This is Dedicated to a Friend I Love…

Happy Birthday, Beth!  You continue on your journey, a journey that has already become interesting as you travel the country “mobile”.  You have faced many challenges, but I have had fond thoughts of your adventure as you have spent some wonderful weeks I am sure in the area I refer to as “God’s Country”.  It […]

Spirituality is Energy, Oh, yes, it is!

Energy is so overwhelming and peaceful at the same time.  When it first comes to visit us in a spiritual sense, it is overwhelming because we have not yet experienced this phenomenon.  But as we begin to understand it and live with it to our full advantage, energy becomes our friend.  It is more than […]

Empower Excellence is Changing…

Happy Friday…Happy Weekend!  June is here, and it is 3 months since I have moved to Oberlin, but who am I and what is Empower Excellence now!  Empower Excellence remains focused on financial transitions: career, personal, and lifestyle.  It also remains more focused on networking for women as they make career transitions:  the award-winning regional […]

A Word of Warning…

Rarely do I send out a word of warning, but today I am.  I am feeling great, and I have done more personal things for me as we enter into Fall than I have done for me for quite a while.  J have done so much nesting with food purchasing and preparing, laundry, and wardrobe realignment this […]

To Whom Do You Make Sense?

If I were to answer the question “To Whom Do You Make Sense?”, I probably would answer I am under no obligation to make sense to you.”  Sometimes I make no sense to myself.  It just does not happen.  I try to be logical, and I usually get into trouble.  Much of the world does […]

Something Wonderful is Happening & I am a Part of the Wonder!

Yes, this is all about self-love at the time of the year when love is running rampant, and that is wonderful!  Make sure you are a part of it.  Become a self love promoter, and do it today! Every moment of our lives something wonderful is happening! It is up to us to be in […]