We are Wise Women at Peace #Ageless Women of Wisdom

Beach Glass is Timeless and Ageless in its Beauty…So Peaceful

Meditation this morning yielded so much to me on this April 1st…usually known as April Fools Day, but not this year. This year April is unknown, but to me it is starting with a new mantra: We are EMPOWERED, We are CONNECTED, We are Wise Women…

Hope is running rampant, and Hope is where my strength resides. Insecurity is gone, and I know now that insecurity is the greatest killer of hope, not knowing is tough. But I know where my strength comes from: it comes from every woman who has been a part of my life, and it comes from my total history!

Spending time working with HOPE this week has been empowering and connecting for me. I am into the deepest revision of my book SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE. I am totally taken by the subject matter of freeing women from anxiety with money. It is refreshing to feel the way I did when I started working with the energy of money!

And the message from Sprit this morning–We are EMPOWERED, We are CONNECTED, We are Wise Women–totally fed my energy and my passion and gave me the next steps of where I am going at this moment.

But more than that, it reawakened my gratitude, my joy, my enthusiasm, and it gave me peace…WE ARE WISE WOMEN AT PEACE…

Find Hope in Trusting Yourself to Socialize & Network! #Empower Connect Share

Look at Socializing & Networking as TRUSTING IN YOURSELF!

In plain black and white, finding hope can be done in socializing…all kinds of socializing! But there is something you need to know about yourself first. That something is “Trust Yourself”.

In our Finding Hope with money segment yesterday, we touched on building confidence and self esteem and how money confidence helps build that. When you trust yourself with money, that carries over into trusting yourself with connecting with others. Trust in yourself builds to making you unshakeable. Your consciousness becomes unchanging, you feel grounded, and you know you can rely on yourself. All of these characteristics are needed to be able to explore and build new relationships which in turn do activate hope from within you. You know that you are worthy of all you are looking for.

Finding hope in socialization does also ask that you put ego aside as well as be vulnerable. Ego often acts as a shield, a shield that can be off-putting , but to put ego aside does make you more vulnerable, and that is good. Examine your expectations when socializing and networking; be careful to be open without expectations in socializing with new acquaintances. Chances are your new acquaintances may have their own lack of trust in themselves as well. They may be filled with doubt and fear and maybe expectations about you.

Trust yourself, trust your intuition. Trust and intuition are a part of your personal power. You can share that power, but do not give it away. When you meet someone new, or old in terms of a relationship, be open but careful. My words of wisdom in networking socializing is “Givers give”. Learn about your new acquaintance, learn about how you might be abe to help them with their purpose for socializing and networking. It is amazing how that opens up the conversation. But keep yourself in mind as well. A real danger signal is someone who only wants to “take” and not give”. That can kill hope really fast, but trust yourself, trust your intuition; you are powerful. Just remember that you are powerful. Find hope here.

But what about socializing and networking in our current times. This is where assessing your experience and comfort with the technology available is needed. Many networking groups are using and encouraging using the tools such as LIVE networking on Facebook. Zoom meetings and more can be useful but a little intimidating until you learn how to use them effectively. Get your feet wet slowly in the technology. I am very thankful that each of my four regional networking groups have their own “closed” Facebook group only open to the members to share, to experiment going LIVE, and in turn offering feedback to others and seeking help from the other members when they need it. There are many ways members can become familiar and learn to trust themselves with the technology. You can find hope here as well.

In all situations, in person and virtual, practice the art of conversation including listening. Conversation can be productive in all forms if listening and speaking are balanced along with the sharing of wisdom. This is where your power and self trust reign and are weighed constantly by your intuition. You know when to insert your power if you are listening to your internal trust; this is your intuition speaking to you without speaking. Intuition is a great conversation tool but weigh it carefully. Go gentle into conversation as you build your hope for too much of any of this can be counterproductive! Trust yourself, all of yourself.

Connecting Women…Thank You to Seth Godin Today #Seth Godin #Professional Women’s Connection #Connect

Fellowship…still mutual support

What’s a fellowship?

For five hundred years, a fellowship was understood, Tolkien-style, to be a collection of humans engaged in mutual support. [Definition]

(On my way to jury duty this morning, Seth Godin hit the nail on the head with his blog on Fellowship for that is a prime reason for networking today.)

It’s hard to imagine something more reassuring, challenging and productive, all at once.

To be part of an organized fellowship is a responsibility and also the chance to leap forward. Join the others, people like you, eager to see and to be seen, and most of all, to be of service. (Worth noting that ‘fellow’ it is not gender-specific and in fact is used in the Old Testament in reference to women).

A few decades ago, our status and selection-based culture shifted a common meaning of the word to describe a sort of prize. You get picked for a fellowship, maybe you even get some money, and you can definitely put it on your resume. Missing, too often, is the original magic, the idea that the others are there with you, side by side, together.

That new sort of fellowship isn’t really helpful to most of us. I’m more interested in the traditional, effective kind. Mutual support and a shared journey.

There are organic fellowships everywhere, which sprouted on their own, seemingly out of nowhere, and if you find yourself in one, that’s a wonder to be cherished. They don’t need a name or a published agenda. Simply being in it is sufficient.

For the rest of us, there’s the chance to go start one. Start a fellowship, invite some people along, and then do the hard work to keep it going. All for one and one for all

Finding & Listening to So Many Voices… #Empower #Connect #Share Wisdom #Financial Freedom #Flow

Many voices, Different Generations, Connecting!

