June 22 is not too late…

June 21 is a memorable day for many reasons: an anniversary of a marriage long ended and an anniversary of six years of a marriage still growing. One has been released and the other is still being welcomed! But it is the longest day of the year, and it is a beautiful time here in Oberlin, Ohio. The Sun has been with us three days this week, and it is welcoming the Summer season, a season of light that is burning bright within me. It is a time to welcome many changes: one of which is the verbal recognition that I am happy here in Oberlin. Another major change is allowing others to be in my life, to accept offers of help, to bring others into my life simply and easily, to relish the time spent with loved ones and to release all negativity. It is also a time to release worry for all things work for the good. All in all, it is a time to release people and things that have outlived their reason to be in my life. I came to Oberlin for many reasons, and I will stay in Oberlin for many more. It is a place where my soul feels warmth and a glow of growth. No more need for constant change, just a need for constant growth. And it begins with the first day of Summer, a glorious first day of Summer!

Cool & Light Thinking: MakeMoneySimple!


Inflamed thinking is no better than total inflammation throughout your body!  I know because I learned this weekend what it feels like to be cool and light in my thinking with the greatest inflamers of my past.  I say “of my past” because they have been with me most of my life, and they learned how to inflame thinking from the day they were brought into my home and into my life.  They are my two younger sisters who, quite honestly, learned their skill at the knee of our narcissistic mother, the Super Inflamer.  Ginny is her name!  She made her transition in 2005, but her soul remains in the siblings, Joyce Mary and Margaret Mary.  They remain who they are, it is me who has changed after decades of trying everything negative and positive.  

I know and practice an anti-inflammation diet, and it works.  If I go off of it for a while, my body reacts.  Case in point:  iced coffee!  My body was never subjected to coffee as I did not like the taste, and I am a hot beverage drinker.  Ice, lots and lots of ice, thank you!  Several summers ago I learned how to drink and then how to make cold-brewed coffee!  It is not exactly art, but it may as well be.  I love doing it, I love making it, and I love drinking it.  It was ok if I had it only a few cups at a time during a week.  And then, this Summer, the Universe brought me a present:  I won the coffee gift basket at the Oberlin Library this summer with its special filters and special brewing decanter.  OMG, I was in heaven!  That was in June.  Now in November, I have become addicted to iced coffee to the tune of 3-4 glasses before 3 pm every day.  Ok, it was not affecting my sleep.  Go figure!  But 24 hours ago, I began to get heart palpitations!  First thought, since it was occurring in my right breast, I figured “breast cancer”.  And then my logical research took me to the major change:  coffee, lots and lots of coffee!  Oh yes, that could be the reason, and I have gone back to my one glass of unsweetened organic green tea at breakfast.  As the hours go on, the palpitations are ceasing.  Maybe the coffee, maybe the brain sending out warnings.  My brain will do that, it is now well-trained after a decade of holistic practices!  (I can see Dr. Keith Jordan grinning ear to ear that I have become such a good student of his!0  

So, the brain?  The brain can become inflamed, not quite like a tumor but more like an emotional inflammation.  Joyce and Margaret are quite good at inflaming my emotions; or they had been until I learned how to become cool and light in my thinking, and it worked.  The annual Thanksgiving question arose with Joyce being the spokesperson for Margaret, the usual Thanksgiving trumpeter.  Joyce on Saturday morning approached, for the first time ever with me, with a text ( She learned that from Margaret–who appears to have a total allergy towards live communication on the phone!) that was soft and simple.  I am always waiting for the “other text” to fall.  I asked simple questions which she promised to get back to me on, like “the restaurant”, “the time”.  Kind of crucial in decision making.  I totally will not eat at their annual restaurant, tried it once for Thanksgiving and will simply not eat their food at their Thanksgiving cattle call buffet.  The time was an important factor because “the little people” celebrate with their mother’s family miles away from the inflamers’ location, and I am now included with my daughter-in-law’s family for their traditional, at-home family Thanksgiving for which I am responsible to bring the sweet potato casserole!  

Joyce disappeared, and even accepted the idea that she would try on clothes I offered to her that no longer fit because of my healthy anti-inflammation lifestyle.  That was a surprise!  But good progress, cool and light.  No further explanation needed when something is working!  On Sunday, I receive “the text” from Margaret:   potluck at her home on Thanksgiving because of everyone’s schedules and 2:30 with dinner at 3:00.  Cool and light, I respond I will be miles away by 4 for the family dinner, and I will be unable to attend.  Thank you.  Cool and light…no room for their drama when I am cool and light.  The brain smiled for the rest of the day.

