Money Mastermind Group…

Having been a member of several Mastermind Groups in the past, it was with a little bit of awe that my post-Meditation aha moment recently suggested a Money Mastermind Group.  Had to think about that before I put it out quietly on my Facebook group page for Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” Live & More page.  A few […]

Self Esteem Based on Money!

There have been so many discussions for me this week about money…clients, networking groups, and more.  And then there is my own self perception and self esteem that has been talked about.   It does matter in all cases to know what you are building your self esteem on.  Please do not build it on […]

What is Your Story?

Many years ago, I learned that one of my strengths was in story telling, especially about money.  Story telling allows a person to relate through someone else’s story.  It is as old as the ages and yet every story, sometimes told and retold, is a new listening experience.  The heart and the head react, and […]

Here I Go Again…I Quit as an Adult!

For those of you who regularly read my blogs, they have really been a disappointment this past week…I was going through a tantrum time and really needed a nap and to be sent to my room, which never happened until the last 24 hours. So, with a deep breath after the tantrum, a literal red cape […]

why do i blog?

i am in all respects a simple being.  always have been and always will be.  several years ago i began blogging in a haphazard way, and then i began blogging almost every day.  it is addictive, and it is my personal meditation which is reflected in the graphic above:  begin at once to live, and […]

It Takes All Colors…

Many hours each month are spent working on a three-year project, which has blossomed, that is destined to continue growing.  And it does take all kinds of women to combine their energy with mine to make it work.  The project is Professional Women’s Connection, a regional networking organization spanning three counties in Northeast Ohio.  I have […]

It’s a New Dawn, a New Day, Forget the Rules!

It is a new dawn and a new day, and I am letting go of all the rules I ever grew up with today.  All of the “shoulds”, “should nots”, “musts”, “must nots” will be broken today.  Yes, they will.  Have you ever heard of Skunk Works?  “Going Skunk”?  Many IT gurus like Steve Jobs […]

Feeding My Soul More Than My Body…

Today is the last day of May!  It is the end, and it is the beginning, in many ways.  Tomorrow, June 1, begins a new journey for me…the personal melding with the professional business of kindness not only to others but also to me.  The professional, Empower Excellence, is more focused than ever.  One-to-one coaching […]

And then you move on…there may be folks left behind!

Three years ago this coming October, I agreed to take on the leadership role for a women’s networking group I had been a member of for about 10 years.  Not only was I asked to take it on in a leadership position, but I was asked to take it on as a part of my […]