FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Making Choices for YOU #Empower Excellence #Financial Freedom #Professional Women’s Connection

If you have ever wondered what it takes to make decisions to experience FINANCIAL FREEDOM, let me share this simple thought: Once you understand your money relationship and find peace within that relationship, you can then understand your WHY and make decisions that work to fulfill your WHY within the parameters of your financial relationship. Simplified decision making after doing all of the hard work to be peaceful with money and identifying your WHY, then you are on the journey to FINANCIAL FREEDOM to do what is right for you on all counts!

Why to Seek Financial FREEDOM… #financial freedom #empower #connect #money

Are You Ready for Financial Freedom?

This is no ordinary day. Here in Ohio we have had clouds, then snow overnight, now freezing rain, and the promise of a 40 degree day followed by more snow tonight. Change is constant, and change is always coming. But why should you seek change?

Money came into existence out of a necessity to exchange or barter for goods. Fast forward to today, money is a necessary symbol of value and worth to be used for almost everything we need and want in our lives. It is way too complicated for someone like me who craves simplicity in all parts of my life. But we are living in a material world no matter how far we try to run from it.

So being a positive simplistic person, let’s talk about some “why’s” to seek FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

For my part, I seek FINANCIAL FREEDOM to be simplistic. No matter how little or how much money a person may have, FINANCIAL FREEDOM is a state of mind that allows you to be free with your state of money in this world. I do not seek a lot of material possessions. My purpose is to help women become comfortable in their spirit, mind, and body with their finances as they are or as they are working for them to be. I am the person who helps them find their money path whether that is a simplistic or materialistic life they are seeking. But there are reasons to consider seeking FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

A major reason to consider seeking FINANCIAL FREEDOM over and above peace of spirit, mind, and body is to be able to buy experiences. This is where “what is important to you” matters, and it is a time to decide what is important to you. Financial Freedom for my clients starts with their definition of being financially free spiritually, mentally, and physically. Putting their money relationship in order to be aligned with that definition is all about EMPOWER Excellence. The Excellence is an individual pursuit as everyone has their own reasons for their life and the money in it. EMPOWER Excellence works on the money relationship. If they are entrepreneurial in a business or have their own business, having the money relationship in place where they want it in the beginning of the pursuit of FINANCIAL FREEDOM allows them to have the money they desire to build their entrepreneurial pursuits with what I have developed to be PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S CONNECTION, an organization designed to CONNECT women when they are ready with other women sharing their desire to grow their business and to grow their FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Ultimately, as their FINANCIAL FREEDOM grows, their need to SHARE the WISDOM they have spiritually, mentally, and physically with other women no matter where they are along the path allows them to pursue their desires in this realm through conversation, philanthropy, and pure JOY! For this, there is AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

388 Days of Money Mind & Self Care #Money #Money Mind #Financial Freedom #Empower

Today on Facebook Empower Excellence LIVE & More…I rolled out the beginning steps of the 388 Daily Program. In late 2018 I heard about this program to change your money mind, and I began it, and I completed it. And it works. Even today, while talking about it, I dealt with an obtuse vendor, I dealt with a bank that cannot seem to get the credentials for a business account debit card correct, and more. I am calm. I am ok. Both of these issues dealt with money, but I am now of the mindset that money flows in and money flows out, and I always am taken care of.

I think the hardest part about money is discipline to want to make a change in your money relationship. And it all rests in your mind. We are in a society of instant gratification–tell me how to do this in 5 minutes or less.But the mind is a powerful thing. It wants to know a new story, a story about how you are more comfortable with the dynamics of money. And that takes time and discipline…388 days of discipline. Think you could handle this…tune in to my Facebook Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money LIVE & More” and try it. Would love to see if you try and what you end up realizing if and when you complete the 388 days!

Take Over Your Part of the Earth!

Gray Haired Women Army

Today has been a turn around day because I realized that national and local politics was taking over my mind:  Trump, Facebook, and the resignation in Ohio of our Speaker of the House.  Could not start the day that way!  So I deleted all of those posts.  I hit “delete” and am back on track as me.  Everything that was turning me off had the baseline of money.  Money can be good, money can be bad!  It all depends on the energy that is shared in each case.  I choose for money to be a good thing, and that is no surprise to anyone reading this.

