Empower Excellence is Changing…

Happy Friday…Happy Weekend!  June is here, and it is 3 months since I have moved to Oberlin, but who am I and what is Empower Excellence now!  Empower Excellence remains focused on financial transitions: career, personal, and lifestyle.  It also remains more focused on networking for women as they make career transitions:  the award-winning regional […]

A Word of Warning…

Rarely do I send out a word of warning, but today I am.  I am feeling great, and I have done more personal things for me as we enter into Fall than I have done for me for quite a while.  J have done so much nesting with food purchasing and preparing, laundry, and wardrobe realignment this […]

To Whom Do You Make Sense?

If I were to answer the question “To Whom Do You Make Sense?”, I probably would answer I am under no obligation to make sense to you.”  Sometimes I make no sense to myself.  It just does not happen.  I try to be logical, and I usually get into trouble.  Much of the world does […]

Something Wonderful is Happening & I am a Part of the Wonder!

Yes, this is all about self-love at the time of the year when love is running rampant, and that is wonderful!  Make sure you are a part of it.  Become a self love promoter, and do it today! Every moment of our lives something wonderful is happening! It is up to us to be in […]