Does Your Mind Wander?

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It is fairly early for me on a Sunday morning, but it has been productive as mornings no matter how late I begin them are productive times for me. Earlier in the morning during my meditation time, I am even productive then. But as the day wears on, my mind loses focus and begins to wander. I think that is how I have ended up with three entrepreneurial ventures plus two books in progress. So a wandering mind for me is also the sign of a very creative mind. And I never thought of myself as creative. I am an oldest child who was taught to be responsible above all through my education in a Catholic school for many years. Laziness and dawdling were thought to be the tools of the devil. Now, through finding my own spiritual, rather than religious, path, I do not believe in the devil or in hell. I totally believe in creating heaven on earth not only for me but also for all people as we are all connected. Wow, that was a mindful I just just dumped on you. As I said, my mind does wander!

So, what if your mind wanders. So what if your mind wanders is another way to think of it, Contrary to articles on staying productive all of the time, I do not believe that we should be “plugged in” all of the time. I think we truly miss too much of what the world offers when our ears are “plugged”. Go where your mind wanders. You never know what new idea or thought will wander in.

I do believe in focus while working out especially with yoga. Knowing why we are doing what we are doing and mentally focusing can bring greater benefit not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

Now, my favorite spot to let my mind wander is the shower. I have been a firm believer of the power of water falling all over my head and body. It is the purification of the soul as well as the body, and feeling the sensation of the water brings great moments of inspiration, clarification, and sensation as well as mentally and physically preparing the mind and body for sleep. On the other hand, since sleep is a powerful tool in my life where I dream, awake to meditate, and take sleep seriously as a part of self care, I am ready for a quick morning shower to energize. If my mind wanders, it is usually mindful meandering in the morning!

Welcome a wandering mind between engagements at work. Take that moment to breathe, capture your focus and your mindfulness. Breathing is a great tool to use while wandering and meandering–it reduces stress, energizes you, and puts you on to your next focal point. Productivity will benefit by these short interludes.

A wandering mind is also welcome in my life as I have opportunities for “waiting”…for appointments, for checking out of a store or the library, or simply being caught in traffic. Be mindful of what is happening around you…allow enough time in your daily schedule for “delays” for they are blessings in your hectic schedules. I now allow more than enough time to allow for delays and feel oh so proud when I still am on time for the commitments I have made. This is mindful wandering.

Yes, my mind wanders, and I am thankful for it. It probably was daydreaming that led me to leave the political world in the 90’s and to leave the financial industry world about 8 years ago. The thought of what could I be if not what I was at the time. And then it was a a wandering mind that lead to Empower Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection as well as Ageless Women of Wisdom. I always dreamt that I could give something back, and I have, and today, my wandering mind at meditation time for that is what silence does–it lets the mind and the soul wander into areas that we do not give time to during our waking hourshas opened up my soul to finally accept that I AM AN EMPOWERING WOMAN, I AM A CONNECTED WOMAN, and I AM A WOMAN OF WISDOM1 I am wise! And I share that wisdom with other minds, wandering and focused.

Have Your Best Life…

Sunday best is how I look at life for Sunday is what you make it in the moment. Now, in the moment, I look forward to today moment by moment. Spirit moves me through my day already knowing my intention through my early morning meditation. Each of us has that autonomy but how many take the time to get in touch with it. There are tools to work toward your best life in any moment, and each of us is introduced to the tool for us at the right moment but that does not mean we pay attention to it, that we are in vibration with the particular tool at hand. My first step was becoming quiet and allowing Spirit to be heard and for us to acknowledge I was part of Spirit now aligned with me and who will hear me, too! Your first step is your choice at the moment you decide you want to live your best life…

I am told by some I am called “the boss”. Really?

And the color of the day is bright green! For many years I have subscribed to a daily weekday (I wish it were 7 days) message from THE UNIVERSE at I know each message is not personal, but it sure seems like it is. The message from The Universe today expressed frustration “some of what frustrates us here the most, Janice Marie, are your regrets over the past, insecurities over downtime, and self doubts over decisions to be made. Please, the past was only a warm-up, your downtime allows us to set a new stage, and it’s you we proudly call “the boss.” This message was so powerful to me this morning for many reasons. I have had regrets over how I raised my now adult children and those regrets had me bummed out for a few days. Insecurities over downtime hit the nail on the head as I have taken a brief hiatus for thinking through my total rebranding making decisions on how to incorporate all I do under the new company name JAN LITTERST, LLC.

