Cool & Light Thinking: MakeMoneySimple!

Inflamed thinking is no better than total inflammation throughout your body!  I know because I learned this weekend what it feels like to be cool and light in my thinking with the greatest inflamers of my past.  I say “of my past” because they have been with me most of my life, and they learned how to […]

The Talk of a Lifetime…

There is a very good friend of mine, Julie Graf Skinner, who shared with me a deck of cards called “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” that really opened up my mind to something I used to do with my financial planning clients–telling me the story of their life, the story of their families, […]

Let’s Talk More About Your Energy..

      We are only 11 days from the official start of Spring.  Really?  There have been 2 snowstorms across the country in less than 2 weeks.  The garden center sign reminds me each time I drive by that it is now 2 weeks until Spring.  Just this morning I was talking to a robin […]

Everyone Has Baggage…

This is a season of many emotions, one of which is regret.  It is an emotion that can eat up your days, spit up your joy, and keep you stuck, especially when it comes to money.  So, what to do?  For me, you will find, that I am a fan of living in the present, which […]

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers…So Tired of Numbers, But Need Them!

IT IS THE END OF THE MONTH, IT IS 50% OF THE YEAR ALREADY GONE, IT IS 6 MONTHS UNTIL THE NEW YEAR–2016–it is all about numbers.  How many folks have viewed my blog on each day, each week, each month?  it is all about the numbers. HOW MUCH DO I WEIGH?  WHAT ARE […]