Tough Talks with a Side of Tissue…Awe!

Many of you deal with people: family, friends, clients, and it is always a hard thing to do when you have a family member, a friend, or a client who has received bad news or more than that you have to share bad news with them. It can be emotional, it can be physical, it […]

Looking for My Legacy…Money Unnecessary!

As I move forward in thinking about a legacy, including my topic on Facebook Empower Excellence LIVE this morning “Why Women Want Money”, time must be shared with a totally non-money topic “What do I want to be?” In the LIVE segment this morning, the main answer to the query “Why Women Want Money” is […]

Saturday Simplicity: DREAM!

Saturday should be simple.  It should not be a day to pay bills, clean the house, or run errands.  It is a really good day to sleep in, to dream, to meditate, to watch fun cooking shows, to walk in the sunshine, to make love, to be kind, to be love! Saturday should be simple.  And […]

Are You in Need of Healing Your Money?

If I could give you fewer than 10 steps to begin healing your life in some way, including your money, could you at least consider it for one day? Because I can give you some steps to begin thinking about.  You notice that I did not say that you could change everything in one day, […]

This Transition Called Life…

every day in every way we are sowing what we reap and reaping what we sow…it is an echo, and it applies to every single part of our life! So while we are currently talking about money as the foundation for the totality of our lives, let’s take a moment an talk about what some, […]

Thinking, now Breathing…

A courageous act is to think.  A wise act is to breathe.  When someone begins looking seriously at the foundations of their life, money always plays a role. Always. It is always a temptation to either blame or dismiss money as a factor in our life.  But rarely is money the sole source of our […]

The Universe and Money…That is Energy!

Conspire all you want to make millions of dollars, but, if the Universe is not communicating with you and you with it, it will never happen.  Energy makes up everything, and everything is made of energy.  The early presentations of Deepka Chopra introduced me to quantum physics and energy and how it is related to money.  Each […]

Let the Universe Take You Into Your Life’s Expression…

It is Spring as the light showers provide a soft backdrop to the activities of the day.  We have been blessed with beautiful days here in Ohio of late; it is now time to water the Earth as it becomes the time to sow seeds, thinking we know what they will produce.  Just like Nature […]