“I’m sad as hell and I’ not going to fake it anymore”  These are the first words of a new book by Woody Tasch.  It was his first book SLOW MONEY…that led to my total involvement in the local, healthy, organic, sustainable food movement.  His new book SOIL/2017:  NOTES TOWARDS THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF NURTURE CAPITAL was released about two weeks ago.  In Woody’s own words, “Of Earthworms, Billionaires, AHA! Moments, Mythic Implications, and the Considerable Virtues of Bringing Our Money Back Down to Earth (Not All of It, of Course, but Enough to Matter)” is what this new work is all about.

“This is a call to farms.  A call to all who plant, grow, harvest, eat, hug, argue, clink, put up, squirrel away, fritter away, layaway, and otherwise regret that civility and community went that-a-way.  A call to gather our wits–one farm at a time, one town at a time, one county at a time, one watershed at a time, one refusal to argue about politics at a time, one sleeve rolled up at a time.”

“Just why is it anyway, that the economy keeps growing, military spending keeps exploding, drug prices keep soaring, the stock market keeps lifting off, but the strength of our marriages, the health of our kids, the vitality of our Main Streets, and the fertility of our soil keep going down?”

These are Woody’s words, and, yes, I have met him, talked with him, dined with him, and learned so much and became aware of my passion about healthy food from him… These words reflect what I believe is the foundation of Personal Sustainability, and that is why I am sharing them with you this morning…  If it gets one person to think about the quality of our soil upon which we build our lives, then I will be smiling….


Organic vegetables on a stand at a farmers market