Many Women, Many Lives, AWE Ageless Women Emerging…

Yes, I have been told that I am too loud at times and too meek at times. I have been “critiqued”, have you? I am a boat rocker, are you? Sometimes men are the critiques, but many times women are threatened by any power I display. Are you a powerful woman on the inside, on […]

The Confidence of Fun…or The Fun of Confidence!

Conundrums are fun! Do we become confident because of fun or do we have fun with confidence? And this is not just for women and girls…it is for everyone! I am confident, most of the time. I am not confident some of the time. Sometimes it is because of competence or a lack of it […]

AWE, nothing is impossible, BUT…

When I was faced with a decision to be a part of Ageless Women of Wisdom in the Fall of 2018, I accepted what could have become an impossible journey. And it did several weeks ago when my co-collaborator walked away which was a mutual parting. Never for an instant did I hesitate to take […]

Your Values Create Your Inner Wisdom!

Inner Wisdom, values, intuition…so many ways to think about what is important to you.  All of these intangibles come from life experience.  And they are constantly changing. And they all contribute to your own personal money relationship.  Inner wisdom is important to use as our own moral compass when it comes to money and everything […]

So Who Do You Trust When It Comes to Money Advice?

Are you a Suze Orman fan?  David Bach?  Dave Ramsey?  All good people; all with their own separate style. I keep up with them to a certain degree, but I am slightly turned off by folks who scream at you, tell you how to be rich, and preach from a pulpit.  They are all good […]

2016 is Already Here…Let’s Get Started!

Empower Excellence and my blog empowerexcellencewithjan focus on transitional and transformational work through a coaching mode.  While I am not a conventional coach, I have a total of over 20 years in traditional and nontraditional financial work.  Being in financial planning for over 12 years, I saw so many transitional situations that totally rocked my […]

No Joy! No Mojo? Or Is It “Nojo” And What Does It Have To Do With Money?

Are you full of joy today?  Or is there NO JOY today?   It really is up to you today! And that is just for today, but, what if you take day after day when you are bored and frustrated, full of bitterness? Do you play the victim? Are you “stuck”? Do you feel obliged […]