My Inner Being & I Have a Mutual Admiration Society!

Thanks to my friend Beth this beautiful graphic came my way. It spoke to me for many reasons: the butterfly, trust, intuition, and more. I interpret intuition as my “Inner Being”, and I want to feel about me the way my Inner Being feels about me. The Inner Being always looks out for the best […]

And then maybe not…

It is only March and the last few days’ outlook of 2018 would have suggested a metamorphosis, but I was not expecting all that has happened. In my constant comparisons with the transformation of butterflies, the metamorphosis that rolled out in the last weeks of December would have suggested a metamorphosis comparable to the dark […]

Fulfillment is Foundational to Legacy… Facebook:  Empower Excellence  “financialwellnessforall” Facebook:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More LinkedIn:  Janice Marie Litterst Twitter:  @empowerwithjan Email/Phone:     440-670-2252   In my LIVE Facebook post this morning, I spoke of Your Soul & Money.  Using the soul as a reference point, remember that when we are young we truly believe that […]

Resisting our Greatest Gifts…

“Resistance” is a popular word in my world as I work with folks to “Make Money Simple”.  Within each of us is a gift that has been with us since birth; that gift becomes hidden in the daily living of life until we say we do not have any special gifts, special talents, unearthed abilities […]

The Money R-Evolution: Money JOY!

All this talk about R-Evolution and Money…some would call it darkest before the dawn, and I would agree.  But this is a new month, and I invite you to join me in finding the joy in the ordinary of every day…finding joy in your most used resource besides time, money.   Revolution = R-Evolution or […]