Take Over Your Part of the Earth!

Today has been a turn around day because I realized that national and local politics was taking over my mind:  Trump, Facebook, and the resignation in Ohio of our Speaker of the House.  Could not start the day that way!  So I deleted all of those posts.  I hit “delete” and am back on track […]

Our Enormous Capacity for Joy…

Life is changing not only for me but for all!  It happens every day.  And this month, it is changing big time!   Five years completed in my business Empower Excellence, and it is time t expand from individual coaching and more into going online with the courses I have developed.  It is exciting as […]

Our Enormous Capacity for JOY!

I love each piece of beach glass!   Each piece is different And still, all are of the same composition That sameness connects them And the Energy of the Earth created them!  Every single piece! I love that the Energy of the Earth created sand! Sand is created by friction of elements Sand is sued to […]

Imperfectly Successful…Oh, Yes!

Please forgive the language, but it is Friday, and I do not have to be perfect to be successful, and neither do you!  I work with people and their money, and none of us is perfect when it comes to money.  Why is that?  Well, Money is a function of so many things, but in the main […]

Too Few Women Financial Advisers!

Ok, not every little girl wants to continue wearing tutus when she grows up.  I will agree some do, but most do not.  And in the same vein, women are entering fields that several decades ago were considered to be “male dominated”.  Well, they still are in many instances”male-dominated”.  What is happening here?  Today I […]

Working Out With Your Money…

The month of January has already passed; and I did attend an introduction to the weight room where I exercise.  But that was the end of that.  Yes, I have and use all of the excuses; and you may do that, too.  It is very similar with money behavior:  you may know you need to […]

Money in Little Pieces

Good Morning to all of my followers and visitors…I love doing the daily blogs, and they are going to continue, but I also know that periodic short pieces where you do not even have to read, just listen, are favorites of many of my clients, followers, etc.  So on my Facebook page on Monday, Wednesday, […]

Excuses are Desertions of the Soul!

Excuses are easy, and they do not build mental strength, which you need for a good money relationship and all relationships in your life.  When you make excuses, you are walking away from the responsibility for your life.  Knowing that your life can be better only comes through the exploration of the explanations for all […]

Are You Mentally Strong with Money?

Money oftentimes is not talked about in the real strong terms that reign in our mind on the topic!  We may talk about lack, the money we want, the money we do not have, but we rarely get real with others about our money relationship.  Using the strong word “taboo” is not pushing the envelope!  Money […]