The Journey Into 2020 #journey #satisfaction #financial freedom

My journey in 2019 is moving into 2020 knowing that every moment will see the path only at one moment at a time…there is no destination and there is no perfection possible. And I am satisfied with that for I am blessed and fortunate, appreciative of where I am now but excited for the future days on the path for it is truly a journey. I have always reached for more and was chastised for that in the past. But now I am excited for each future moment. At this Christmas time, I know now that the Universe sees beyond where I am. I am energy and energy moves constantly. While being satisfied, I am still reaching forward for I am inspired beyond this moment. This perfect knowing is not only mental, but spiritual, but emotional, too. I am moving beyond where I have ever been. I know the path is always there even if I cannot see it right now, Source knows, and because Source knows, I trust and off we go into 2020!

When It is Time to Refresh!

When you are at a point where you know something is wrong, that you are stuck, and you think you have spent years getting on the right path, but then you find you need a time out like I did over the past few days, I took the time out, and the Universe provided so much for me to follow…a leadership retreat scheduled weeks before, a free reiki clinic at a nearby (20+ miles away) holistic venue, and I went to both, and I was back on my path with many surprises. Things change, life changes, we change, and we do need a refresher. While I read Wayne Dyer’s THE POWER OF INTENTION when it was published in 2004, I found it actually before I had the reiki session on Saturday. It caught my eye from across the shop because it was on the SALE book shelf. There was no hesitation, there was no comparison shopping, I knew this had my name on it. I spent yesterday reading it and notes totaled almost 20 pages. I really needed the refresher, and I am back on the path. WHEN IT IS TIME TO REFRESH, PAY ATTENTION, AND KEEP ON YOUR PATH WHATEVER IT MAY BE!

Make the Dream You Envision REAL!

Life is many moments in which you can choose to dream and talk about your dream. When you envision it, you make it possible. But to make it real, you have to schedule it. Please do not stop reading because you believe this is going to turn into a lecture or a seminar or worse. Tony Robbins and so many others have built their businesses on thoughts like these because they are needed, but I want to take a different approach. Making your dream a reality is a big step but the first thing is to find the dream. What will make your life better? Many will not take the time to find that dream, identify it, and then move onto the step of envisioning it. In a way, I am telling you to daydream, see the dream in your mind’s eye. Some will tell you not to share the dream, but that is up to you. Some of us need to SHARE to make the dream real, and it is not just accountability. Accountability is good, but, if the dream is real, you will hold yourself accountable. And that personal accountability, remembering your Higher Power within you, is within you. If you have found your dream, and you envision it, scheduling it is good. But I am going one step further…I have had a very busy, productive year with a dream that I had not planned to undertake at all. And there have been major obstacles in spite of my obsession for planning. But I have stayed on my path without compromising. I have learned much about those who appeared to care about my dream, and I have learned their real motivation as well as mine. And the vision is becoming real every day. Now I am learning to trust the inner wisdom, I am sharing the inner wisdom of Ageless Women of Wisdom (AWW), and I am not pushing myself on the path but listening to the inner wisdom giving me the directions of what to do with each moment knowing that a total schedule does not always work for me because I am on my path and I am wise enough to know that what inner wisdom tells me is the way to proceed! And I know that all is well and each step for AWW is appearing as it should!

Both Sides of the Story…

i live in my own little world...

Phil Collins’ BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY is playing in my heart and in my ears this morning as I ask myself the question:  What do I offer?  What do I offer through Empower Excellence, through my blogs, through my LIVE Facebook snippet three times a week?  I offer both sides of the story told through my eyes as an adult and many times as a child.  I do live in my own little world of spirituality, money, values, and more:  I think we all do.  We know what we know, but we also know what we have been told throughout our lives.   There are truly two sides of every story:  both sides of the story as Phil Collins tells me!  so which is right?  They both are.  And many times, there are more than two sides to the story.  It is in taking those stories and blending them into who we are, and, it is true, that I live in my own little world but its ok they know me here!  It is ok for you as well.  It is the diversity that makes the Universe what it is.  It is then up to us to find the path that is our own little path to walk us through our own personal little world.  That is what I offer…your way to find your path with money!


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Money R-Evolution or Transformation?


Welcome to the Money R-Evolution!  Please do accept and join us on a journey to BIG this year.  It will share JOY, Enlightenment, and Spiritual Awakening as well as a new found freedom with MONEY!  Please do RSVP and join in the excitement of my finally having arrived at Peaceful Money and Money Energy!

In 2012, Andrew Cohen published EVOLUTIONARY ENLIGHTENMENT.  It was the year my company was started, Empower Excellence, LLC.  I loved the dedication on the front cover from Deepak Chopra:  “Andrew Cohen made me believe that there has never been a better time to be enlightened.”  The table of contents of the book provide me with the outline for my business of Money Energy today:

  • A Longing to Evolve
  • Understanding the Territory
  • The Path and the Goal

Enlightenment and the Evolution of Culture

The first three are very personal which, one by one, can lead to the Enlightenment and the Evolution of Culture.  My wish!  

And enlightenment through a R-Evolution, be it literal or actual, can lead to Transformation, one by one, my friends.  And Money needs a R-Evolution!  So please accept my invitation and let’s begin our Transformation with Money. 

Time and Transitioning!

The Amazing Clock January 12 Originating January 10 2018

What is the clock all about?  Several days ago on Facebook, I shared that a clock with a dead battery–has been dead for almost a year–all of a sudden started working without any human intervention.  The clock sits on my desk in my office, and I see it without paying attention to it because I know it needs a new battery!  Two days ago in a busy time when I was preparing to leave for meetings, I noticed that it appeared that the clock had exactly the right time.  Curious? yes, but pressed for time, I paid it no further attention.  And then yesterday I looked at it with intention, and it was moving, and it had the right time including my 3 minute buffer!  

I gathered my thoughts within me, and then I called a friend familiar with how the Universe works even better than me.  This was something to note she agreed!

Today, Tama Kieves in her daily wisdom wrote:  “In yoga, the slower you move, the stronger you become.  It’s true of major transitions, too.  If you don’t rush into things, you build heat and an inner relationship with your self that can move through anything.  The point of transition isn’t to get somewhere else.  It’s to become someone else.”

And that is important to note!  The clock was given to me in 2007 right as a major transition in my life starts as the financial planning industry began to see the Great Downturn begin, and it was a major financial downturn for all who were in the industry.  The clock worked, and, yes, I replaced batteries until early 2017 when I knew it needed a battery but I was beginning to pack for my move to Oberlin!  A lot had happened in those 10 years, but I had not truly made a transition, at least not yet.  

Oberlin began a transition for me, and all of 2017 was a transition in so many ways.  A major spiritual awakening occurred during the year, and in late December, it became apparent that I had made a major transition.  It took 5 days of meditating and thinking it through, but I made changes that would move the transition in the direction I so wanted.  Then the clock began to work…

The clock has been a physical manifestation of what the Universe can and will do when I am in synch with the Universe and regain my footing on the path of the mission I am on.  But it also told me that I was doing what I am supposed to be doing at this time!

And I want to share this:  if you are beginning a transition, go slow, take all the time you need.  The signs will appear to let you know on the way and when you really are transitioning!


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