who is generation z?

Were you born between 1996 and 2010?  You are Generation Z!   In working toward creating a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness, I am learning so much!  I know that none of my children or grandchildren are Generation Z.  So, without any bias, I can discuss this here as a part of my Legacy thinking. […]

Our Unlived Lives…Money is No Excuse

No matter if you are a woman or a man, everyone has at least one female in their life!  I am not being sexist in this message…women tend to give up what they want in their lives, and many times it is because of “money”; at least that is their excuse!   And I do want to […]

End Blaming Your Parents!

We are all connected; consequently, we all have an impact on each other!  And it is oh so true when it comes to family, especially our parents.  And it is a long held family tradition for children to blame parents for everything wrong in their lives.  On the other hand, many parents blame their children […]

I’m About to Lose Control, and…

I think I hate it!.  Anyone who has children knows that the idea of being in control as a parent is a major waste of energy.  You can think you are in control, but you are not!  Money is the same way.  It really is.  You can have control or you can have your dreams…I […]


THE BANK OF MOM AND DAD IS CLOSED THE BANK OF MOM AND DAD IS CLOSED!  THE BANK OF MOM AND DAD IS CLOSED! A loving family is something we all work towards, want, and nurture…we are always parents, and our children are always our children no matter how old they are or how old we […]