Many Women, Many Lives, AWE Ageless Women Emerging…

Yes, I have been told that I am too loud at times and too meek at times. I have been “critiqued”, have you? I am a boat rocker, are you? Sometimes men are the critiques, but many times women are threatened by any power I display. Are you a powerful woman on the inside, on the outside?

Powerful women come in all shapes and sizes, in all colors, in all ages–they are AGELESS. And every woman has wisdom that is hers personally inside and/or outside. Steven Pressfield in Oprah Winfrey’s THE PATH MADE CLEAR says it best: “Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance.”

This year I invite every woman and every man who knows a woman to join me in this SUMMER OF AWE Ageless Women Emerging to explore their inside and outside lives in an effort to reduce their personal resistance and begin to live the life they have left lie dormant within. Many times this happens for fear of being critiqued. But that power within needs to be shared. It is your wisdom, and wisdom needs to be shared at all ages with all ages. Emerge with me and others in the summer of 2019 and become and Ageless Woman Emerging into all of your greatness and wisdom. Are you ready for resistance?

The Confidence of Fun…or The Fun of Confidence!

Conundrums are fun! Do we become confident because of fun or do we have fun with confidence? And this is not just for women and girls…it is for everyone! I am confident, most of the time. I am not confident some of the time. Sometimes it is because of competence or a lack of it in whatever action I am attempting to take. Success is often talked about in terms of relationships, reputation, results, and resilience. It would be great if we could just feel competence at any level and then take the level of confidence that corresponds to it as we are all learners at every level of life. There is so much talk of “feminine energy”, “girl power”, and more, but, you know what, men are just as lacking in competence and confidence. It is not a tribal movement, it is a people movement; I just feel with my AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom that being female I am most qualified to work with, converse with, and retreat with women! Men find their voice most times with men, and women most times find their voice with women. Many things to be let go of: a need to be understood, anxiety, stress, low self esteem–It is all self worth–men and women. And covering one gap at a time works, let’s not try to solve everything at once. What I am trying to say is you are who you are…BE who you are to start a transition!

AWE, nothing is impossible, BUT…

When I was faced with a decision to be a part of Ageless Women of Wisdom in the Fall of 2018, I accepted what could have become an impossible journey. And it did several weeks ago when my co-collaborator walked away which was a mutual parting. Never for an instant did I hesitate to take Ageless Women of Wisdom on as a solo project. I believed in what it had developed into through weeks and months of my hard work. End of that story.

Now into the final days of the first phase of Ageless Women of Wisdom, lovingly known as AWE Ageless Women Emerging, I am glad that the transformation of AWE happened because it created a transformation for me, a liberating transformation that may affect many parts of my life. I am moving on in a big way… Those of us who are truly BRAVE do move on and become BIGGER in so many ways. End of that story.

And more than a personal transformation, the Jan who has been here for years, after a hiatus in Oberlin, Ohio in order to create more, still believes in Oberlin, Ohio as a “romantic notion”, but now that “romantic notion” is stirring in my head, heart, and soul. I am reinvigorated, and I am positive that what folks here and outside of Oberlin might consider impossible is just an opinion, and I definitely have an opinion: Nothing is “Impossible”. Just this morning, flying in the face of remaining nonpolitical on social media, I was upset by several environmental stories: the dropping of criminal charges in the Flint Water case, New York ending its religious exemptions regarding vaccines, swallowing plastic by animals and humans, lab grown/factory produced plant-based meat, and more. This is truly a cataclysmic universe we are seeing. These are topics that concern everyone in all stages of aging.

So, now, as a founder of Ageless Women of Wisdom (AWW) and the first phase of Ageless Women Emerging (AWE), I want to ask each and every one of you to think about these topics: Will these topics affect my aging, the aging of my children, the aging of my grandchildren, and the aging/existence of future generations? While there are many future discussion topics that affect ONLY women, there are many topics that definitely include WOMEN that fall outside of that gender-specific areas. AWE throughout this summer invites women to put those topics into play for discussion, all topics that are of concern. End of that story…there are no limits!

While there are limits to what can be done by AWW, there are no limits to the discussion, and that may be exactly why the Universe removed my co-collaborator because her focus was much more limited than mine. And now, AWW and AWE can move ahead touching on subjects brought forward by AWE members to include the role of religion, the LGBTQ culture, and so much more than is typically covered by many in the energy field. AWE is going to listen to all suggestions. AWE could become a catalyst for women to begin new discussions through retreats and seminars that touch on the holistic future of our Universe.


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Your Values Create Your Inner Wisdom!

Inner Wisdom

Inner Wisdom, values, intuition…so many ways to think about what is important to you.  All of these intangibles come from life experience.  And they are constantly changing.

And they all contribute to your own personal money relationship.  Inner wisdom is important to use as our own moral compass when it comes to money and everything else in life.  We learn throughout our life, and those learnings become our inner wisdom.  They also create our intuition, which I like to think of as the totality of our life’s experiences telling us quietly what to do at any moment.  And all of it has to do with values.  Values help you find your way and to find other like-minded people to join you on your path.  They are the personal guidelines that help you with intuition to make decisions in every part of your life.

