Are You a Money Master? How Does that Feel? #Financial Freedom

Are YOU a Money Master? Asks Jan Litterst of EMPOWER Excellence

How do you feel about being a Money Master? I am not sure how I feel about being a Money Expert. Some days I agree with that, and some days I do not. But today, June 1, 2020, I know that within EMPOWER Excellence, I am the CEO and Money Master. When I use “CEO” to introduce myself, it is not what you might think. Within my company EMPOWER Excellence, the “CEO” is the Chief Energizing Officer.

And today, June 1, 2020, with respect to the pandemic of 2020, this is the relaunch of EMPOWER Excellence founded formally in 2012+. Like any new business, EMPOWER has changed from the first edition. Much of it remains the same which is to help women and their loved ones have a healthy relationship with money. And today, as we are in a time of uncertainty, feelings about money become thoughts about money and money goes on to be loved or feared. So, with this relaunch, we move into the new 2020 hoping to bring more love than fear when it comes to money.

FINANCIAL FREEDOM is all about feelings about money: Is money holding you back or allowing you to move forward with your life, any part of your life, as money is involved in all of your life! Money alone cannot set you free for it is a tool for your life and like any tool how it is used determines its effectiveness and the end result.

Pure intelligence does not make you money smart if you are not recognizing and respecting your feelings about money. Let’s talk about the feelings common with money.

I MUST BE MONEY SMART because I was always SMART in school. You may have been great at math, but no one teaches you how to feel about being wealthy , growing your wealth, or even managing your wealth. And wealth is relative. There is no benchmark that says you are or you are not wealthy. There are statistics thrown around which many believe makes them “Wealthy” or not! Having the statistical level of wealth does not make you a wealthy person. And if you are wealthy, it does not mean that you are money smart. Defining what you consider to be “wealth”, which includes more than just money, is all about feelings and only you can define that. Step One: Are You Wealthy?

I ACT ON MONEY IDEAS! That must mean that I am a Money Master. Really, not so fast. There are many masters as well as many fools who take action with money: Day traders, speculators, gamblers, and more, but that does not mean that they are financially free. Sometimes action is good, sometimes it is just risk, and many are risk junkies. Slow down, define “wealth” for you, and then take the time to self educate and determine if you are not the expert and find the financial professional who will continue your financial education with you to determine your risk level and appropriate action to take to accomplish the action you want to be a part of. Step Two: Being a Money Master Could Include the Choice of a Professional to be on Your Team!

I NEVER LET MONEY TAKE OVER MY EMOTIONS! Really? Money itself is a tool, but like a hammer a tool can be used to be constructive or destructive. There is a difference, and that difference has everything to do with YOU and YOUR Feelings and Emotions. There is a difference between your feelings about money and how you spend, how you invest your money, how you manage your money. Do not let anyone tell you that you have no feelings when it comes to money. Step Three: Learn to Separate your Feelings, Your Emotions , and Your Money!

I KNOW MONEY IS SCARCE, SO I AM A REALLY GOOD SAVER. Feelings are all over your statement that MONEY IS SCARCE. Rather than Financial Laws begin with the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE and the Laws of YOU. Know how you feel about money, then begin to change what needs to be changed to open you up to the realities of the Financial Laws. Finance is not taught in schools, the Principles of Finance are, and you need to know who you are before you can learn the Principles and understand the Principles so that you know what works for you and how Principles may need to be broken or bent just a little for you to create any healthy relationship including your relationship with money. Step Four: Know Who You Are Before You Learn the Rules !

What DO YOU WANT: a Quiet Mind or a Monkey Mind? #FinancialFreedom


And I do believe in energy. You are a powerful being; you can turn negativity into positivity but only if you want to! A quiet mind can start out as a noisy mind and with your control of your energy you can make the transformation. How? Well first of all observe your feelings in the moment. Can you acknowledge the feelings that you are allowing? That is what you are controlling. If you want to change, you can through your own thoughts and actions. It is not always easy, but it is possible!

The Buddhists named “monkey mind”! Think about it. Monkeys flitter from one tree to another possibly mindless of what they really are seeking. I cannot say that I know what they are thinking, but I can admit that when “monkey mind” is occurring, it is an abundance of brain activity, too much thinking, that now drives me to STOP IT!