Believe me when I say that this occasion of cool and light took a lifetime of trying, but this is my first year of cool and light!  And, yes, the brain can become inflamed through anger, envy, negativity, stress, lack of sleep, hatred, resentment, and more.  It is a type of inflammation that the body suffers with physical stress and illness and diet.  All of this can inflame the brain as well.  BUT, emotional inflammation can become chronic, too.  It could be happening since you were born or at a time when you were affected by any of the negative emotions throughout your life.  

I have finally learned how to be cool and light…still caring, still loving, but learning how to care and love me first, evaluating others’ effects on me, my body and my brain…and it worked.  Be cool and light, taking small steps in parts of your life where you are not totally content, including money.  But I will say that, since I have become cool and light, I have begun to worry, just a little, money does not bother me any more.  Money in my life has also become cool and light!


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The Joy of Money Energy

Addicted to problems

As Memorial Day kicks off the first day of Summer, let it also begin your Season of Joy with money.  It is all too easy to become, and stay, addicted to talking about how “bad you are with money!”  That will never help…

It will only bring more negative thoughts about money, and student of the Law of Attraction or not positive thoughts can get crowded out by the negative.

A Season of Joy with Money is simply finding one positive Money thought replacing every negative Money thought.  It is that easy…

Dealing With Money, Honey!


Often I think that money is another creative medium; and it is.  You can take it and create whatever you want; but it does take courage when you become so creative that you are not strong enough to take the criticism that will follow!  My thought “Deal With It”, and in SUCCESS April 2017 Amy Morin wrote an article about Mental Strength, and I think of her suggestions as they apply to money.

  1. Establish Goals
  2. Set Yourself Up for Success
  3. Tolerate discomfort for a greater purpose
  4. Reframe your negative thoughts
  5. Balance your emotions with logic
  6. Strive to fulfill your purpose
  7. Look for explanations, not excuses
  8. Do one hard thing every day
  9. Use the 10-minute rule
  10. Prove yourself wrong!

For the coming days, I will take each of the steps and apply them to the money.  It will be fun, I promise!

I Do Not Care About Living on the Fringe!

Self Confidence Super Power

In a recent effort to stay focused on Personal Sustainability, self-esteem has been a major topic.  When you reach self confidence in this area, you are indeed a super power.  Yes, magic does happen.  Does it happen all of the time?  No!  Do people like and love you more?  No!  

What does happen is that the more self esteem and the more self confidence you have, the more many people look at you like you are living on the fringe.  I try not to become involved in pettiness, gossip, etc.  I also become a little more judgmental privately.  I have very high standards, and those standards and values are not always shared.  Throughout my career, I have been in unusual positions in government, politics, finances, and many times there may not have been standards and values evident to the naked eye.  I was on the fringe back then, and I am still on the fringe today even in my own business.  I live my life in the most ethical way I can, and my patience for those who are not honest, ethical, or living their values is very small.  That is living on the fringe today.  

I am currently purging much of my email and Facebook feeds.  I simply want my time spent better, and I have found all of it has become addictive.  My focus is on my personal and professional dedication to Personal Sustainability, and The Empower Excellence Experience is designed to do just that with spirituality, money, food, and chemical free living.  I am trying, and it is hard, not to post anything that is negative in this regard:  no politics, no Monsanto, no negative thinking,  and I am succeeding.  “Friends”, groups, and more are in the least being “unfollowed” or “unfriended”.  Please do not take it personally, that is for me to do.  My personal values are the measurement I am using as much as I can these days.  And it is putting me on the fringe, I know that.  But my self esteem and self confidence have been worked on for years.  Earlier this week, the germination of the new me burst forth with multiple examples from the Universe on what I needed to work on:  no more bullshitters allowed, no truth–no friend, no game players allowed, no rule breakers allowed, no audacious characters who feel privileged, and more.  This is not easy, but it is where the Universe, my purpose and mission are leading me.  Dreams have been lucid in their directions.  Sleep has been plentiful and peaceful.  The seed has been planted for this season; the seed has survived through many tests; and now the seed is germinated and moving on to the current creation of me.  And I am grateful.  Whatever is being left in the wake of this new birth is meant to be left behind.  I transplanted myself to Oberlin, tested the soil, and I am now the new Oberlin me!  There have been tests to go through for me to find my new way, and I am now on the path.

I have always been on the fringe, a little weird, a little odd, a little geeky, a little bit of an introvert appearing as an extrovert, a Mensa in a common person’s dress, and much more fringe type personas.  But I am older now, I am happier now, and I am working toward the Personally Sustainable life I have envisioned for years.  There is no time and no room for those who are not authentic, who are not true, who are fake, who are audacious, who are trying to beat the system.  And there is no time for those who participate in negativity of any kind:  political, values, life, and more.  And it is not mine going forward to take any of these personalities to task.  That is the role of The Universe, karma, and higher powers.  Let me live my life on the mission and purpose that is mine, let me love my life, let me love all who cross my path, knowing that those who I do not wish to walk my path with will remove themselves quickly or The Universe will do it for them…and for me!  And I am grateful for that!

