Let the Universe Float You…

During this time of R-Evolution with Money, prepare to be surprised. ¬†I intentionally planned to use a gift ūüéĀ¬†certificate to a float therapy experience until yesterday, June 1, the beginning of Summer. ¬†And I was surprised on many levels… Beginning with Money, the experience was a manifested gift ūüéĀ! ¬†Then, totally relaxed, I went food […]

Money Mastermind Group…

Having been a member of¬†several Mastermind Groups in the past, it was with a little bit of awe that my post-Meditation aha moment recently suggested a Money Mastermind Group. ¬†Had to think¬†about that before I put it out quietly on my Facebook group¬†page for Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” Live & More page. ¬†A few […]

Ordinary Self Care…Joyful Self Esteem!

Self care…really! ¬†What does that have to do with money, honey? ¬†And this is meant for men and women for good self care is the foundation of good self esteem. ¬†I have just finished my Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9 am Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE Facebook moments, and today’s topic was self care. Really! And while […]

Would you like to do less; achieve more?

For years, I thought I was very focused until 2018 arrived, and my focus intensified for many reasons. Are you focused? ¬† Still, would you like to do less, have more time for what you are passionate about, and still find your abundance? It is a beautiful Friday in Northeast Ohio, and from my office […]

Motivation Mojo & My Butterfly…

Motivation is funny and strange! ¬†The above piece of art is an original of mine which began as a flower and became a butterfly. ¬†In my work with money, the butterfly is always in my mind, body, heart and soul! ¬†It is my mission, it is TRANSFORMATION! ¬†It is all about the colors, the chakras, […]

Weight is Not Just a Woman’s Issue, and It Does Involve Money in More Than One Way…

Money is so totally involved in our every day life and decisions, even on the weekends, and that is a time when many go to the grocery store, farm market, and out to eat! ¬†Several years ago I learned of Geneen Roth and two of her books: ¬†WOMEN, FOOD, AND GOD and LOST & FOUND. […]

Are You in Need of Healing Your Money?

If I could give you fewer than 10 steps to begin healing your life in some way, including your money, could you at least consider it for one day? Because I can give you some steps to begin thinking about. ¬†You notice that I did not say that you could change everything in one day, […]

Clarity Trumps Being Overwhelmed!

Money at this time of the year with presents and parties and bills and more can be quite overwhelming. ¬†But it can also be changed in a matter of mere seconds by taking the time to become clear. ¬†Nine months ago today I moved to Oberlin, Ohio, a place where many of my visitors have […]

Let’s Talk About the Selfish Basics!

No matter where you are on your path, make sure that the basics needed for a sustainable life are included in your plan. ¬†Sleep is one of the greatest healers, and we many times carry with us the stigma from our parents about sleep issues. ¬†I know as a child I was always told that […]

Rainy Days Make Me Glad While Rainy People Make Me Sad

This blog needs to be bold! Reading my daily words of wisdom from Tama Kieves, I had to smile when she spoke today, April 29th, of people who make her sad. ¬†I relate. ¬†Today is my mother’s birthday. ¬†She died in 2005 at the age of 86. ¬†She would have been 98, and I believed […]