And it does take practice. It is especially bothersome when it is about money; it appears as confusion and indecisiveness. It is about decision making, and money decisions are not always easy. In fact, for many, they appear to be elusive! Why? For one of many reasons, but for whatever the reason, and each reason can be remedied once identified, it is feelings that have taken over: fear, jealousy, revenge, love, desire, and more. Put the feelings in place at that moment, and you have started down a path to make easier money decisions and you are beginning to know you want financial freedom!

You Have So Much to Gain If You Acknowledge Feelings! #FinancialFreedom

RICH is a Feeling!

GOLD is a feeling associated with lots of money! But GOLD in and of itself is only a symbol of money. It may make you feel RICH, but are there any other feelings the pure physical presence of GOLD brings to you? I really do not think so.

I prefer the color GREEN for all things Money! It is a feeling, a feeling of energy, of nature, of growth. These are feelings that are all positive. It is also many times the color of a feeling of gratitude. It is a HAPPY color for you, for family, for adventure, and for knowledge.

But either way, GOLD OR GREEN, you have to pause, think about the moment in money, and you have to acknowledge what the money at the moment means to you. It could be only a symbol of affluence to you or it could be a symbol of happiness related to family, joy and more. YOU DECIDE THE MEANING by acknowledging the feeling you are allowing to flow through you!

WHAT YOU GAIN is up to you. Do you want to be happy, it is up to you? Do you want to feel sad, it is up to you. THINK ABOUT IT FOR A MOMENT, but do not think too long for your thoughts will leave the present moment and return to thoughts of the past or move forward to thoughts of the future, which you decide is to be good or bad!

What Do Feelings Have To Do With Money? #FinancialFreedom

Feelings are a Part of Each of Us!

Choosing black as a color for this blog is definitely intentional because I want every reader to feel the color it is in their heart! Yes, I do, because feelings are always with us. Money is such an emotional subject for most people. It does depend on what is happening for each of us at any moment that helps to determine how we feel about money at that moment. And, no matter what you are feeling at that particular moment is perfectly fine as long as you realize it is a feeling, it is an emotion, and you have feelings all of the time, What matters is how you let those feelings, especially about money, affect you.

Do you give yourself time to breathe and then to think, only briefly, what feelings you are having at that time ? Or do you find yourself avoiding the feelings because you do not want to think about it at all? Or do you find yourself desiring whatever is causing the feeling, and does that bring happy or sad thoughts that the desire can or cannot be fulfilled? It is not easy, is it?

One thought for you to consider: Do not think too much about it! It is the too much thinking, either about the past or the future, that can cause the feelings to be pushed down or pushed forward too quickly. The secret is to live in the moment with the feeling, and then go on to the next moment or the next feeling naturally. The feelings are ok, the thoughts can cause feelings that may or may not be wanted.

How I Found the TAO (pronounced like DOW) #Financial Freedom

THE TAO Found Me

For as long as I can remember, I had been taught that it was hard work to be successful. I had been taught that it might be sinful. I had been taught that only “rich” people are successful. But if I was not “rich” I really had to work harder. Made sense to me since I heard it from teachers, religious figures, parents, and more. But just recently I learned how wrong they all were.

It took me years. How about you? Were you taught that you really had to be determined, had to work hard, and had to sacrifice to be successful?

My first steps of disbelief probably began in the late 1990’s. Other words, other advice began to be heard in different venues I was pursuing. But still it took years to overcome those original admonitions to really compete, really try, and really stretch myself. After all, “nothing worthwhile came easy!”

Were you told that, too?

It took many years of undoing all I had been told, of finding what was right for me, and what is “right” is different for each of us. Much of it was fear based. I learned over many tries to learn about love rather than fear, and the hardest part was learning how to love me. Why was that so hard? Because I had been taught that was being “selfish”, “greedy”, and a “sin”. “Hard work was the answer!” Many years, many teachers, many lessons, and I finally was receptive to learning new ways to love me and to be successful. I learned about “flow”, “letting go”, and more. I worked with others with my extensive financial training to help them, too, to have a good relationship with money because it is so totally involved in all parts of life. And then, other parts of life came into the picture.

I began to see how all of the things I had learned personally and professionally came together as my mission, something I loved doing–working, especially with women, to empower, connect, and share my wisdom while learning from the wisdom of all I worked with. And money became the tool that it has always been. It was no longer the end all for me and for so many. The women I worked with became more important.

What was their “WHY”? The WHY for their lives was not necessarily the WHY for their money. But the money was now a tool. They needed more tools, such as Financial Professionals, Attorneys, and someone like me who could help them find their WHY, help them find the professionals they needed and more to live out their lives in love, not fear! They knew themselves best. My approach slowly changed, and then,,,

Just about a week ago, the Universe, as it always does, pulled it all together: I was living a different life these days. Money was a tool, life was what I had to allow to enter softly and slowly, step by step, to find my own success and to help others find theirs as well. My life had been my re-education, and I was ready. The ah-ha moment when TAOism was made apparent to me. This was a way to bring together my non-competitiveness, my letting go, my finding non-stressful ways to live my life, to accept others as they are, to continue my belief that I am in my own personal “flow”, and more. Including how to love myself totally…

Hope for the Flowers #Financial Freedom

HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS by Trina Paulus 1972

HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS by Trina Paulus in 1972 introduces us to two caterpillars, Stripe and Yellow”, working so very hard to reach the top of the caterpillar pile. They have no idea that their striving, if left alone, would bring their wings and they would have the ability to fly. Rather they were competitive, not collaborative, as they strove to reach the top of their quest.

There is a small lesson within HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS to learn in regard to your life and in many cases your money. But it is a gentle lesson, “Quit standing on tiptoes!” So many times in life we are reminded that we will never get what we desire without “stretching”, but stretching and standing on tiptoes accomplishes several things: we are not grounded and we are off balance.

Both stretching and standing on tiptoes causes stress and can bring fear into our life when making decisions; most decisions include a financial component. But we have to listen to everyone telling us what to do throughout our lives: STRETCH! Oops, let’s try a gentler approach, “Stop trying, stop stretching, stop standing on tiptoes, let it go”. Let nature take its course with you moving ahead one step at a time and let’s see how much you will accomplish without stress and without competition.

Are You Financially Challenged? #Financial Freedom

Financially Speaking?

Describing your income status right now weeks into the pandemic can be difficult because everyone is being affected differently. If you are worried about money, you are not alone. I can share with you ways to improve your money relationship, but sometimes it just sucks.

Just so you know most are facing challenges like the following:

Were you prepared for a loss of income as an individual, a family or a business? Maybe it is time to prepare for the future!

How do you handle expenses–personal or business–when income is down? Can you change this part of your financial picture?

Can you negotiate necessary expenses? Think about the possibility!

Is it time to visit your investments of all types to see if your risk tolerance has changed? It is time to do that!

How can you generate more income in the future?

Are you ready to begin finding FINANCIAL FREEDOM and independence?

What is Your Ideal Life, Your WHY With Money? #Financial Freedom

Beach Glass is Like Life…What You Start With May not Be What You wind Up With!

Beach Glass? Really? What does Beach Glass have to do with Money or Life? A lot. With your life, it started with sex. Let’s be honest. You had nothing in this material life to do with it. You may have had a role metaphysically, but that is not what we are talking about right here and right now! Beach Glass started with sand! Hell of a start! You ended up with a life, the Beach Glass ended up washed up and ashore with no control in the matter.

But you and I do have some say so in our lives as we enter the world and begin to live life. Unfortunately, just like Beach Glass, for a very long time, we do not have control over our lives. It is not until we are mature and aware that we begin to take control of parts of our lives. We eventually discover our values–good or bad. We begin to create a life we believe is what we want, and money, my dear, is always involved no matter what your choices.

Money plays a role in life: do you want to retire some day? Do you want an education? Do you have support from family and friends? Are you resilient? Are you filled with joy? Do you want a career or a different career? What will your legacy be?

All of the above and more can be considered in your “ideal life”. This is your WHY. And you can have many WHYs. And your WHY can change. Your WHY is related to what you value in money, in feelings, in who you are or want to be. And so much of your WHY is related to feelings: mental, physical, social, spiritual, and, of course, financial.

Take some time, take a lot of time, to sit, to think, to meditate, to feel what your values are, what you want to be, and what your WHY is. Remember you can have a number of WHYs reflecting how you feel in each area of your life. You are unlimited if you allow yourself to be. Few take the time to think through the most important values and WHYs of their lives… WHY not be different and live your life the way you want it to be. The first step is to listen to YOU and define your values, define your WHY!