And, in the same way, I choose for my energy to be good.  It has not been for the last week or so, and I attribute that to low-grade burnout.  I was doing too much in too little time.  It is me:  always a self-imposed deadline.  So, I am slowing down just a little, and I am still doing too much.  But it will all work out now that I am back on track.  

The source of the photo–Wild Woman Sisterhood–makes a very good point.  There are so many gray-haired ladies who will become a quiet, or not so quiet, army, and we are not interested in taking over our local towns, we will take over the Earth.  And we will not worry about funding that because the money will be attracted to the positive energy.  And it is positive energy, not based on money, but based on “good” and “the right thing to do” that drives us.  It is values!  Gotta run to keep the momentum going…


Our Enormous Capacity for Joy…


Life is changing not only for me but for all!  It happens every day.  And this month, it is changing big time!  

Five years completed in my business Empower Excellence, and it is time t expand from individual coaching and more into going online with the courses I have developed.  It is exciting as well as extremely challenging…

My mission is Money Energy and working with folks to enhance their money relationship.  In the beginning I did a lot of group programs, but you always learn as you do things.  And learn I did.  I love interactive dialogue with folks about money.  But programs about money in a group setting are inhibited by the simple taboos we have all experienced growing up:

“It is not polite to talk about money.”  Pure and simple and put into any context whether family, religion, education, nationality, culture, money talk does not come easily in a group!  

So, beginning Monday, April 9th, I will begin to offer courses on Teachable which can be done in the privacy of your world wherever that might be.  The first is “Our Enormous Capacity for Joy.”  

If you would like to check out the courses in my Teachable School:  Empower Excellence Transformational Moments, I would love to have you join us.  Just add your email in the “Comments” and I will add you to our email list for the programs.  

Our Enormous Capacity for JOY!

Beach Glass 12 10 15

I love each piece of beach glass!  

  • Each piece is different
  • And still, all are of the same composition
  • That sameness connects them
  • And the Energy of the Earth created them!  Every single piece!

I love that the Energy of the Earth created sand!

  • Sand is created by friction of elements
  • Sand is sued to create glass
  • Glass finds its way back to the water and returns to the sand as

All things created by the energy of the Earth find their way back to the Earth, including you and I!  Pretty amazing, isn’t it?  And, because we are part of Earth Energy, we have energy from the moment of birth; but it is sometimes blocked by oh so many things that enter our life from the moment of birth!  Just as the sand is not always visible in the beach glass, our energy is not always visible in life.

That makes me sad…

Your energy, seen and unseen, is key, and it affects all of your life:

  1. Your physical life
  2. Your creativity
  3. Your recreation
  4. Your work
  5. Your emotional life
  6. Your nutrition 
  7. Your friends
  8. Your spiritual life
  9. Your enjoyment
  10. Your sleep
  11. Your family
  12. and more…

Just like your energy affects your TOTAL LIFE, money also affects your TOTAL LIFE.

Your money touches every part of your life, and, just like energy, money is always there–seen and unseen.  If your life energy is lacking in JOY, your money energy will be lacking in JOY!  So, what does JOY have to do with it?

“A feeling of great pleasure and happiness…” is one definition of JOY.  Many times when JOY is missing, love may be lacking.  When love is lacking, something takes up that space.  Fear is what many times takes up the space where love has disappeared.  But the fear permeates other parts of our lives including our money relationship.  

FEAR is not a stranger to me.  For many years I struggled with money, and love had disappeared to be replaced by FEAR.  And then, in my professional life in banking and financial planning and coaching spanning over 25 years, my work was with my clients who were paralyzed by the FEAR of Money, who were lacking love, and, consequently, the JOY in their lives was diminished!  Money does that to people, or more, truthfully, we allow money to do that.

How many of you have felt the JOY in your life become smaller and smaller as the FEAR in your life with money has overtaken the part of your life that you would like to have filled with LOVE?


So, money is not really capable of taking away your joy, but Negative Energy can!  Where does Negative Energy come from?  It is simple, it comes from:

  • Life
  • Family
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Time
  • and more…


The FEAR that turns positive energy with money into the negative energy with money, eventually leaves us with a money relationship that is lacking JOY!

