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Clear thinking is so undervalued, and most of us do not take the time to make sure that we are thinking clearly. Over the years, as I have worked with and studied my own money mind as well as others, more and more clear thinking became the right answer for me to have a clear money mind. The butterfly, similar to the above, became part of my logo from the early beginnings of Empower Excellence as it depicted the use of energy in small amounts to solve problems, especially money problems. Money mind for most people when I begin working with them includes “monkey mind”, the constant chattering within your head, or brain, that comes from family, teachers, religious leaders, the media, finance leaders and more. But here the butterfly became part of my process: the quiet flapping of butterfly wings has enormous power even though they have a relatively short life span. While the butterfly is a symbol of transformation, the butterfly wings are a symbol of quiet energy. Not to go into a long, detailed formula to get to a clear mind and thus a clear way to think about money, I ant to share some of the steps of self care I have incorporated into my life over the years:

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THERE ARE PROBABLY MANY MORE YOU COULD PERSONALLY ADD ONCE YOU BEGIN TO GO TO YOUR QUIET MIND AND LET THE WORDS FLOW, DO NOT FORCE THEM, DO NOT FORCE THE MONEY ISSUE. When you begin to think clearly because you are aware and in pursuit of self care, meditation comes if taken in a series of slow steps and can be as simple as a “thank you” when something goes right for your life. From meditation and simplification many other practices flow including “letting go” of things, “letting go” of unimportant issues in your life, and very importantly, “letting go” of toxic people, energy suckers, and relationships that are more harmful than helpful; but take your time, choose one thing to focus on first, let it flow, and find that slowly you begin to feel a little better, your mind is a little clearer, and you have begun self care which leads to a clearer mind, and begins you down a path to a better money mind. I know because I have been there, and I now can help empower others on how to clear their mind and create a clearer money mind for the rest of their lives!

Whatever Wednesdays’ Stories End & Really Begin!

The Summer of AWE Ageless Women Emerging began in June with our Conversations of Whatever Wednesdays, continued in July and ends on August 28. So far more than 20 participants have gathered, conversed, and SHARED topics that would make their lives better. That continues August 28 at Michael Angelo’s Winery in a bucolic patio setting, with sunshine promised, and it is the end of this phase of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM AWW. But it is really the beginning of women coming together one by one to SHARE their stories. It has been interesting and validating and continues on October 16th with the LAUNCH of AWW with a morning of professional comedy for women and the culminating roundtable decision making to choose the topics for the 2020 goal of AWW: Personal Retreats with Presenters and Self Care Providers…It is all about SHARING by women of all ages through conversation, entertainment and retreats. It is the SHARING of their stories casually and with their participation in choosing retreat topics. We have already learned the value of the phrase “Me too” and it has already begun new acquaintances, friendships, and liberation of letting the stories flow in snippets, sentences, and stories…it is a pathway to alleviating the alone feelings we sometimes feel until we begin to SHARE part of ourselves…beginning starts with an ending to the silence, and Whatever Wednesdays were not quiet. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT AWE: