Many Women, Many Lives, AWE Ageless Women Emerging…

Yes, I have been told that I am too loud at times and too meek at times. I have been “critiqued”, have you? I am a boat rocker, are you? Sometimes men are the critiques, but many times women are threatened by any power I display. Are you a powerful woman on the inside, on the outside?

Powerful women come in all shapes and sizes, in all colors, in all ages–they are AGELESS. And every woman has wisdom that is hers personally inside and/or outside. Steven Pressfield in Oprah Winfrey’s THE PATH MADE CLEAR says it best: “Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance.”

This year I invite every woman and every man who knows a woman to join me in this SUMMER OF AWE Ageless Women Emerging to explore their inside and outside lives in an effort to reduce their personal resistance and begin to live the life they have left lie dormant within. Many times this happens for fear of being critiqued. But that power within needs to be shared. It is your wisdom, and wisdom needs to be shared at all ages with all ages. Emerge with me and others in the summer of 2019 and become and Ageless Woman Emerging into all of your greatness and wisdom. Are you ready for resistance?

And Then My World Opened Up…Again!

Inspired & Unstoppable

I am not a photographer!  I know that!  We all know that!  But this photo taken this morning is super significant, not because of its photographic quality, but because of its 5-year anniversary, literally, of the subject matter, the book by Tama Kieves, INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE!

IN 2012, on August 1, this book became available and my trip to Barnes & Noble at Crocker Park in Northeast Ohio to pick up the book I had pre-ordered and then a day long reading of the total book!  It had an immediate impact.  I have referred it to clients, I have done workshops on it, I have seen friends after reading it sell all belongings and travel the country!  This book was inspiring then, and I am sure it still is.

But I am truly shaken to the bone this morning…my morning ritual includes a meditation, and this morning I am in Day 12 of Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s Desire & Destiny Program.  This title is “Inspired Me”  Subtitled:  “I am inspired.  I am unstoppable.”  Even now, several hours later, relistening to it, I am tearful!  The timing is more than a consequence since I am a child of God following the Universe in my passion and mission for many years now!  

There was a break here as I spoke to the Chopra Center in California and secured the meditation series for my own…

Not sure where this is leading, but I know one thing for sure:  The Universe is working hard through powerful people to catch my attention and to keep me moving towards The Empower Excellence Experience, the place in Oberlin where access to Personal Sustainability is easier than searching throughout the country to find what an individual needs to empower their personal sustainability to live a life that will empower excellence:  in their finances, in local investing, in local food,   in chemical free living–food, households, and cosmetics.  Local sources to keep dollars in local communities…travel with me, the road should be interesting!