All it Takes is “One Moment in Time” #now #empower #connect #wisdom #financial freedom #source

Morning meditation is a practice for me. It can happen at any time when I first awaken, and sometimes these are moments that are totally overwhelming. 4 a.m. this morning was just that.

Several weeks ago I began an intentional practice of loving me and self care. My meditation was all about loving where I am at this moment, living in the NOW. We are on a journey of many kinds, and I like to believe that I am on a journey to joy. The polar opposite could be despair, and I have been there many times this past year alone. It all has to do with feelings, and feelings can change at any moment. But joy brings empowerment and freedom in all parts of life. All it takes is awareness and aligning with Source of where my journey is headed: joy. The difference is “allowing” or “resisting”; it is all up to me.

But to do this is to take an emotional journey rather than a journey of action which is hard for me to shift because I take action easily and many times too quickly. What I need many times is for someone to slow me down and help me shift to an emotional journey. You see, action takes time and it is often the reason why a journey of action gets left by the wayside, e.g. dieting, saving money, and more. But an emotional journey brings you a feeling of relief releasing fear for well being.

Over recent months I shifted from action to emotions, and my vibration has changed. And as a money coach, I have worked with clients who “want more money” and are ready to play the lottery, see who will be dying in their family, or change their investment advisor to “get more money”. It does not work because it takes too much time! Now, when a client makes the shift emotionally and expresses their feelings “I want to feel better about money”, they begin their shift of feelings within minutes, days, or weeks! The vibrational jump is smaller, and you and I are the only ones who can make any change, so start with the smaller vibrational shift in feelings.

Joseph Campbell shared “Follow your bliss.” Bliss can take a long time, but a pathway to bliss can be felt through your feelings. A pathway to bliss is a smaller, manageable shift in feelings and vibration. A feeling that will bring you a breath of fresh air is empowering and gives you hope. That relief is belief that there can be a change in the way you feel. And life wants you to feel good. You are not stuck, you just need to shift a little. Whitney Houstons’s rendition of the 1988 for the Seoul Olympics “One Moment in Time” is all it takes to be on the trail to be the best that you can be. But Olympians do not simply take action and find themselves in the winners’ circle. But give yourself that one moment in time to feel eternity, one step, one moment, at a time, and you may feel that you “are more than (you) thought you could be.

Find your passion and spark your power and joy! Love the journey knowing that this moment is perfection and will bring love, opportunity, and know that you are right where you belong right now. You are in charge, “you are the captain of your soul” in the words of William Ernest Henley. Be here now feeling the moment until you feel the next right moment! Now is your time.

Thriving Through Uncertainty…

Tama Kieves in 2017 – 2018 wrote her last book and somehow I missed it, but no more. My beloved Oberlin Public Library has a copy on its shelves, and I am off to the library once I finish here. This is a time of uncertainty for me…I have spent a year preparing for the launch of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, AND THERE HAVE BEEN MOMENTS OF UNCERTAINTY, SOME GREAT AND SOME NOT SO GREAT.

THROUGH it all, I have maintained my equilibrium, my integrity, my dignity, and the future is so bright in 2020 with the retreat program. But for now, I need to pick myself up, brush myself off, and fight for what I believe in for a short period to finish happy and successful for the moments of the launch. How will I do that? I am going to dance through the next 10 days and smile all the way. I am dancing for the life of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. The Universe is with me–it started with nothing and ended up with everything. I will emerge as the Big Bang did with the Universe. I, too, shall emerge for I have the same creative ability as the cosmos. My first step is to see the completed vision. This is my true destiny, and the seed of my potential lies in my soul. For now, as always, I will live in this moment. I am capable of cultivating the right conditions, and my Inner Being is aligned with my vision. As always, my days will be spent living on purpose, letting my potential out. I am the wonderful dancer knowing the steps and implementing them in alignment with the music–I will shine! It may appear to be a broken cause right at this moment, but I am embracing all of the pieces–broken and whole! Infinite Patience is what I have and I know it will produce immediate effects for I am living on the “EMERGING” Edge. For now, I will become still, and I will turn into my Inner Being who is in alignment with me knowing all of the answers. It is now up to me to open up to the deeper wisdom trying to emerge…then the journey will begin.


Your story is your story! Every story has a character which may very well be you. Every story has a problem or a reason to tell the story. It is very possible in the story the character finds a guide or guidance to help them with their problem and calls them to some sort of action. The action helps solve their problem or issue and success is achieved to a total or partial degree. A transformation occurs. But the story must be shared, and it happens more often than not in a conversation.