Financial Independence is NOT Financial Freedom? #Financial Freedom


When we talk about Financial Freedom, money is not our focus! When we talk about Financial Independence, we are talking cash flow to cover your basic needs. That is a simple explanation. BUT, when we talk about Financial Freedom , we are talking about what I founded my company Empower Excellence, LLC on, the energy of money and the state of mind that frees up our decision making in all parts of our lives.

For years I was involved in traditional financial activities: banking, financial portfolio planning, and general financial planning including all of education, training, and licensing required. When I left the traditional part of the industry it was to focus on empowering women to find their energy in their lives, refocus that energy on finding joy, and subsequently empowering their money energy. Why? Because when you no longer allow your money mind to give you an excuse to not do or to do something you consider to do for your life, you become freer not only about money but also about living. Change your feeling about money, change your energy not only about money but also the energy in your life.

Many times the change comes about when your “Money Bubble” pops! What do I mean? I mean everything goes along with your money acceptance” until your energy becomes really stressed through an addiction, poor physical or mental health, realizing that you are not immortal, seeing how unhappy you are. It can happen with the loss of a relationship, loss of a spouse no matter how, the loss of a job or a career. Many times it occurs when you realize that “retirement” will never happen. What we have been experiencing in 2020 with a pandemic can also bring to the surface any or all of these feelings. You realize you are out of control, and more so you begin to realize that your money is out of your control. Your energy about money, and consequently you energy about money literally goes in the toilet.

You may have felt that you had “Financial Independence”, but there goes that idea along with the energy you may have not only about your money but also about your life! So much for Financial Independence.

Are you BRAVE enough to let go of HABITS and change your STORY? #Empower Excellence

Are you BRAVE in the words of Sara Bareilles? Can you in this time of COVID 19 look yourself in the mirror and know you are ready to take your Leap of Faith and Let Go of Habits that are making you stuck? If you cannot look yourself in the eye in the mirror, you are not ready, but you can be ready when you begin to admit what you do not like about your life!

In a recent book FORCE OF HABIT by Tamsin Astor, Ph.D. unleashing your power by letting go of the habits you do not like in your life and form good habits will allow you to change.

I am safe and serene in my life, and that brings me peace. And I have taken many giant leaps of faith: from a government career, from the traditional financial services, and becoming an entrepreneur on my own! In all of those leaps there was an element of faith and and element of hope which led to believing in the flow of my life in all aspects. To get there, I had to become really quiet, really introspective, really ready to validate who I am at each stage. That made me BRAVE!

But what is my story today? I have recently been able to look in the mirror and say to myself that I am WISE, I am a WRITER, I am EMPOWERED, and I am CONNECTED. I have let a lot go in my life to change habits and realize my current story, but I have a long way to go to write my story for the future. I am able to help others in my life because of the life experiences that became part of my life mission; there are no accidents. I was given gifts to learn so much that can be SHARED, and it is part of my mission to help women in their money relationships. My mission today, at this moment, is to EMPOWER, CONNECT, and SHARE to help women define and reach their FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

And this is big, and it is enough. COVID 19 took me out of my habits and let me find the peace in my current story in order to be ok, that what I am doing is enough. My mission takes a lot of energy. In January I began 2020, long before COVID 19 was conscious in my life, and I visited all of my “health partners” to assure myself that I am as healthy as I feel, and I am. That was real preparation, and Spirit was with me in January. But now, my sleeping patterns have changed and are still changing to find the optimal path of sleeping for me. I have worked for years to refine my choices with nutrition, and I am very happy with those choices now. And in the time of COVID 19 I am comfortable and confident with my food shopping choices and with the food I currently have chosen to have in my home without feeling a lack. Sleep and food are two major concerns when facing isolation, and I know my choices have made me more peaceful during this time. When you are facing making personal changes it is a major decision, but, when you are making these personal changes during a pandemic, you must be in tune with yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

So now I ask you are you brave enough to let go of habits to make the changes you need to make and to realize the story of you right now and the story of you as you move ahead in your life…Are You ready to join me to EMPOWER CONNECT and SHARE yourself and other women in your life to find FINANCIAL FREEDOM which will truly be reflected in the following phrases: WE ARE EMPOWERED WE ARE CONNECTED WE ARE WISE WOMEN AT PEACE!