No Magical Thinking Here! #Ageless Women of Wisdom #Financial Freedom #Money

There is no magical thinking, there is real thinking here! Over the Sumer of 2019, many women gathered on “Whatever Wednesdays” and had conversations about retreat topics that would make their lives better in 2020. There was magic, but the magic turned into real topics beginning with the Ageless Women of Wisdom Spring 2020 Retreat! And here is the information for you to ponder: would finding your voice and learning how to listen to your voice make a difference? I hope so!

Returning Home to Nature

#Ageless Women of Wisdom #Jan Litterst #Financial Freedom

It is simple: the more complicated life becomes, the more I am being pulled back to nature, to the woods, to the lake, to the sun! I am a product of nature from billions of years ago when I joined the flow, and so I go back to Nature to find my flow…

Clarity & Serenity

Walking in the snow amplifies not only clarity but also serenity. Belonging to no one but me, I am reminded of how much Nature is connected to each one of us, and I am also reminded how much of each human body is made up of water, and that is snow! For that reason alone, walking in the snow brings us so close to our origins. But a snowy walk is quiet and serenity reappears walking us through nature and back through the door of everyday life, but we are changed. We see clearly and feel serenity until our next walk in the snow!

Serenity Perfected…

What are we always looking for, hoping for, and grateful for? Serenity is my answer. It may be yours, as well, but there is nothing as fresh as new fallen, and still falling, snow! I am so grateful that this is the view from my window. With so much activity in my business, it is a beautiful day when nature takes over literally and allows us to stop and think about pure beauty. I have to laugh when I posted this on social media this morning and right away someone came back and said warmer temperatures and sun would be better! Well, life gives you what you need, and that is all I can say. In the last weeks, I have slowed down considerably as we recover from a failed event in October and the wonderful planning for 2020 that is occurring. Source gives us what we need. I needed the snow to remind me that life is peaceful when we allow it to be. And when we allow what we need we move forward with a serene heart and a head that is calm and peaceful. If snow is not what you need, be patient, and Source will send whatever it is that you need soon if you are in alignment with the Universe.

Footsteps in Nature…

Connecting your soul to nature is free but the time to do the connecting is priceless. I can look out by window to a whole yard full of trees. I can walk into Oberlin and see flowers, trees, birds, and breathe the fresh air. I can drive 30 minutes and reach Lake Erie, walk in the sand, feel the lake breeze whisper across the water and the beach, and observe the lake gulls doing their best to stay out of my way. Connecting to nature is precious in whatever way you choose. But the first step is always the hardest with our busy lives. Do it anyway!

Fall, My Time, Your Time, for Change…Nature’s Time!

Friday, a Fall Friday, and it finds me very melancholy as UTunes plays a Master List which connects me through the years to days that time forgot. But that is ok for I believe the wind of today talks to me, I believe that the leaves are falling and dancing through the air to be shared with the Earth to return as good soil for the future. It is kind of a leaf self -improvement transformation for they always come back in their favorite shades of green and more to witness another year and to transform once again. Time forgets them but they continue their journey. Oh no!

Maybe the human model of self-improvement is all wrong. Just like the leaves, we do not need to attract anything because we are not lacking anything. Our self is already whole. We have it as we emerge into our life. What is happening is that something is trying to get out, and like the leaves we need to strip away the false exterior and reveal what we have inside. Leaves do not try to fix themselves, and we exacerbate our problems when there is nothing wrong with any of us.

And Fall is the time for Nature and for us as a part of Nature to change or bring to the surface what has always been within us. That is why AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is launching in Fall–October 16th to be exact–and women are waiting to emerge, to realize their potential. We are giving life back to ourselves as guides to make our lives what we long for in 2020 and beyond. Like the leaves, it is an opportunity to be free from the past and to set ourselves free for the future. Our perception of emptiness is not really empty, we have to emerge. Like the mighty oak, the acorn is a part that leaves to fulfill their future potential. The mighty oak is always a part of that future!

Have the TIME of Your Life!

Everything is all about timing. Consider this…

It is the first day of fall

It is the day you read this blog about timing.

Fall is a time for change!

The leaves change color, differentiating them from all other leaves.

The leaves let go of their past knowing they do have a future in Spring

This is the time of transformation for nature dispelled by the leaves!

The leaves know who they are and are ready to know who they are. Is it time to ask yourself a question: WHO AM I?

This is a tough question for some at some times in their life to ask. Remember it can be asked of yourself every day if you feel the need.

But it is this question that leads to learning more about yourself, to learn about the intentions that lie within your heart.

Questions invite energy in to your Inner Space to and your peaceful awareness and to look at your full potential.

These feelings and yearnings are the SEEDS of Passion and Purpose. Only YOU can plant the seeds and Begin YOUR JOURNEY…Your Destiny is held by you and not the Stars.

Consider exploring on Facebook @AWWAgelessWomenofWisdom to learn about the movement to explore your journey with AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM and the October 16th ‘THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN” program to SHARE Wisdom of Women Across all generations.

Retreat into Nature and JOY!

You may agree that you will never get “it” done and you will never get “it” right because you will never get it done.

And still, you keep on functioning, you can be free of expectations to get “it” done and get “it” right, and nature can bring relief. Nature can deconstruct the expectations, and you can find your refuge, your retreat in Nature. When there is something you want to accomplish no matter the choice you make, humanity can get in the way, but Nature is always in a receptive mode, but you have to be there to join in that receptivity. The above Tree of Life necklace was a present and it represents what it is to “be”. Your well being began in evolution in Nature where everything began and flows at just the right time. Humanity flowed into evolution after many iterations of Nature before it. You receive and renew your wisdom with the help of Nature where resources have never stopped flowing. Nature is presented in the Tree of Life. The roots of Nature nourish Nature and nurture us in the purest forms, so be nourished.

Accept what Nature has to offer and receive gracefully as a retreat from humanity.

Emergence Constantly!

I have always loved the story of the emergence of the butterfly for it is truly transformation, radical life change. It is the story of an evolutionary process. We do not know how the butterfly reacts to this process, but as a human it is the ultimate state of consciousness to go from a caterpillar to a chrysalis and then to the radical evolution. While we do not cause an emergence in our life, we do create the conditions , hopefully the right conditions, that allow emergence. Mental, emotional and spiritual conditions are involved . Emergence is different than personal development because we really do not need to attract anything because we are not lacking anything. The self is already whole, but emergence allows what is trying to get out to emerge. We can reveal our innate wholeness for all of our attempts to fix ourselves tend to exacerbate the problems. There is nothing wrong with you.

As women we are waiting to emerge, we are waiting to realize our potential. We are wanting to be ourselves, to set our real selves free. There is a saying “Know the Oak”. The great and mighty oak represents those with great wisdom. Consider the acorn and then look to the mighty oak tree. It is a symbolism to rise toward the light, to reach out and up, to dig deeper in time of drought, and to stand strong in storms. It is a Universal truth that nature always fulfills its promise.

A desire to change is really a cry to evolve to a higher level and create another version of our conditioned self or how you were designed to live. Just like the Universe which started with nothing and ended up with everything through the Big Bang evolution, we are also an epitome of emergence, and we have the same creative ability to change as the cosmos. It does not happen overnight, and we will briefly discuss the sequential changes in your emergence beginning in the coming days.

Are You in a Community?

In our very busy world today, finding time to build a community is sometimes hard, isn’t it? The view a few days ago of this fire circle and Adirondack chairs at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park on the grounds of the Hines Hill Conference Center was very beckoning! The lush grounds under the beautiful almost-Fall sky presented a remarkable setting for a walk around the grounds. But the chairs, oh the chairs! When was the last time you gathered in such a setting? Do you miss the deep conversations that can occur when more than one is gathered in a quiet, natural surrounding? These are the necessities to rejuvenate, and these are the necessities for conversations with Ageless Women of Wisdom. It is a very exciting time as we prepare for our Launch event at Michael Angelo’s Winery on October 16th and the beginning of our 2020 Retreat Program…Oh, I wish I could grab a seat at this fire circle and just have meaningful conversation!