Stories are powerful. Stories can make the story teller powerful. Sharing a story shares the power of not only the storyteller but also the transformation that can occur. When AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM was conceived through a conversation, the story of my former collaborator had more of a negative vibe about women and aging and the media and culture. My story became more positive.

Positivity was my story, living in the NOW, moving only forward and not back. The launch program and 2020 retreats of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM (AWW) focus on “what would make your life better in 2020?” Conversations during the summer of 2019 were stories with women of all walks of life, all ages, and positivity. Energy is what moves us every moment of our life; healing occurs by moving forward with energy of all types. With Energy and your story, you are armed to make changes that are very possible. The first thing is to tell the story, share the story, empower your continuing transformation by asking for help through your story. There is nothing more powerful than your story except for sharing it through conversation one to one or through groups. By sharing it, you empower another to see that there is a way through their problem.

Women are nurturers. Nurturers who want to help, and they help each other, whether friends or strangers, when they are invited to share their stories on their own way to finding their own solutions to life. AWW began with a Summer Program called Ageless Women Emerging through three “Conversations”. The idea worked and more than 100 ways to make their lives better in 2020 were shared. Women will on October 16 not only enjoy a fantastic comedic program THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Faktor but also prioritize the ideas for retreats in 2020. They will be in a winery setting in Richfield, Ohio, out in nature planning the beginning of many transformations in 2020. They talked, they shared, they opened their hearts to others to tell their stories. Every one benefited, and they will continue through their participation in retreats created by their own stories…

Do you have a story to tell, to share, to find a solution in? You can attend on October 16th The Eventbrite invitation can be found on Facebook @AWWAgelessWomenofWisdom or leave me a comment…You have a story, I just know you do!

My Inner Being & I Have a Mutual Admiration Society!

Thanks to my friend Beth this beautiful graphic came my way. It spoke to me for many reasons: the butterfly, trust, intuition, and more. I interpret intuition as my “Inner Being”, and I want to feel about me the way my Inner Being feels about me. The Inner Being always looks out for the best for me. It is interesting to look at my Inner Being that way as I am a teacher of life, and I am a creator, and I walk with the Universe in acceptance of who I am as a whole being: mind, body and soul. I have no limits in seeing what is or feeling what is. I see with my eyes and I feel with my mind, body, and soul.

Like my Inner Being, my power is in the NOW and I resonate with my Inner Being as my Source. Source is NOW focused and shares its wisdom with me. My Inner Being is not interested in the past, and it does not wait until the manifestation of an intention “happens”. I try to be secure as my Inner Being is secure in the NOW. Consequently, all my power is in the NOW as is Inner Being’s power is in the NOW. I do not see every intention as an already done deal, but I look at every intention with the vision of my Inner Being.

What I do Know is that the world is waiting for my vision of what is real for me. I know that action leads to connection and communication and eventually co-creation. Collaboration always has potential, and that to me is SHARING. Taking a step into certainty empowers my intentions to the Universe. I can then connect to my true self of Pure Spirit and pursue my divine purpose with action, connection, and communication to share and speak my truth. We walk the path of what we want and what we need. Interconnection leads to inspiration, and the new ideas roll in. I then know where to go, whom to meet, and make the human connection to reach manifestation.

I then come to the table with others to SHARE our individual visions and to begin to live in the flow together. It is networking, it is being out there sharing visions but still retreating back into stillness which then encourages and inspires action with the spoken word which is a very powerful tool. Verbalization empowers our intentions into the world: My vision shared with your vision becomes our SHARED VISION. And my Inner Being becomes blended with my outer being of reality to become an AGELESS WOMAN OF WISDOM.

Going with the Flow of Peace

The green of the grass, the leaves and wisps of trees beckons when you allow nature to move with you as you live in the moment. Sometimes you have so much to do that you just stop thinking about it and go with the flow of nature which really is the flow of peace. God and the Universe step in to make you stop when life gets too hectic. It is all about faith and believing that God only gives you what you can handle. You will never be finished and you will never be perfect because you will never be finished. These are the words of living in the NOW, join me in the FLOW of Peace.

NOW is the moment forever…

My wish for you on this beautiful morning of June 12th is to give you the moment of NOW forever. It is a gift that you can keep, it is a gift that you can give away as many times as you wish and still have the gift of NOW all to yourself or to give away as many times as you want. It is a beautiful gift that has been given to me over and over. I appreciate the gift, and I am grateful for the gift. I love the gift of NOW. It holds a promise of forever, for every moment is a gift, it is NOW!

