Energy & Passion

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There are days when I awaken in the hours before sunrise and use the time for meditation, and then there are those days that my energy is so awakened by the meditation that all I want is a respite from that energy and focus on going back to sleep to recuperate, to slow down the brain and the heart so that I will be able to function normally for the rest of the day. It is on days like those that I consciously “shrink” myself so that I am comfortable.

Energy is so very powerful. I learned that over the decades I have been an energy practitioner. I use energy as a major force with money in my company Empower Excellence. And the more you are practiced in energy, the more powerful it becomes.

Following the Democratic Presidential Debate last evening, it became very clear to me why Bernie Sanders is my choice at this moment and probably will remain my choice throughout the process. Bernie is authentic, he is leading a revolution. This is not in any major way an effort to embellish him. He believes in what he is doing. He is not a candidate. He is a passionate leader who just happens in order to achieve his passion a candidate. And with the last four years with President Trump, we need a Bernie Sanders leading a revolution! Bernie is authentic, President Trump is not.

Authenticity is necessary for passion, and energy is necessary for passion. It is all connected. Personally, it is energy that carries me through all I do in my partnership with women to find their financial freedom, but authenticity is right along side energy. Finding Financial Freedom is my passion. I learned a long time ago that my authenticity and my disdain for inauthentic people sometimes did make me shrink to make others more comfortable.

But no more do I shrink for the benefit of others. My energy and authenticity make me strong and give no choice but to let my wisdom shine through always. And my passion is so much a part of me now that I live every moment–personally and professionally–to be infinitely devoted to my passion of partnering with women to reach financial freedom and the joy that freedom brings with it!

Have the TIME of Your Life!

Everything is all about timing. Consider this…

It is the first day of fall

It is the day you read this blog about timing.

Fall is a time for change!

The leaves change color, differentiating them from all other leaves.

The leaves let go of their past knowing they do have a future in Spring

This is the time of transformation for nature dispelled by the leaves!

The leaves know who they are and are ready to know who they are. Is it time to ask yourself a question: WHO AM I?

This is a tough question for some at some times in their life to ask. Remember it can be asked of yourself every day if you feel the need.

But it is this question that leads to learning more about yourself, to learn about the intentions that lie within your heart.

Questions invite energy in to your Inner Space to and your peaceful awareness and to look at your full potential.

These feelings and yearnings are the SEEDS of Passion and Purpose. Only YOU can plant the seeds and Begin YOUR JOURNEY…Your Destiny is held by you and not the Stars.

Consider exploring on Facebook @AWWAgelessWomenofWisdom to learn about the movement to explore your journey with AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM and the October 16th ‘THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN” program to SHARE Wisdom of Women Across all generations.

Heaven is a Feeling, Yes!

This month I am really focusing on feelings and money, and heaven is a feeling. Oh yes, there are those who have died and come back who tell us that heaven is a real place. In all reality, however, heaven could be the feeling of life as we wish it was. Heaven is a state of mind, a point of view. I feel loved when I feel that I am in heaven and that everything is just fine!

Heaven is all around me, and it is especially present when I feel the passion of what I do in my life: helping people have a better relationship with their money whether it is through coaching in the area of energy, the area of finances, or in their businesses through really energetic networking. Money is a shadow for many, a shadow that they do not quite understand; and, if I can bring light to the money topic, and I see the light within them come to life, I am in heaven.

Yes, at that moment, I am a little girl learning to fly as I learn how to pump on the swing in the playground. Remember me, I am that little girl playing every moment of her life with the passion of my purpose on Earth. It is Heaven!

And Here We Go Again!

You Can Heal Your Life

My mantra about money and energy is that everything is related to money, and everything is related to energy!  This blog is definitely about money for whenever I am not well my productivity as a solo entrepreneur plummets.  Whenever my voice is shaky because of a cough or a tickle in my throat, I cannot do  program narrative or do phone calls with clients and potential clients.  That costs money!

So, as I woke up at 4 am this morning with the “tickle”, I went to work online doing my research not only how to get rid of it quickly but also to Louise Hay and her excellent work on linking physical ailments to emotional issues.  I resort to Louise quickly whenever things are not feeling “right”.  I am not paranoid, I am a believer in metaphysical and emotional connections.  