The message is all about what I am all about–self care and learning to love yourself. The last few weeks have been a distinct effort to do just that. And it is clear, as a Scorpio, with a Halloween birthday, “I am the boss” but my Chief of Staff is Source aka Spirit. No decision is made without my staff, and sometimes, they call it “intuition” , they make the decisions and then quietly share them with me in meditation. Wow, so calling me “the boss” is maybe tongue in cheek?

We are water, and water is us, BUT…

A long, long time ago on a Sunday evening in Westlake, Ohio, I first experienced deep breath work which is literally intentionally practicing our breathing. Deep breath work shifts you into another state, often through a form of catharsis. The belief is that the trauma will only come forward during a session if it is necessary for healing, and it can only unfold as the session progresses. Well, the trauma did need healing and it was a welcome catharsis for it took me back into intrauterine time and the difficulty my mother had during her pregnancy with me. My mother died in 2005. And then the water incidents began to really happen. Before that I was always afraid to put my face in water, but I had learned to accept that after the deep breath work as the intrauterine experience was like drowning. But for the past 10 plus years water constantly poses situations for me.

I cannot tell you why but I can tell you that broken pipes in ceilings began in about 2010 in my Edward Jones office, a few years later in my townhome in Westlake, in 2018 it has become problematic with a total wooden floor in my Oberlin home being destroyed by water, about four water main breaks in the last year or so on Route 58 where I live, two of which were last week, kitchen sink drains becoming dislodged and flooding my cupboard, the dishwasher not liking the water temperature, bathroom sink plungers becoming inoperable, and 48 hours ago a three year old water tank needing to be replaced which uncovered all kinds of water problems that were not discovered until the water tank.

I have a very strong metaphysical background and consulted with a wise metaphysician this morning. The suggested solution is that I have to let water of all kinds know that I love it. The irony is that before Oberlin I was a regular visitor to Lake Erie for meditation and beach glass collecting. But I have only been once since I moved to Oberlin in 2017. That will change tomorrow when I begin to visit the lake again. It is the only thing that makes sense at this point. Water and I have to become friends.

There is a strong pull within me to slow down and re-examine my businesses brought on my Jackie B’s gift of rebranding to me recently. With that comes a re-examination of my life, and I am welcoming that because I no longer need to get better with what my craft of money energy is for that is just fine but it is probable that I need to get braver. What is need to do is to shift from working with clients who have money issues to people who have money and need the right professionals to make it do what they want it to do. Makes perfect sense to me. “Drowning in money problems” is not who I help. I help those who are ready to walk into the water and love money for what it is for them.

Thank you to Source and the Universe…one and the same!

some mornings…I awaken early for my power hour of meditation, inspiration, and a tiny bit of social media…I truly count it as the beginning of my working day as I awaken rested and clear headed. Anything that happened before this morning power hour no longer is crucial…it is NOW and the coming day!

this photograph sent through a post of Iyanla Vanzant shared by my friend Beth took me right back to a year ago when visiting with the little people when their parents were in Hawaii and a package of caterpillars arrived with the full intent that the little people and I were to care for them according to definite instructions as they were going to change into butterflies and they did indeed become butterflies–change is so wondrous to little people–they felt they had created the butterflies.

butterflies are the symbol of transformation and they have been a part of my Empower Excellence logo from the start. This morning’s power hour finally brought me out of the transformative stage of letting go of a small piece of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, the Launch. The intention was and is to move on but I needed a time of respite to let go, grieve, and let Source take its time with me and AWW AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. There is a lot to consider with the planned rebranding of Empower Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection and AWW being wrapped up into Jan Litterst, LLC. The individual groups will maintain their names and distinct purposes, but the new LLC will be the name out in the public. We have yet to start the process because I am giving this time to settle in.

And this morning it all happened with words from Source. What follows is a short recap that actually does capture much of what I need to remember moving forward. It started with Seth Godin’s blog on “expectations” and moved to the inspiring 10 year old work by Simon Sinek “Your Why”. But Esther Hicks is not one to be left behind and she spoke of vibration and alignment. The thought was “the Universe responds to you the way you feel.” Expectations, Your Why, Your Feelings all apply to me but they also apply to the target audiences of all three of my business entities and to Source. The thought is: in all communications of needs, including prayers, do not be a whiner or a pleader, be strong in your needs and communications and remember that everything you need to resolve your needs lies within you. Yes, it does. You simply need someone to help you partner through the need with guidance and a plan, but you as my target client will actually do the work because you are vibrating strong and in alignment with the resolution! When you are needy, Source knows it and I know it with potential clients in any of the three entities–you want me to do the work, perform the miracle, and make you all better. Those clients never reach a resolution because they will not move forward in vibration and alignment. They are stuck, and they remain stuck!

But vibration and alignment demonstrate to the Universe that you are willing to move forward and do whatever work you are needed to do, and the Universe and Source support your work once you start moving–vibrating–in alignment with a resolution. It is forming a Connection with Communication involved which inevitably develops into a Community, even if it is just you and another person to start. When this happens, empowerment occurs. It can be with money in Empower Excellence, connection with Professional Women’s Connection, and wisdom in AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM to work with me as a client. But money, connection, and wisdom are connected when you take the time to think it through. My services in all of the above roles with my companies, or movements, or communities provide guidance, attention, and maybe help, but it always involves love and never criticism. And I love being me helping provide guidance and more. The world has been waiting for my vision, The Universe and Source are within me nagging me on with their morning meditation visits, and I am beginning to feel like I am ready to go back into the world.

NOW Ageless Women of Wisdom is on the Move to 2020…

Today has been an adventure plus all in the scope of the last 12 hours. Making decisions is usually easy for me, but this one has taken at least 72 hours. The uncertainty of what to do had me totally discombobulated. But that is over. At the crack of dawn this morning, with the help of Deepak Chopra leading me through a meditation, I laid out the steps that needed to be taken to cancel the Launch of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. This event had been my focus since May, but no matter how much marketing and networking was done, the attendance was not where it was supposed to be. Remember, I am a numbers person. So, I got up, showered, had breakfast, and I began the unwinding of the event. By the end of the day, everything including refunding all ticket purchases were complete allowing me to officially cancel the Eventbrite event. That done, we are awake and alive on the edge of becoming the movement AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. The work of the 2020 Retreat Program starts. Join us

My Mantra for a Monday…

With the weekend productive, how has your Monday been? This graphic came to me this afternoon, but it resonated because first thing this morning my brain was busy with the thought that I am serene in my soul, happy in my heart, and inspiring in my mind. I liked that. This was the result of my power hour at 5:30 AM. I start my day with meditation and let the brain take it from there before I get up. It is so true that how you start your day will drive the remainder of the day, so if we take it to the concept of a week, it could be a really good week I think. So far the day has had its ups and downs, but overall, I am serene, happy, and inspiring, and the work day is just about over. Not bad for a Monday, let’s try to take it through Tuesday, shall we?

The Source of AWE…SOURCE

The source of AWE is SOURCE…Plain and simple and ageless and true. I am moving so slow on this Saturday morning, and I am not trying to rush anything. While I have been on a nonstop schedule for weeks, yesterday and today was like a fast-moving train hitting the brakes, and it has taken more than 24 hours for this train to come to a stop. In the meantime, I have employed healthy eating, coffee with friends, nature even with the rain, and meditation. With the slowing-down process, good sleep came my way last night: 7 hours without moving (the sheets demonstrated that to me this morning), and then a meditation time. The body was totally in a state of gratitude, and so was I.

But being in that state, brought so much to the forefront of my mind. I found a one-minute meditation on God, which I consider my Source and the Universe. Kirk Nelson is a new found source on YouTube, and the following was a total inspiration this morning:

Science and religion have the same purpose…to describe reality.

