BEGINNING AT THE BEGINNING… #Ageless Women of Wisdom

Brian Thomas Swimme

Many times in my past blogs I have mentioned THE POWERS OF THE Universe authored by Brian Swimme, A very good friend, Maureen Haggerty, introduced me to THE POWERS through a program I attended at River’s Edge in Cleveland, Ohio. Thank you to Maureen and Brian Swimme for the mention in this blog.

Also many times I have mentioned “CATACLYSM” in my social media postings, and I have decided to put CATACLYSM in its rightful listing of “The Powers”.

  1. Centration (birth to a new being…)
  2. Allurement (gravitational attraction)
  3. Emergence (on going creativity)
  4. Homeostasis (maintenance)
  5. Cataclysm (systemic destruction)
  6. Synergy (complexity, collaboration)
  7. Transmutation (always transcending)
  8. Transformation (entire community)
  9. Interrelatedness (nurturing)
  10. Radiance (Magnificence of the Universe; well being of the entire earth community)

It is best that you refer to the book to get the true meanings of each of The Powers. It is an “exploration of the powers coursing through the Universe and each of us”. Dr. Brian Thomas Swimme is a professor of cosmology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco as well as the Center for the Story of the Universe. His work through Maureen Haggerty will remain forever with me.

As I begin my time to disconnect to connect, this is part of my beginning over the last several decades. I will try to not discuss the 2019 pandemic but will discuss how I got to this point in my journey in very small ways, and THE POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE was integral to me today. Because of this work, I know I am a part of The Universe from the very beginning, and I know I am an intentional member of the Universe and in the flow from the beginning of time. I also know I have had a mission from the beginning, and I am beginning to truly connect to that mission. It has been a long time coming, a long time preparing, and now is my time… And I will be connected through all of my programs but especially AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

Do You Get Paid to Change the World? #Financial Freedom #Money #Empower Excellence #Wisdom #Ageless Women of Wisdom #Professional Women’s Connection

Change the World, Starting with Me…Poverty Suits No One Well!

January of this year was self care month, and I did that very well. February continues with self care, but this time it is focusing on the rebranding of my business to be “Jan Litterst”.

A long time ago, I threw the word “selfish” out of my vocabulary because I have traveled the spiritual path long enough to truly believe we all have a mission on earth and we cannot help anyone and make any changes in our lives, in other’s lives, our community, the world or the planet if we do not take care of ourselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, AND financially. It is not ok to have self-imposed poverty.

So I am on the path in 2020 to create the vision for me to create the momentum to change the world. And that is more than just paying the bills which so often is a goal of an entrepreneur. So I am paying the bills, but…My mission is to change money relationships which will change the world. Money rules our worlds, and not in a bad way. It is an important element in both our personal and professional lives. PROFIT is not a dirty word! It is ok to change the world with $$.

Belief: Change the World by Changing You!

#Financial Freedom #Empower Excellence #Jan Litterst #Ageless Women of Wisdom

Transformation Always Occurring!

Many times I have asked the question of myself and of my readers: What is Your WHY? What is Your Mission? What is Your Dream? And, if you have your personal answers to those questions, are you following your mission, your dream? IS IT YOUR PASSION?

As I contemplate the pathway to becoming a B Corp (a Benefit Corporation) I have visited the questions and my personal answers many times. The professional benefit I provide to my clients is to help them discover their WHY With Money and then work with them to realize their WHY With Money and then take it on a path to Financial Freedom. There is a benefit to them, to their families, to their communities, to their world in doing this as we are all connected. Each of us choosing our own right path contributes to the smoother journey of every other person in our lives and in our world. Think about it: You can change the world by changing you!

This morning I began my daily call to action to my readers: Place a comment on this blog about how you can make a change that would change the world by changing your life!

Empower your Excellence: Begin With Your WHY #Your Why #Empower #Empower Excellence #Money #Financial Freedom

I know everyone is talking about finding your WHY. I wonder WHY, but I already know for me it started with Simon Sinek and a Ted Talk. But it is real. When we entered this Universe, we came here with a predetermined, by us, mission, purpose, etc. We knew then WHY we were coming here, and it was for a reason! But the world and life got between that reason and us. Now at whatever point of wisdom we are at many of us are really beginning to work to get in touch with that reason, with OUR WHY! So my thoughts this morning are short in length, but the work of finding YOUR WHY is up to you. You may be ready to do this work, you may not be ready. Why do I care? Because without beginning to form YOUR WHY now, and it can change all of the time, but it usually remains fairly solid at the core, you will have a hard time with YOUR MONEY relationship, and that will affect all parts of your life: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Just sayin’. That is WHY MY WHY is to help women especially, and everyone has a woman in their life, to have a good relationship with their money and their money energy. So, I hope you are ready, because if you are, you are then ready to find your Money WHY and that is where I can help you.