In late 2017, I spent a good deal of time with calendars matching up five upper respiratory events that occurred in 2017, and learn I did!  There was a common thread linking my siblings to the events.  Without going into detail here, I have not seen them until Easter, and two days later the upper respiratory event began with a cold.  Then my voice was disappearing and more…

I am about to share my awakening from this morning to demonstrate what happens when lifelong emotional issues are considered to be normal occurrences.  I am about to reverse my life because I have three decades plus to live, and I do not want to continue this pattern.  

While a child, I had no knowledge of the type of information Louise Hay provided.  As an adult, I use traditional medicine only as a reference base; my preferred providers are intuitives and naturopaths.  And me!  I have learned through the intuitives and naturopaths to listen to my body, and I do! 

Quite common when I grew up was the removal of tonsils in small children.  At the age of five, I joined that club because of strep thread occurring before then.  However, the strep throat illnesses continued.  Then came the bronchitis events.  Even to the point of needing an inhaler as a young adult.  At the age of 25, my gall bladder was removed in an emergency procedure.  Endometriosis took over my life in my late 20’s.  I was a walking disaster in my mind.  I had no idea why my health was so poor.  I was uneducated at that time.  

Now, without sharing the details of a truly dysfunctional family–generations not just my family, here in short terms are the emotional issues for the illnesses I have shared:

Tonsils, throat issues:  fear of speaking up, sharing my feelings, looking for my voice in life.

Bronchitis:  an inflamed family situation.

Gall Bladder:  Unexpressed emotions tied to bitterness, hard thoughts, condemning or hurt pride.  This is seething anger.

Endometriosis:  old beliefs preventing me from creating what I want in my life.  Disappointed, frustration, depleted, unsupported, ungrounded, and rejecting my feminine aspect because of feelings of rejection from the men in my family.  

Yes, there is total truth in all of this.  I was brought up to be “quiet” and not share my feelings.  My life was overshadowed by a narcissist mother and an acquiescing father.  There is so much here that I now understand.  I take responsibility for allowing myself to be overtaken by my familial background, but it is never too late.  I am taking care of me to the uptime extreme starting today.  More than I have ever done.  With the recurrence of the upper respiratory situation this week after four months of no exposure to siblings until Easter Sunday, I no longer have any doubts that my relationship with them, while on the surface good, has no depth to it.  I am not comfortable sharing my mission and passion with them, and I am still frustrated by that.  I am ready, finally, to recognize that this relationship is toxic.  

The energy is toxic.  It affects my mission and passion; it affects my livelihood.  I share so that others can learn to recognize that health problems have an emotional component that can be a hindrance to health and energy…and money.  It is never too late.

Take Time for You!

Happy Saturday

Yes, you deserve it!  And I say this as I start a full day of work today…  But it does not matter what I do or say because you have to make your own decisions about what you will or will not do today.  The same holds true for your money decisions.  A friend shared recently that there was no support from family on what she was doing in her career.  I could relate because my siblings do not know nor do they want to know, as I have tried to share with them, what I am doing in my mission-driven life.  I have learned to live my life in the NOW no matter what others say or do or do not say or do!  It can tend to be a lonely existence, but when I take the time to think it through:  they live their day to day regular lives with each day being pretty much the same.  They are doing what we were raised to do:   get an education, but not too much because girls “don’t need degrees”, get a job, and get married.  But that is not for all of us; and it may not even be for those who are doing it.  And it affects everyone not just girls.  What the feminine gender does affects everyone especially in the present and the future.  The pressure in the past was for the men to earn the income in a family.

But the definition of “family” has changed with women getting an education, choosing careers, marrying later, and more dads staying home with the children.  Defining your individual roles and goals is yours to do, so do it, whatever it is that you feel a mission and a passion to do.  

Yes, money plays a role in the life of a family, and it all gets spent or saved or invested.  Consider the financial implications of what you choose to do, but please keep in mind that if you choose your path totally according to the money you will earn you are choosing only what you think you need to choose.  Every decision has a consequence, and I would choose to realign the money to fit my passion and mission and then trust in the Universe who may just be applauding you for choosing your authentic choice.  

Yes, it is Saturday!  Take the time for you to think through what it is that is making you happy or NOT!

Leave Your Boring Job…Really!

Happiness is a Journey

OMG, if you are bored at work, why are you there?  I can hear the answers now:  I need the money, I have student loans to pay off, my spouse will kill me if I leave, I need the benefits, and more.  We have been talking about happiness, self esteem, and more lately, and you are the only one who can change whatever it is in your life that is not making you happy.  Boring?  Do you not deserve more?  Are you not the one who can make a change?  Or are you going to be bored and unhappy for the rest of your life?

