mission is clear; I know what my life is; the money supports that, and it does–flow!

Be like the lighthouse!  Stand strong!  Be the light!  If there is a problem, you will allow it to flow to you and also allow yourself to be the strength to solve the problem.  You will once you are in the flow!  Let the lighthouse and water be your beacon!

Thoreau Knew A Long Time Ago That “Misfortune is But a Stepping Stone to Fortune”


Life is not a straight path.  Having a plan does not mean that you will reach your objective at the exact time and place that you plan on.  In fact, you will reach an objective, but it is not necessarily even close to the original.  Thoreau put it quite clearly that misfortune is a stepping stone to fortune.  Fortune, like abundance, is personal and subject to your own interpretation.  I am a believer in the concept that we choose our mortal life before we are even conceived.  And even that plan is subject to change constantly.  It is part of the spiritual path of human life.  It is so true that progress takes a lifetime, and the older I get the more I go back to the archives of my life and put things together.  It is kind of like my personal lifetime puzzle, and I am not in a hurry to complete the puzzle because it could be the end of my mortal life, so I keep “working on the puzzle” and pieces keep falling into place, while some pieces are found to be totally in the wrong places.  But it is all good.  And it is also true that as I go back in my life visiting truths I thought I understood that I see deeper and deeper truths…

So make the missteps, experience the misfortunes, and move closer and closer to your fortune and your truth!

A Walk in the Woods…Where Will It Lead?

October in Ohio is always a mixed blessing with weather…today it is about to be 80 degrees or higher.  Rain has been a part of the picture for the last week.  Leaves are taking their leave from their trees, slowly but surely.  The wind is doing its job of cleansing the trees to prepare for the winter days ahead.

A walk along the lakefront in a grove of trees reminds me that the path ahead may look uncertain; but, if we take it one step at a time, we will reach “a” destination.  It may not be the destination we have in mind, but it is a destination.  Interesting, yes, but also thought provoking.  Even when we “know” where we are going, we do not always end up there.  So, why do we become so fixated on a “plan”?  Oh, I know there are many of my readers who will be going “WHAT?”  You need a plan.  Or do you?  What about destiny?  What about the Divine Plan?

Being in nature on my walk brings me back to the “flow” of our lives.  One of the nicest things about “going for a walk” is that I sometimes stray from the planned route, taking the road less traveled, and finding some amazing things to gaze upon, oftentimes getting lost in the moment.  It is one of the most therapeutic things I can do in a day…doing the unplanned.  Many times, it is also the most fulfilling thing I can do in a day.  I find time standing still, thoughts disappearing, cleansing the mind and the soul and awakening the heart.  More than that, I find the heart and the soul totally connected in those moments.

The soul becomes alive with inspiration.  Funny how the quieter we become the more active the soul becomes.  That is much of the secret I have found with meditation, and a walk in nature is a form of meditation, isn’t it?  We see how connected we are with everything.  Once again, this is flow in action, or inaction, if you think about it depending upon your perspective at the moment.

Working with men and women and their relationship with the money in their life, I many times see that the “flow” is missing.  It is hidden by the things of everyday life.  Their flow may have been diverted thousands of times in their lives from the very moment they were born; and, to be truthful, most cannot even begin to take the time to figure it all out.  They have a plan where they are headed, and they know what they think money should do to help them reach that point.  Sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way they think it should.  Frustration many times follows, and stress follows with continued frustration that their relationship with money just doesn’t work the way they think it should.

Taking the time “to figure it all out” is a luxury for many because they just cannot see how they can slow down enough to take the time to make this part of their life better; and it really does make all parts of their life better.  As we head to the end of the year and the traditional time of making resolutions at the start of 2013, give yourself a gift now — why wait?    Slow down, take a walk in nature.  You may not always know where you are going or where the path will lead.  But that’s okay.  It will lead somewhere, and on the path you will possibly find the guideposts in the moments of silence that point you in the direction your soul is seeking.  In the meantime, the heart feels lighter, the mind becomes clearer, and you become more in touch with who you are.  The path becomes easier as you become more sure footed so that wherever the path leads you are ready for the surprises that may come your way.

Take the time today to make your life better by being better to you–take that walk, wherever you may choose, and be ready for a possible awakening, no matter how small!