The stories arising from Professional Women’s Connection, my regional networking organization spreading across Northeast Ohio always brings together women of all ages across four counties bordering, almost, Lake Erie. They are the inspiration for so many things as I strive to help each of them grow their businesses and careers. Each woman has a story that they grow into telling as they build relationships while empowering their businesses to increase revenues and self empowerment! Out of this comes the strong connections they make and the untold wisdom that is shared both at the monthly gatherings and in between as they meet to learn more about each other. It is not only exciting, it is EMPOWERNG>CONNECTNG>SHARING wisdom. Women are great at all of this! These women are phenomenal!

Empower, CONNECT, Share #Connect #Empower #Share #Financial Freedom #entrepreneur

In my daily life, there is a triad of programs that come together to promote Financial Freedom. And outside of those three, there is also a deliberate motivation for me to network on the level of a leader and multiple business owner, including ownership of four regional networking groups. One of those efforts this year has been NAWBO Cleveland (National Association of Women Business Owners), and my intention is becoming reality: I cannot effectively network for my businesses when I am the leader of the four networking groups where I am truly a servant leader! Yesterday, I became more involved in a servant role in NAWBO, and it is exciting. Here I am a member networking with over 100 local women who are also business leaders . The intent to move Financial Freedom forward on a somewhat different level…Empower, CONNECT, and Share. Wisdom evolves in the process, and I am grateful!

Other People’s Opinions

I don’t concern myself with other people’s opinions.

I know that the opinions that come from other people have nothing to do with me. Believing that is a way to EMPOWER me, and it really helps me not to express opinions to others when I CONNECT with others whether it is family, friends, or networking acquaintances. Whatever people think of me is really about the image they have of me, and that image is not me. That is why I really focus on not sharing opinions of others with them. You never know what is really happening in their lives. And I believe that is really sharing my WISDOM in all I do!WISDOM

You Will Never CONNECT if…

You don’t believe in yourself! If you focus on what others think and expect of you, you will continue to act on and attract more of what they desire for you. Shift your inner thoughts to what YOU intend to create and attract into your life, you will then save your mental energy to what you want for you and not what others expect from you. Networking is not easy but if you can focus on you and what you want for your life while doing what you can to help others be successful in their ventures, you will find what you want! CONNECT and see!

CONNECT With Patience

Connecting as in networking takes patience and perseverance. Know that you are in vibrational harmony with the force that intended you here in life and in every new situation you encounter. Know that everything will happen at the right time in the right place and with the right people. So put your love glasses on and go out there and CONNECT!

AWE, Really You Are Quitting?

First of all, let’s brighten this picture up a little!

Some of you may know that I am the facilitator of four women’s professional networking groups in Northeast Ohio. For many reasons while it is extremely rewarding helping women grow their businesses there are times it can be frustrating but all the while I smile and keep moving.

There is a total dynamic working with women as they grow their businesses…some are serious and some are not. Some work at it very part-time and some do not. Some women make decisions in business and in their finances without giving serious thought to what they are committing or not committing themselves to and that includes other women in their particular groups. Some are just wimpy and others are very strong. Some take the easy route and others review their decisions before they announce a decision!

And some just make me smile: they join a professional networking group and then act totally unprofessionally. They join prematurely and then realize what they have done and do not want to “get up early”, “drive that far”, “make a presentation” or other excuses. While that is disappointing to the remaining members and to me, what the departing women do not understand is that all of us learn one more lesson about who not to have join the group, who to reject. Yes, reject, and these same departing women will repeat this pattern with another group in a few months, but it will not be with our group currently called Professional Women’s Connection. I seriously think we should change the name to Professional Women’s Commitment Group. What do you think?

She Did It Under the Willow Tree: Personal Leadership!

I do not normally write about food although I really love healthy food, and I rarely eat sugar deliberately, so please disregard the beautiful teal frosted cupcake. Say the words aloud, and then you will know why I am writing about cupcakes!

My topic today is personal leadership and I want to introduce you to two wonderful young women who led me to the sentiment: MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE ONE CUPCAKE AT A TIME. The first is Jenny Young; the second is Alex Fox! Jenny and Alex knew each other long before I met either of them.

Jenny is a networker extraordinaire! She also is the founder of SHE DID IT VIDEO in Wadsworth, Ohio, and I have seen her videos, I love her videos, and I intend to use her skill in my business. She is all around Northeast Ohio networking in a way that you want to hug her because she is fun! shediditvideo.com

I have only met Alex on social media, but her energy and leadership in her business definitely matches Jenny’s. Jenny made the introduction, not for cupcakes, but for an artistic talent Jenny raves about, and she is right. If her cupcakes are a reflection of her, they are fantastic! And Jenny says they are! Willow Tree Cupcakes in Wadsworth is Alex’s business. @willowtreecupcakes ON FACEBOOK

So why do I think Alex Fox and Jenny Young are personal leaders not only in their community of Wadsworth but also in the greater Northeast Ohio area? Because in both cases, they were free to reach out, to be dreamers who not only awakened to their purposes and self actualized their lives and their businesses but then went on to align with their soul and life purposes to help others in their community and through each other in the greater community. They became bigger than themselves…they became personal entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs. While their individual businesses are transactional, and people want their products–videos and cupcakes–they are both transformational entrepreneurs speaking to health, wealth, and wisdom resulting in JOY to all who cross their paths.

Jenny and Alex are Agents of Transformation! Smile for the camera and eat those cupcakes and make the world a better place!