What do you look for in other people?  Remember, this is almost a mirror-like image of yourself at your best.  It is what is important to you.

  • do you think about others first?
  • do you think bigger than yourself?
  • do you have a contagious passion?
  • do you support others?
  • do you possess a can-do spirit?
  • do you have an activist spirit?
  • do you stand out from the crowd?

There are thousands of possibilities besides these to determine your values…this is all up to you.  It is one of the primary areas of decision making for you to start trusting your decision making because you cannot be wrong about your values.  Think about starting here…and become a decision maker!

So Who Do You Trust When It Comes to Money Advice?


Are you a Suze Orman fan?  David Bach?  Dave Ramsey?  All good people; all with their own separate style.

I keep up with them to a certain degree, but I am slightly turned off by folks who scream at you, tell you how to be rich, and preach from a pulpit.  They are all good people.

Money is very personal.  Everyone talks “budgets”; I prefer “spending plans”.  To find your personal money style, you have to be gentle.  You do not have to be screamed at, preached to, or told in a dozen different books the same information on “how to finish rich”!  You have to begin with you.  

Yes, there are certain general principles; but you have to take a serious look at your life, how you relate to money, and then go from there.  If you take care of the symptoms, you are taking care of the root causes.  The problems will return, and the screamer, the preacher, and marketer will have you as a client for life.  Would it be better for you to find out who you are in relationship to money and then address the issues that cause you money distress?  

Just saying…

Gathering Strength for the Journey

Blue Butterfly Strength

It is amazing that once you have the idea of what your passion, your mission, is that you gather the strength to do what it is you are meant to do.  It is not always easy, and you feel like things are always changing.  This is a transition as you leave what is known, not always comfortable but known, and begin your journey toward what it is you are meant to be doing, pretty much uncomfortable and challenging for many reasons.

But you begin to realize that you have more strength, more power, than you ever realized.  The protection of the known begins to disappear, and that is scary. You also realize your limits for the time being; but realizing the limits, opens the window to your soul showing you how really unlimited you are!

This is a transition!

2016 is Already Here…Let’s Get Started!

Meditation How To

Empower Excellence and my blog empowerexcellencewithjan focus on transitional and transformational work through a coaching mode.  While I am not a conventional coach, I have a total of over 20 years in traditional and nontraditional financial work.  Being in financial planning for over 12 years, I saw so many transitional situations that totally rocked my clients’ financial worlds.  That is the reason I do what I do!

You will find conversations here that deal with many things including self esteem, spirituality, women’s issues, men’s issues, relationship issues, career issues, and more.  Every single thing has a relationship with money.  Every person has a relationship with money.  End of story…  Pick and choose what applies to you, and I hope I will touch someone eery single time I write my blog.

So today, early in the year, I am providing another building block that not only helps with your money relationship but also with your total life.  Meditation is simply going within.  I have been a meditator for almost 20 years, but I have always had my conversations with a higher power, and I do mean always.

Meditation is a life tool.  Meditation is personal just as money is very personal.  There is no way that you have to follow to meditate correctly just as there are no hard and fast rules to follow in your money relationship.  Take everything one step at a time when you are ready to begin whether it is meditation or money.

Thank You to All Who Are a Part of My Life!

Thank You

As we enter into this week before Christmas, a time of giving and receiving gracefully, please accept my thanks to each and every person who has been a part of my life, including my readers of my daily blog.  You are all so appreciated for each of you give me a gift every day.  Hopefully, I give you something however we interact.  I appreciate you!  Enjoy the holiday season!

No Joy! No Mojo? Or Is It “Nojo” And What Does It Have To Do With Money?

Joy Ride

Are you full of joy today?  Or is there NO JOY today?  

Smile 4 3

It really is up to you today!

And that is just for today, but, what if you take day after day when you are bored and frustrated, full of bitterness?

Do you play the victim?

Are you “stuck”?

Do you feel obliged because of family commitments, obligations?

Are you resentful?

Are you full of resentment?

Are you living life asleep?

This all takes me back to the 1990’s when I discovered “THE ENERGY OF MONEY” by Maria Nemeth.  As a financial planner and former bank manager, I was surrounded by financial issues.  Literally, I was surrounded both in my professional and personal life.  I had been a single parent since my boys were 4 and 8.  I felt all of the above emotions.  I felt I had mortgaged my future for my children.  It was my choice once the choice for a divorce was made by their father.  Responsibility was my strong suit while it was his weak suit!  This was the beginning of what I am doing today.  Money takes on our energy, our mojo.  If there is no joy in our personal life, our money has no joy, just responsibility.  The mojo disappears in all parts of our lives.  Until …

You make the decision to change it.

Going back to the concept by Marshall Goldsmith of Mojo, “What We Bring” to an activity is our professional mojo.  Motivation, Knowledge, Ability, Confidence, and Authenticity can be brought to the table.  Our personal mojo is affected by the activity and “What We Receive”.  It is all give and take in all parts of our life, including our money relationship.  We can receive Happiness, Reward, Meaning, Learning, and Gratitude.

Of course, life variables such as health, wealth, our relationships, happiness, and meaning are already present or absent and they are part of what we do bring to an activity; but those variables can change by what we bring in any moment.

Unless, of course, there is inertia…