Gratitude: Personal Sustainability Depends Upon It!

Gratitude Illusion of Lack

Without gratitude, where are we?  If love is the solution to losing fear, what does gratitude have to do with it??  Appreciation, love, gratitude are all linked together.  If you are without appreciation and gratitude, it is hard to believe you are living with a face towards love.  It is that simple.  Ask yourself:  What am I grateful for at this moment?  It could be hard to find one thing if you are not in tune with gratitude.  It could also be hard for some to stop at one or two things.  It matters not except that, if you are not in a state of gratitude, you will know that.  Everything has a tone of negativity about it.  Not my choice today…

A Day Just to Be…


Italy sparked within me to be in a place where there is water and meadows and blue sky.  But it also was a place where diversity was the norm.  Peace was the cause of the day.  Please, do not think this is a naive way to think of any place.  While a peaceful activist, I am in remission in this area.  The vibrations of negativity manifested through violence, crime, and more are in a far away place for me as I have chosen to only be a part of positive vibrations emanating from my Soul.  I am taken back to Italy, a place where I did not understand the language but the communication was easy due to love and actions…Words sometimes get in the way, in the way of water and meadows and blue sky…I know I can find this every day everywhere I am…I am just being.

Synergy, Joy & Miracles!

Joy to the World

I am beginning to scare myself!  There is a lot of information coming to me.  Mercury is retrograde!  And yet, I had the audacity to test the Universe and introduce a new payment system to my largest women’s networking group yesterday.  Wow.  Yes, there has been some questions and, realistically, just a little negative feedback.  Synergy is a good thing.  Mercury Retrograde be damned.  There is progress to be made!  

It is similar to the day that I waved goodbye to the local newspaper’s astrology forecast.  Who is running my life anyway.  Yes, it is me and the Universe and the Divine God within.

I am becoming braver every day.  Today, I am having my rear brakes repaired.  And they are not even in the danger zone yet.  I have the faith that the Universe presented me with my dealer’s savings on this item at the time that I have the cash.  Miracles!  Synergy!  It is still scary to give someone else a huge amount of money before there is an emergency.  Progress!

It is a joyful day in other ways.  My car lease and then loan are totally paid off!  I get my title today!  Yes!

But then the synergy of the Universe is showing its power and might in an even stranger way.  Earlier this week, I placed a classified ad on the Oberlin campus website.  I thought it might be silly doing this–trying to find a rental apartment for 2017 in April of 2016.  But alas I received an email from a women named “Janet”, a variation of my name, a single woman who will be teaching at Oberlin in the Fall and is looking to share a lease–Fall for her, the rest of the year for me.  We are meeting May 12th, just two weeks away to look at apartments.  It is totally unreal.  She, too, is a nonsmoker and has no pets.  A pristine person to open the doors of my next new home.  I know it will work the way it is supposed to.

And by the way, Happy Birthday Virginia Mae.  You were the energy–negative in many ways–that has made me who I am today.  I became the optimistic lover of the Universe, but you deserve a thank you for creating the person I am today–a believer in Synergy, JOY, and miracles!




Yay! Yay! Yay! U R G..R..E..A..T with  M…O…N…E…Y! YAY MONEY!

Yay! Yay! Yay! U R G..R..E..A..T with

Ok, maybe we are pushing this a little bit; but, maybe, just maybe, a Money Cheerleader is what you need!

When it comes to money, there are few people who will put their arm around you and pat you on the shoulder and say “You are great with money!”  At least not in my world of finances and money.

And maybe we need more cheerleaders who do just that in our lives.

Many times we can remember all of the times that people told us we made the wrong decision with money. We remember when we lost the money we were given, either intentionally, e.g. gambling, or unintentionally by misplacing it.  Really.   It does happen.

But there are few times when people can look at you and say “You did a good job spending that money!” and not be full of sarcasm.

Spending money is a big responsibility, and we really are never taught how to make money decisions as a child.  Sure, we are taught how to put money in a piggy bank.  I even have a piggy bank with four stomachs for various purposes:  spending, saving, investing, and donating.  And there are four openings so that you can take the money out purposefully.  Sure, we are taught how to open bank accounts; and how to responsibly withdraw it.  But, really learning how to think about spending money comes along with a helter skelter approach.  Like spinning stones across water, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Maybe what we really need as adults is a coach who can transform our thoughts about money.

Something to think about.