Become Your Own Chief Vision Officer in 2020 … #free will #financial freedom #vision #empower #connect #share #your story

Merry Christmas from me as I am of the Christian tradition, and I am the Chief Vision Officer of what is soon to become Jan Litterst, LLC. And Christmas brings to our immediate attention with the message of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.

Talk about alternative thought and vision and wisdom before it was talked about in those terms, at lease as much as I know about that time. Let me take a few examples.

Mary, the Blessed Virgin, was all of that…a virgin, young, unmarried, and she listened to Spirit and had enough faith and self confidence to go along with the Holy Proposal to bear a child without sexual intercourse, to be with a man who was not her husband to father a child purported to be the Son of God. Wow! This is enough woo-woo to have a reality show today. But it was faith without social media and the press to tear her apart.

So then with all of this already in their minds and hearts and in Mary’s case, womb, they had to leave under government edict to travel to a foreign land. Off they went on their great adventure unquestioning in the dead of winter and no way to secure reservations. Transportation was a mule or donkey and from everything I had ever seen Joseph, the forever unquestioning gentle man, walked the whole way! And then with only a manger to call his bed, Baby Jesus was born without the benefit of a sterile hospital or even a midwife. And they all lived happily ever after, at least for a few decades.

But there was no free will, only a vision provided by the Angel who came to announce the Heavenly plans to Mary, a woman, of course. And Mary became the carrier of that Vision. How else could two sensible adults fulfill God’s Plan, and the rest is history. And now, today, with all that I have learned through metaphysics and other sources, we are born with a predetermined purpose. Yes, we are told we choose that mission of our own free will. But when we are born, for most of us, the rest of the world takes over, and the mission or purpose gets buried under what family, society, religion, culture expect of us. But then, for many of us, we are searching for our identities, for our purposes, for our missions. We begin to exercise free will. That starts early with toddlers and continues into the teen years. We know we have a right to self manifest but we do not use those terms. All of a sudden we begin to learn who we are, what is ours to do, and then a vision might appear.

So, our vision and free will comes from the past, and now with Christmas upon us, we never talk about the bravery of Mary and Joseph. We never talk about having a vision, fulfilling our purpose, and more as originating in our lives as the Christmas Story. Well, I am a fan of story telling. It is the way we really learn. It is the way we empower ourselves, it is the way we connect with others, and it is the way we share our wisdom. Through the empowerment, connection, and wisdom we learn about ourselves, about our free will, and we learn about financial freedom. And that is my purpose: to be a partner to women especially to realize and reach financial freedom for it is a vision for all to reach the ability to serve their purposes. When you realize financial freedom, free will can be exercised through all parts of your life. Financial freedom allows you to make your choices, live your purpose, and create the Personal Vision which will make you the Chief Vision Officer of your life. Baby Jesus came into the world so that we all might live a life that would expand the love of God and Spirit. Live your Vision!

Dream, Damnit, Dream!

Do you dream? Do you have a “dream”? I hope you dream, and I hope you have a “dream”! Why do I care? Because inside each and every one of us is the Universe’s promise to us and our promise back to the Universe. Huh? When we enter this existence, we come with a plan. Really, we do. We agree with the Universe, our higher power, etc. why we are coming to Earth and what we intend to do during our life. It is true that mission can get lost with all the other stuff happening in a lifetime; but, if you take the time to be quiet enough long enough–in spurts, truly–the mission comes to you. Call it a dream because that is sometimes how it comes back to you. Call it your “dream” because then you are making it real. I am serious when I say I have some magical shit to do. I am busy. And I am very happy and peaceful with my busyness and my shit because that is why I am here. It saddens me when someone tells me they have no “dream” because they do have a “dream”. They just haven’t take the time to seriously find it. It is there. When you find it, the “dream”, you will truly feel the AWE of your own emerging from a nighttime dream to living your “dream”.

My Legacy: I am Meaningful!

There is a great deal of pride when I realize that a part of my Legacy is helping people every day in a meaningful way.  It is a great way to end a week, even knowing that I will be working a good part of the weekend.  Each of us has a mission, whether we know it or not, and that mission gives meaning to life.  And paired with our values, it is the foundation for a meaningful life…and it is doubly great when we feel that what we do every day is more than just work, it is a Joyful Legacy!  I hope your weekend has you feeling that way, too!

Getting Ready for the Flow…

While Spring has finally arrived in Northeast Ohio, Lake Erie is so ready for Summer!  Summer brings FLOW to our minds, our hearts, and our souls as well as our bodies!  Walking the beach at Lakeview Park today was a thrill, and I even found some small pieces of beach glass.  I had never been to this beach before, and it was a great trip for me.  This week has been one to recognize all of the abundance that flows to me…sunshine, health, money, and more.