Science tells us the Universe began with a big bang.

An unseen force caused the Universe to expand at the speed of light.

Scientists call this force Dark Energy because they don’t know what it is.

As you approach the speed of light, time slows down.

When you reach the speed of light, time stands still.

So there is an unseen force creating the Universe from a place where there is no time.

This is almost the very definition of God.

And God is love.

Share that love.


I needed that right at that moment. It was the reminder that God is Source, and the source of AWE, Ageless Women Emerging, has been with me since the moment of the Big Bang. I have been on my path for only several decades of the 14 billion years since the Big Bang. I am a newbie, and I have learned so much. But it has all been to bring me to today. I used to wonder what makes the difference in people’s lives. Yes, we can acquire intelligence, talent, and dedication. Many of us have had DESIRE that burns within us. In the beginning we are not always aware of what it is, but then further down the path, through perseverance and protection from Source, we “learn”. That is the key word “learn”. Through divine guidance we are directed toward learning the right tools for our purpose. We can become mentally proactive to search for what our mind, heart, and soul put on that path for us to choose. But the decision to learn, to acquire more and more knowledge, steers us away from those who think “Ignorance is bliss”. That phrase may be liberating, but it is not part of my life. I am on a path that keeps expanding, and it is exciting. But, like this morning, I needed to come back to my center, and my center is Source…I will never forget that. Because I am a part of the Big Bang I am a part of Source. Yes, I am part God, and that feels good right now and forever.

Make Money Simple: Uncover Core Beliefs to Energize & Create a Legacy!

Simplicity Energy Goes Flows

On our way this week to begin to create a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness, we have been touching on many core points.  Today, I would like to share with you some thoughts on CORE BELIEFS!

Whether you really pay attention to them, you do have CORE BELIEFS.  In fact, you have internal and external CORE BELIEFS.  On the external side, all of us have many different personas or guises that we portray.  It is what we show the outside world.  On the internal side, the CORE BELIEFS we have are really truer.  It is what we believe ourselves to be and to live by.  External are conscious and internal are unconscious.  I think it is true to say that many times, unless we examine them in a very conscious mode, the CORE BELIEFS internally often go unchecked.  When we do examine them, it can be after a conscious period of quiet, such as meditation.  It is at these times that we may have an “AHA” moment that leads us to question our internal, and possibly external, CORE BELIEFS.  It can lead to change, and it can be energizing.  

As we continue  the path of creating a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness, take the time this weekend to look at your CORE BELIEFS especially as they pertain to MONEY…I think you will find that these BELIEFS really do have an effect on your life.  Is it good or is it bad?  Only you will know, and only you can change them.

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Let the Universe Float You…

Let go

During this time of R-Evolution with Money, prepare to be surprised.  I intentionally planned to use a gift 🎁 certificate to a float therapy experience until yesterday, June 1, the beginning of Summer.  And I was surprised on many levels…

Beginning with Money, the experience was a manifested gift 🎁!  Then, totally relaxed, I went food shopping.  Money 💰 in, money 💴 out!  Balance.  Then I stressed; after all, this is a Money R-Evolution, it won’t be perfect!

On my drive back to Oberlin, my ego contemplated making several phone calls to folks I have not talked to, for good reason, this calendar year.  I persisted and did not because I was driving.  Then, because meditation has turned in the direction of Thoreau’s Walden as I move forward…. I stopped at the library for a copy of the book, which was there.  But also there was Dr. Christiane Northrup’s DODGING ENERGY VAMPIRES…  The rest is still unwritten, but 65 pages in, it is already truly life changing…

Money stress always returns in the morning, and it did; but so did the wisdom of The Universe.  Everything I meditated with had to do with my Money mind in a very good way…grateful, I went into my individual silent meditation, and then my mind went into total regression…

Today will be spent finishing the book, hibernating, and journaling with the beautiful Fall-type weather for a lifelong water fear became ready to be resolved, and Money flow will also be resolved along with forgiveness and proper resistance to allow energy to flow where it has always been meant to go.  All because of float therapy and a book, and I let go!