Make the Dream You Envision REAL!

Life is many moments in which you can choose to dream and talk about your dream. When you envision it, you make it possible. But to make it real, you have to schedule it. Please do not stop reading because you believe this is going to turn into a lecture or a seminar or worse. Tony Robbins and so many others have built their businesses on thoughts like these because they are needed, but I want to take a different approach. Making your dream a reality is a big step but the first thing is to find the dream. What will make your life better? Many will not take the time to find that dream, identify it, and then move onto the step of envisioning it. In a way, I am telling you to daydream, see the dream in your mind’s eye. Some will tell you not to share the dream, but that is up to you. Some of us need to SHARE to make the dream real, and it is not just accountability. Accountability is good, but, if the dream is real, you will hold yourself accountable. And that personal accountability, remembering your Higher Power within you, is within you. If you have found your dream, and you envision it, scheduling it is good. But I am going one step further…I have had a very busy, productive year with a dream that I had not planned to undertake at all. And there have been major obstacles in spite of my obsession for planning. But I have stayed on my path without compromising. I have learned much about those who appeared to care about my dream, and I have learned their real motivation as well as mine. And the vision is becoming real every day. Now I am learning to trust the inner wisdom, I am sharing the inner wisdom of Ageless Women of Wisdom (AWW), and I am not pushing myself on the path but listening to the inner wisdom giving me the directions of what to do with each moment knowing that a total schedule does not always work for me because I am on my path and I am wise enough to know that what inner wisdom tells me is the way to proceed! And I know that all is well and each step for AWW is appearing as it should!

Dream, Damnit, Dream!

Do you dream? Do you have a “dream”? I hope you dream, and I hope you have a “dream”! Why do I care? Because inside each and every one of us is the Universe’s promise to us and our promise back to the Universe. Huh? When we enter this existence, we come with a plan. Really, we do. We agree with the Universe, our higher power, etc. why we are coming to Earth and what we intend to do during our life. It is true that mission can get lost with all the other stuff happening in a lifetime; but, if you take the time to be quiet enough long enough–in spurts, truly–the mission comes to you. Call it a dream because that is sometimes how it comes back to you. Call it your “dream” because then you are making it real. I am serious when I say I have some magical shit to do. I am busy. And I am very happy and peaceful with my busyness and my shit because that is why I am here. It saddens me when someone tells me they have no “dream” because they do have a “dream”. They just haven’t take the time to seriously find it. It is there. When you find it, the “dream”, you will truly feel the AWE of your own emerging from a nighttime dream to living your “dream”.

What Are You Doing?

IMG_0039What are you doing to grow in your life?  Do you have courage to move ahead?  My thoughts about courage start with the belief that you can move forward…and you do not want to go backward!  So believe in you first and then decide where you want to grow to!  Really, where are you “growing” to?  Do you not deserve to take the time to investigate where you want to go?  You plan a trip, you plan grocery shopping; can you not plan your life?  I do go with the flow, but I know where I want to flow to!

You Can Have It All!

Unfolding in the world

That is the secret…let it ALL unfold…for it is truly within you from the moment of conception.  Many believe that we have our life plan in us before conception, and we are waiting for the right moment to get it all moving!  We enter the world to let our plan unfold.  So, yes, if you become quite discerning, you will learn the contrast between what you want and what you do not want.  And, as I have said many times, money is involved with all of life…so money comes into play in the unfolding.  But, when you discern what you want, then you ask Source or the Universe for the ask.  Then Source steps in and listens to your request, over and over again by telling your story, and eventually in good time gives you the ask.  But, this is the crucial point, you must be ready to allow the Source or Universe to give your ask to you.  Now, that sounds simple, but it takes a little, or a lot, of thinking to really understand this process…and then have the patience to receive and recognize the ask for what it is!

Are You Living In Your Imagination?

Cumulative Life Experience

It is a Friday, and that is good.  But on Fridays, I like to encourage you to be gentle with yourself as you head into the weekend.  Especially when it comes to money.  If you have ever been told that you need to live in reality, you really need to be gentle with yourself.  Your imagination, or dream world,  is real for you.  Every moment of our life we are playing a role, and many of us have imaginary roles until they they do become our reality.  And I do speak from experience.  Recently catching up with business friends that had not seen me for probably 10 years, I realized that where I am today was never in my “plan”.  But then I did not really have a plan.  I have learned over the years to live in the moment trusting that my path would be made clear if I kept the faith that I was headed in the direction of empowering excellence in people with their money relationships.

While your current situation may not match you yet, keep the faith that it will.  

It is important that you gently understand who you are and what your dream is for your life while you are keeping the faith that your imaginary you is really you not yet actualized!