NOW is not a promise of a specific future, but it is a promise that there will always be a NOW in our current physical life. And we do not know what a transition from this life could hold, but I like to think that NOW in a future transition will be a forever NOW. For now, NOW is a moment, the moment, to be treasured, to be lived, and to wonder in.

For NOW, this is a moment of transformation…it can be anything we want it to be, and it can form future moments into a new moment different than the current NOW. Recently, I transitioned in this life from being the co-owner of a company called Ageless Women of Wisdom to being the sole owner. It was like the NOW moment was the birthing not only of a being that was expected for the last nine months ironically but also realizing that the child AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom, “AWW” for short, was totally different than our thoughts had been for her. Now that AWW is two weeks old in real life, the pandemonium of a new child in a household has settled down, life goes on, life changes, and breathing is now calm and peaceful. I am now the mother of AWW as we move forward to nurture her and have the quiet time to appreciate what AWW is in the NOW but knowing that each moment of her life is her NOW to become what she is meant to be. For NOW, she is happy, peaceful, and sharing her gifts each moment with all who want to be a part of her life. For now, AWW is AWE Ageless Women Emerging, and she will have so many NOW moments in her first Summer of AWE!

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And then maybe not…

It is only March and the last few days’ outlook of 2018 would have suggested a metamorphosis, but I was not expecting all that has happened. In my constant comparisons with the transformation of butterflies, the metamorphosis that rolled out in the last weeks of December would have suggested a metamorphosis comparable to the dark days in the chrysallis for the butterfly. That is what started the year, and it has happened, but it is “light” that is becoming reality in the last few days!

And it is light that will carry me through this phase into a fantastic part of this year on all fronts–personal and professional! It is quite wonderful when you live in the NOW and begin to see what living moment to moment can become with faith, friends, and the Universe working on my behalf.

Now I can just imagine what is becoming…it is light and it is BIG and it is wonderful!

Fulfillment is Foundational to Legacy…

Aimng too low Arneil

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In my LIVE Facebook post this morning, I spoke of Your Soul & Money.  Using the soul as a reference point, remember that when we are young we truly believe that we have sufficient energy and time.  As we age, we are uncertain of that.  But really, all the way down to the soul level, we always have sufficient energy to reach our purpose, to become fulfilled in the NOW.

It is up to us to develop the quality of our energy and then strive to maintain it on a moment by moment basis.  The quality of our energy for our inner world, including the soul, needs energy that is not available from the outside world.  Deepak Chopra cites the following needs for our inner world:  meaning, achievement, love, self -esteem, purpose, positive core beliefs or values, and the belief in a higher power.  When we are deprived of these needs, we can eventually starve our inner world.  Fulfillment flounders and disappears.

Nourished, the inner world becomes fulfilled, creativity flows, and life energy in all forms:  emotional, mental, and more becomes filled with infinite potential and allows us to be in pure consciousness.

Fulfillment and pure consciousness are foundational to move forward with a family legacy for financial wellness…Do not deprive yourself of fulfillment!

Resisting our Greatest Gifts…

Aimng too low Arneil

“Resistance” is a popular word in my world as I work with folks to “Make Money Simple”.  Within each of us is a gift that has been with us since birth; that gift becomes hidden in the daily living of life until we say we do not have any special gifts, special talents, unearthed abilities that may remain hidden until death.  And that is a shame!  It really is because the world, the Universe needs all of us.  Resistance happens, many times unconsciously.  Resistance is  a negative energy that tempts us to go the short-term path rather than the long-term path to success.  We can be tempted to go the short-term route no matter if we are artists—writing, music,  painting, becoming an entrepreneur, changing our health for the better, finding our spiritual way, overcoming addiction, furthering our education, and, in general, demonstrating our courage—moral, ethical or otherwise!   Why do we resist, consciously or unconsciously?

It all goes back to self worth, fear, and more.

Let’s focus on resistance when it comes to money.  So many times, when money raises its ugly head, and the goal of my work is to make that happen less and less, we turn our heads and find an easy way to resolve the money issue for the short term, to make ourselves feel better “now”.  That is not living in the “now”; that is resistance, avoidance, and more.  The bigger issue never gets resolved, and the pain continues over and over again.

What are you resisting “now”, especially with money?

“Make Money Simple” is what I do, and you can make money simple, too.  Yes, you can.  Face what you might be resisting, and begin in this moment to see how successful you can be in all parts of your life.