Strong & Smiling for the Future!


There are five elements in life:  space, fire, air, water, and earth.  No matter who you are and how you are influenced, you will be out of balance on your journey to where you are headed.  Some will face imbalance more often than others, but the secret is to recognize when things are not quite right and how to get back into balance!  Some may believe in Auyurveda or other methods of staying in balance.  Some may just have the intuitive sense without a label.  When you feel that something is not going quite right, you are the only one who can see the beginning signs.  Pay attention to you, a foundation of self care, and move to make things right!  You are heading for something BIG, not small, and YOU must be BIG to reach that goal and be mentally strong with money and all parts of your life!  

What Would I Do if I Was Being Truly COURAGEOUS?


Money often times requires decisions; decisions are often times hard to make!  And, when, those decisions are in regard to something you want for you, they may be harder to make as we have been raised to think of others.  That is a valid and admirable trait, and it avoids being labeled as “selfish”, but “selfish” is a necessary trait for self-preservation in all parts of our lives.  It is self care, and self care is necessary for health in mind, body, and spirit.

So, what would you do if you were being truly courageous?  You might be surprised at the answer; and, whatever the answer might be, I am willing to bet that it involves money!  And sometimes the answer can be a very small thing in your life that if changed would make a really big difference.  I see this all of the time.  Folks want to do something that they really want to do but they put it off because of a lot of things including money.  A married spouse wants to take a separate vacation just to have their own space and time but they are fearful of what their spouse might think, they are fearful of spending money on themselves, they are fearful of being by themselves.  Who knows what might come of that in pure quiet time and meditative thinking when the only person you have to be concerned about is you!  

Other times, true courage is needed to make a change in career–and money also plays a big part in that part of your life.  As is often said, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know!  You may hate what you do, but you do it because others depend on you for support, others feel secure in your security, and more times than not, in making a career change, folks hear a lot of feedback that questions their even thinking of making a change.  I often see this when someone wants to move to a different part of the country–does not matter their age.  Families of seniors often are the loudest critics of seeing their parents move to a climate that they prefer.  

Fear is what this is called, and it is fear not only for you but for those you care for.  It is always easier to just go along to get along, but is it really?  There is a time that being courageous can be healthy for you in mind, body, and spirit.  You may find that even thinking about it makes you happy, and that should tell you that you are on the right path.  Go the next step, talk about it with someone you trust.  It is amazing when clients begin to work with me in a supportive role with their money and their pending decisions that they begin to relax, they begin to look at all of the variables, including financial, in order to come to a decision to take the next step.  And that is powerful!  It is also courageous.  Do they always take a flying leap?  No, but they have examined their options, and they feel courageous in doing that, no matter what the outcome.  

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It is June 1, Where Is Your Energy Today?

I believe in you

Having a very busy last day of May yesterday, I went to sleep later than I planned–a fatal character flaw with me.  But I am up and going for a very busy first day of June.  Energy is lagging because I overfilled yesterday with activity, but with the help of a special essential oil blend I will be up and moving–I am up and moving at a rapid pace for another full two days.  I learned a long time ago that I have to believe in me and that my energy can be managed as long as I do the right things for my mind-body-spirit.  It is all about the energy, and it is really about managing the different types of energy.  It is my physical energy that is lagging today.  My body is functioning very well in view of the facts:  I have begun again with a formal physical workout program where I will head as soon as I finish this time at the computer, have breakfast, shower, and go.  I have lost 5 pounds in a week.  I am sleeping 8 hours each night.  I kept going last night with a second wind–have to stop that.  So, I am drained a little bit because the workout is happening daily, and I am pushing it but keeping it within my heart rate.  So today I will rest the physical body after this morning to prepare to use emotional and mental energy at a special event celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Leadership Lake County and the graduation of the current class!  And, yes, Empower Excellence work will occur to use mental energy in between.  Because I believe in me, I just keep going, switching gears appropriately, and never failing to believe in me as I move forward through each minute of every day!