But, life has an enormous capacity for JOY, and what is lacking can be regained!


But, where do we start, how can we take the FEAR away and learn how to replace it with LOVE and eventually regain the JOY that life gives to us at our time of birth?  And more than just that, how do we change the money relationship that FEAR has created over the years?  How do we put JOY back into MONEY?

that is the question I lOOKED at when I left corporate America:  HOW DO I GIVE JOY BACK TO MY CLIENTS WHEN THEY ARE FACING DECISIONS WITH MONEY IN THEIR LIVES, in little and big ways every day?

Having the financial background that I have was not working when corporate America was there to sell products and create a profitable bottom line for shareholders.  Clients needed more time and more depth in the work I knew I could do with them.  So, today, I work on changing FEAR to LOVE with MONEY, so much so that financial freedom becomes an unexpected freedom for them.  The freedom comes from relieving their tension and stress when dealing with money because they have learned that MONEY does not have the power over them; they have the power over their MONEY once they have torn away the FEAR and replaced it with LOVE.  And this is where the NEGATIVE ENERGY gradually returns to POSITIVE ENERGY.

The light that appears in clients’ eyes when they learn what to do in any financial situation is priceless.  They begin to feel in control, to feel that they can face their money decisions with the right tools and advice, to feel that they have the power to allow MONEY to work for them in their total lives, and they feel the LOVE, they find the JOY again!  It is a transformation!

YOU can feel the transformation with your money.  It is a transformation just like the creation of beach glass.  You have sand, plain and functional, and that sand can, with the right knowledge, be transformed into the beauty of each piece of glass which can end up as beach glass.  Truly an energetic transformation from sand to beach glass.  You can own the TRANSFORMATION of taking your life from FEAR brought on by money situations and decisions to LOVE and gradually JOY with your money relationship.  

I love what I do in partnership with you.

I love the difference watching what I can do to make a change in your life, in your TOTAL LIFE!

I love it more than I love beach glass for I know what can make the transformation throughout the life of the grains of sand until the piece of beach glass rests on the beach!  

Would you like to see JOY and LOVE return to your life with your MONEY relationship?  With your desire to transform, WE can change your energy in your life so much so that you can change the ENERGY OF MONEY in your life and your family’s.




  • creating trust with your money decisions
  • creating confidence in a confidential delivery to you in your personal space
  • creating the fight to get you through the FEAR
  • and, creating THE JOY OF M.E.




Imperfectly Successful…Oh, Yes!

Fuck that Shit

Please forgive the language, but it is Friday, and I do not have to be perfect to be successful, and neither do you!  I work with people and their money, and none of us is perfect when it comes to money.  Why is that?  Well, Money is a function of so many things, but in the main conversation Money is affected by so many things, including your personal energy at any moment!  Money can be affected and can affect you depending on your local weather, your health, your family’s health, your employer, your employees, your bank, your mortgage company, your financial professional, etc. etc. etc.  Do you get the idea?

So how can you take responsibility for your money and your money relationship?  There is only one way:  you have to decide.  That decision affects your energy, and your energy affects your money relationship.  It is attitude, it is mindset, it is your energy, and only you can control it.  And, even when you control it, it can go crazy on you, and even then you have to use your personal control and decision-making skills to bring it back into your control and to adjust your energy.  Whew!  Can you do that?  Maybe, maybe not.  It depends on the day, it depends on the barometric pressure, etc. etc. etc.  The only constant is YOU!

Yes, I mean it that you can be “imperfectly successful” when it comes down to your money relationship.  There was a goal when I started my business and that was to help folks “improve” their money relationship.  “Improve” not “perfect”.  Both are verbs and both can be taken literally, but, please, do not do that because you will drive yourself crazy, and guess what?  You will say “_ _ _ _” and you will not live happily ever after.  But if you go for “Imperfectly Successful”, you, too, can say “_ _ _ _” that shit and live happily ever after!


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Loving Your Money…Yes? No? Huh?

Money Tree jpg

Loving your money on this Saturday afternoon?  Hating your money on this Saturday afternoon?  Thinking, WTF are you talking about?

