Wisdom Across the Ages…AWW!

The wiser I acknowledge myself to be, the shorter my blogs are becoming. A recent post on social media acknowledged that the power you have, and you have lots of power–grace, brain, education, culture, love, and more, the more you have a responsibility to use that power to EMPOWER others. The short and simple is my power is also my mission: to empower women with their personal sharing of wisdom, to empower women with their entrepreneurial ventures as a business owner or employee, and to empower women with their money. This is the power I have accumulated over my personal generations. Now it is my responsibility to empower women to SHARE THEIR WISDOM no matter what generation they may be in through AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

Now, launching SIX AGES OF WOMAN on October 16th in Richfield, Ohio is the first major step in which you can join me. If you have friends in this area, please share

This link will take you to Eventbrite where tickets are available!

AWE is no longer “what if?”

There is a time when ownership of anything worthwhile begs for a “hell yeah!” And the punctuation rules of quotes are correct because I am quoting someone who did it incorrectly. That is for the benefit of English majors and teachers among my circle of friends. Hell yeah!

The ownership question is what this blog is really all about. I am known as an innovator and a leader, and I have a hard time backing away from those quailities. I am a great solo entrepreneur. I fit the role of a financial planner well since it was my business. I do not always play “the nice little girl.” I outgrew that, according to the professionals I have spent time with, when I was 12. And that was a long time ago. My point is that I know who I am, and “I am” is a mantra of mine. God and the Universe have collaborated with me before my time as “Janice”, and I am exactly who I am supposed to be.

A new role became apparent for me within the last months, and that role is to take my Empower Excellence to a wider audience. Women have become my audience over my six years in the business. Men become part of the client relationship with the women in their lives. That is perfect because the women still make most of the family decisions in our society. They are the nurturers, and they are the decision makers. They are also the owners of great wisdom whether they recognize it or not. As a part of a collaboration, I will be working in many ways to energize women of all ages to learn their power in their lives especially with money.

And money is a powerful tool in all parts of women’s lives. It is no longer ok with me to have women become clients when they want the role of money in their lives to be the role of someone else. This is a tool that women can use to open their minds, their hearts, and their souls–their total lives–for their benefit to age well. So, it is with a not so subtle declaration that I announce that the first part of a larger movement to be formally announced October 16th is coming to the forefront for me, one of two collaborators in this endeavor, and that endeavor is known as AWE “Ageless Women of Wisdom”.