Money is difficult to change its story as we move forward in life.  This is a statement that you can see the worth to be held in your consciousness…If your desire is strong enough, it cannot be stopped.  So money can change its story with the strong belief.  It really is a reflection of FLOW.  But paying too much attention to your money thoughts can disrupt the manifestation.  So I am paying attention to all of the abundance in my life…sunshine, health, Oberlin, Lake Erie beaches, and beach glass.  Why?  Because I know in every part of my being that I am changing my money story while I am on the mission to help others change their money story.  I know it so I do not have to constantly think about it.  What I do think about is all of the ways I am blessed with abundance…like walking on the beach through the sand, listening to the calming roll of the water, and finding beach glass on this the first day of May.  It does FLOW!

And Your Soul Will Feel the Pain!

Finger to the Soul

I remember when Brendon Burchard was beginning as a motivational speaker, and I listened to all of his recordings.  That was a while ago, but this particular piece by Brendon is one that I truly adore!  Your should is your GPS through life to achieve what you intended to do upon your arrival on Earth.  It takes years of preparation as a human being, and then, all of a sudden, you are an adult, possibly questioning what your purpose on Earth is all about.  You may be waiting for permission from some known or unknown entity to push ahead with your mission.  You may not even know what your mission is.  You may be poor or rich.  You may live one day at a time; but do you know in your mind, heart, and soul what is yours to do?  It is sad when someone cannot identify their “dream”.  Yes, it takes work, but it also takes self worth to GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to identify a “dream”.  Without that, you can end up anywhere.  You only need your permission to move forward.  If you choose to wait for permission from anyone else, you truly are giving the obscene gesture of a “finger” to the soul.  After all, it was your soul who helped you plan your dream mission on Earth.  Maybe it is time to get in touch with your soul…

And Here We Go Again!

You Can Heal Your Life

My mantra about money and energy is that everything is related to money, and everything is related to energy!  This blog is definitely about money for whenever I am not well my productivity as a solo entrepreneur plummets.  Whenever my voice is shaky because of a cough or a tickle in my throat, I cannot do  program narrative or do phone calls with clients and potential clients.  That costs money!

So, as I woke up at 4 am this morning with the “tickle”, I went to work online doing my research not only how to get rid of it quickly but also to Louise Hay and her excellent work on linking physical ailments to emotional issues.  I resort to Louise quickly whenever things are not feeling “right”.  I am not paranoid, I am a believer in metaphysical and emotional connections.  

In late 2017, I spent a good deal of time with calendars matching up five upper respiratory events that occurred in 2017, and learn I did!  There was a common thread linking my siblings to the events.  Without going into detail here, I have not seen them until Easter, and two days later the upper respiratory event began with a cold.  Then my voice was disappearing and more…

I am about to share my awakening from this morning to demonstrate what happens when lifelong emotional issues are considered to be normal occurrences.  I am about to reverse my life because I have three decades plus to live, and I do not want to continue this pattern.  

While a child, I had no knowledge of the type of information Louise Hay provided.  As an adult, I use traditional medicine only as a reference base; my preferred providers are intuitives and naturopaths.  And me!  I have learned through the intuitives and naturopaths to listen to my body, and I do! 

Quite common when I grew up was the removal of tonsils in small children.  At the age of five, I joined that club because of strep thread occurring before then.  However, the strep throat illnesses continued.  Then came the bronchitis events.  Even to the point of needing an inhaler as a young adult.  At the age of 25, my gall bladder was removed in an emergency procedure.  Endometriosis took over my life in my late 20’s.  I was a walking disaster in my mind.  I had no idea why my health was so poor.  I was uneducated at that time.  

Now, without sharing the details of a truly dysfunctional family–generations not just my family, here in short terms are the emotional issues for the illnesses I have shared:

Tonsils, throat issues:  fear of speaking up, sharing my feelings, looking for my voice in life.

Bronchitis:  an inflamed family situation.

Gall Bladder:  Unexpressed emotions tied to bitterness, hard thoughts, condemning or hurt pride.  This is seething anger.

Endometriosis:  old beliefs preventing me from creating what I want in my life.  Disappointed, frustration, depleted, unsupported, ungrounded, and rejecting my feminine aspect because of feelings of rejection from the men in my family.  

Yes, there is total truth in all of this.  I was brought up to be “quiet” and not share my feelings.  My life was overshadowed by a narcissist mother and an acquiescing father.  There is so much here that I now understand.  I take responsibility for allowing myself to be overtaken by my familial background, but it is never too late.  I am taking care of me to the uptime extreme starting today.  More than I have ever done.  With the recurrence of the upper respiratory situation this week after four months of no exposure to siblings until Easter Sunday, I no longer have any doubts that my relationship with them, while on the surface good, has no depth to it.  I am not comfortable sharing my mission and passion with them, and I am still frustrated by that.  I am ready, finally, to recognize that this relationship is toxic.  

The energy is toxic.  It affects my mission and passion; it affects my livelihood.  I share so that others can learn to recognize that health problems have an emotional component that can be a hindrance to health and energy…and money.  It is never too late.