Loving your money is a relationship like all others and unlike all others.  If money is simply a part of your life, and you work with it as a simple tool to achieve all parts of your life that you want to see manifest, you may not really think of it as loving your money!  If money is lacking in your life, leaving you bereft and uncertain of where your next dollar is coming from, then you may not love money.  And then, there is the WTF option.  You simply do not think of money as a relationship, but money is lacking.  It is kind of like a love relationship that you may be unhappy with but that you do nothing to change!

Money needs tending, maybe not loving it, but it does need attention like any relationship; and, unlike any other relationship, if you leave money unattended to, it will catch up with you and cause some concerns and possible problems!  Money problems are different from other relationship problems.  You need money in your life to pay the mortgage, pay the rent, pay the utilities, pay for cable, pay for transportation, and  more.  And more than the lack of physical comforts money allows in your life, there are also mental health issues that money worries can bring….

Anxiety Girl (Kathy as appearing on FB 8 23 15)

Yes, anxiety as displayed by the comic strip “Cathy” character, is very possible, and really cannot be made quiet until the money question is faced and dealt with…What are you dealing with in your money relationship?

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Too Few Women Financial Advisers!


Ok, not every little girl wants to continue wearing tutus when she grows up.  I will agree some do, but most do not.  And in the same vein, women are entering fields that several decades ago were considered to be “male dominated”.  Well, they still are in many instances”male-dominated”.  What is happening here?  Today I am NOT going into the total reasons; but I am going into some other factors, especially with women and women financial advisers.

Did you know that females make up 51% of the overall US population according to the WOMEN IN ADVICE 2017 research.  Yet, they still comprise a small minority of the US financial adviser world.  In early 2017, Cerulli Associates found that only 15.7% of the nation’s 310,504 financial advisers were women.  That is 48,000+.  

When I left the traditional financial services industry in 2011, the numbers at the firm I was at were right there–no change in 7 years!  

And, I must say, this is not a women’s issue; it is a business issue.  And we are now in a tight labor market; true equity and diversity are imperative as a competitive edge.  The status quo will leave women and the financial services industry lagging as the number of women clients continues to grow for many reasons.

Lisa Dolly, Chief Executive Officer of Pershing LLC puts it quite clear:

“There are not going to be enough advisers in another ten years.  We need advisers, counselors and guides who will look and feel like the folks that need the support.  We have to figure out ways to inspire young women to come into this profession.”

In 2018, empowerexcellencewithjan is looking at many different obstacles folks face with their money relationship.  The diversity of the financial advisers you have available to you is an obstacle which we will continue to explore, among many other obstacles and opportunities, while we work with you to transform your money relationship in ways you are seeking!


Please check out on Facebook “Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money”! LIVE and More.                    440-670-2252

Working Out With Your Money…

I believe in you

The month of January has already passed; and I did attend an introduction to the weight room where I exercise.  But that was the end of that.  Yes, I have and use all of the excuses; and you may do that, too.  It is very similar with money behavior:  you may know you need to do something to work with your money, but there is always something else to do.

I believe in the month of February I will make it to begin an exercise schedule; I hope you do, too, if that is on your mind.  For today, like my “It’s Your Money” “live” Facebook post on EMPOWER Excellence @financialwellnessforall, I am encouraging you to “warm up” before you begin the actual work on your money relationship.  I encourage this because I believe it will point you toward success in changing your money relationship.  

How do you “warm up” to work with money?  You have to learn how to make a basic decision; and making a decision is how you begin.  There are two questions to start with:  

  • Are you making less than you need to live on?
  • Are you spending more than you are making?

Most people may not know the answer.  So this is your first decision; and it may be that you are doing both.  

Basic decision making, finding the answer to the above questions should not be a months’ long task–you know this in your head and in your gut.  But just like wanting to get in shape–you know if you are or if you are not.  The decision is the big place to start.  And there is free help available if you need a consultation; call me at 440-670-2252.  I believe in you, and you just need to get started by making simple decisions:

  • DECISION #1:  The answer to your money situation from above.
  • DECISION #2:  CALL ME, JAN, 440-670-2252 for consultation (free)
  • DECISION #3:  GET STARTED!          


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