I AM Personal Sustainability…


Sometimes, I scare myself!  And this is one of those times!  My birthday is in this season, and today, there are two birthdays of folks I love and respect for who they are totally–personally and professionally.  And, yes, I am going to name them.  It is a day of truth!  One is Joe Kraft, a financial professional and a true gentleman and friend with principles, values, and a Scorpio! The other is a family law attorney with principles, values, and a Scorpio but also a very classy lady and friend!  That is just today…But today is when the hibernation I have been seeking is coming out of its hiding place, and it has all been brought to the surface by an article from Ecowatch; actually by every article they publish which comes to me in a daily email.  But today, one of the articles is about prosecuting environmentalists as terrorists.  This, for me, goes hand in hand with the medical industry poisoning our minds and our bodies for the bottom line profit of their own interests.  But let me stay on this area, Personal Sustainability and the Environment,for now.  My blog focuses on personal sustainability in its myriad forms, and this is one.  If we do not protect the planet Earth, we are destroying our major home, our God given home!  

This is a ‘middle moment” of change, evolution, and transformation, and “middle moments” are our ashrams, boot camps, graduate schools, and launch pads.”  These words are from a favorite author of mine, Tama Kieves, in her book 365 DAYS….and I go on to quote her words for October 26th.  “They are anything (middle moments”) but useless, empty, or ordinary.  The middle of things is where change takes place, where the great big barge of how things have always been turns around in the ocean and goes a new way.  Sometimes it feels slower than a long red light, but real change changes your whole life.  Today I know that when I’m in the middle of things, I’m changing everything.”  

And, I am changing everything.  I have reached the pinnacle of Personal Sustainability.  My model for Personal Sustainability:

CORE VALUES ______November 2013 jpg

I have moved through the sectors to where I am finding myself today in Environmental Sustainability.  While I continue with my personal level and business level embodied in The Empower Excellence Experience including Empower Excellence Transitional Financial Coaching,  The Practice at Oberlin (spirituality), Norwex (Chemical Free Living), Professional Women’s Connection (Women’s Empowerment), and Pampered Chef Healthy (Food and Health), it is time for me to let the knowledge and fury rise to the surface to be a part of those “terrorists” who want to protect the planet, the environment.  This is the level at which Personal Sustainability has to sustain life for now and the future.  

I have no choice any longer…I have resettled in the Oberlin community almost 8 months ago, I have The Empower Excellence Experience platform almost stabilized to move forward, I have removed myself from the small business community because my professional pursuits are not only a business but a passion to pursue Personal Sustainability…to sustain us all.  As I write into the future, there may not be an outline I follow, but the theme will be the same, the theme will be what I have shared today in its myriad dimensions.  I really welcome thoughts and comments, please.