Make the Dream You Envision REAL!

Life is many moments in which you can choose to dream and talk about your dream. When you envision it, you make it possible. But to make it real, you have to schedule it. Please do not stop reading because you believe this is going to turn into a lecture or a seminar or worse. […]

Both Sides of the Story…

Phil Collins’ BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY is playing in my heart and in my ears this morning as I ask myself the question:  What do I offer?  What do I offer through Empower Excellence, through my blogs, through my LIVE Facebook snippet three times a week?  I offer both sides of the story told through […]

Money R-Evolution or Transformation?

Welcome to the Money R-Evolution!  Please do accept and join us on a journey to BIG this year.  It will share JOY, Enlightenment, and Spiritual Awakening as well as a new found freedom with MONEY!  Please do RSVP and join in the excitement of my finally having arrived at Peaceful Money and Money Energy! In […]

Time and Transitioning!

What is the clock all about?  Several days ago on Facebook, I shared that a clock with a dead battery–has been dead for almost a year–all of a sudden started working without any human intervention.  The clock sits on my desk in my office, and I see it without paying attention to it because I know it needs […]