Do you bounce out of bed before the alarm just thrilled to make the commute to do something you hate with the hope of a fun bagged lunch to break the monotony?  

We have also talked about defining your dream:  That is the first step.  If you weren’t doing what you are doing, what would you be doing?  Once you determine that, and you can take the time to find what truly vibrates for you, then you can begin to work towards something that will awaken you every morning.  Yes, it will overwhelm you and make you worry, but if you are excited and know that your dream truly makes you happy thinking about it, then it is worthwhile to pursue.  After all, your happiness is not truly a destination, it is a journey; and it could be a lifelong journey that you will love–on most days!

Many of my clients found their dream, kept working at the boring job until:

  • they had the new venture established and gathered potential momentum (making sure that they really enjoy the dream work)
  • they had a realistic financial picture (business plan, spending plan, projections in hand) that the dream was achievable
  • they knew, that at least for now, this was their mission, their passion, and that they can see them doing what they need to be doing to achieve the dream work.

How do you know when to leave the boring job?  Most people leave their boring job long before they thought they could because once the Universe sees that you have done the work and the dream has become your passion something happens that moves you into your new dream.  It could be the acquisition of your current employer, the closing of the company you work for, or you just cannot do the boring job one more day!

Then, it is time to take the flying leap that makes you happy and know that the leap could be the next step on your journey of happiness!  (Oh, and the money, it will find a way to sustain you!)    Empower Excellence, LLC

Getting Healthier & Wealthier Every Day!


It is purely amazing how easy it is to become a happy hermit.  I have not left my home since Saturday because of this amazing illness, which is so very slowly improving, but improving it is.  I have appreciated great sleep, great sunshine, and great peace of mind all the while preventing my germs from being spread.  And I am getting better!  This took great discipline, and I actually worked from home as well.  There is no desire for me to go out, and there are no plans until Saturday, if I am better.  If I am not, I will continue with my happy hermiting.  Spreading germs is not a good thing, and I have done too much of it in four weeks.  I would get better and then relapse, over and over.  I am off of all chemical drugs, I am sleeping well, eating well, and letting the illness run its course.  Looking at my facial skin yesterday without any makeup for four days, and it looks really good.  I am a healthy eater, sleeper, etc.  In all honesty, this self hibernation does coincide with my stepping away from Pampered Chef and Norwex as well.  It is a slow process but progress is being made as I step more and more into Empower Excellence and financial coaching.  The interesting point to be made here is that Health and Wealth are closely linked:  the healthier I become every day, the wealthier I am also becoming because I am becoming more and more focused.  Multitasking in the same of creating more wealth is a big misunderstanding:  As I became more diverse, I became less wealthy.  So now, my mission, my passion, my focus is on the Universe’s present to me of Empower Excellence.  Watch me grow, watch me glow, and when I return to the outside world it will be with a greater appreciation for the choices I am making.

So What Is Courage with Money?

I Believe in Courage

Courage with money, honey, means ready to never have fear about money!  It is possible!  Start with yourself, find what your dream is, find what your passion is, develop your self-esteem, and learn about your flow of life!  Once you learn about flow–which does take courage–every day practice!  Start with thinking  💭 about being fear free…really, think about it first!  Courage, my friend!

Are You Ready to Put On Your Tutu?

Tutu Blue

Ok, if you are a guy, play along with me, please.  But I bet seeing a women in a tutu could make you smile?  Tutus are fun!  Tutus take bit of passion to pull out of the closet and put on–it is kind of like bouncing out of bed in the morning eager to begin your day.

Yes, I have a tutu; no, it is not blue, it is a grown up black but it is still a tutu!  And it makes me smile!  Just like the tutu you want to find something that will wake you up in the morning eager to start your day!  Do you have that?  I think it is called passion!

Let Your Passion Be Unleashed!

Freedom Dancing in Red


  1. Dream a Dream…come on, you can do this if you focus on having a dream.
  2. Focus on the Dream.
  3. Plan the steps to activate the dream.
  4. Be the DREAM!

Sounds so simple because it is once you accomplish the following:

  • Find FAITH, yes, FIND FAITH!
  • Go within, find FAITH
  • FAITH was with you when you made the decision to enter this life
  • Unwind everything and come back to FAITH!


  • breathe, yes, breathe, it is vital to life
  • sleep, yes, sleep is vital to life
  • eat, yes, eat, but eat well, it is vital to life
  • relax
  • go into the silence 
  • listen