Your story is your story! Every story has a character which may very well be you. Every story has a problem or a reason to tell the story. It is very possible in the story the character finds a guide or guidance to help them with their problem and calls them to some sort of action. The action helps solve their problem or issue and success is achieved to a total or partial degree. A transformation occurs. But the story must be shared, and it happens more often than not in a conversation.

Stories are powerful. Stories can make the story teller powerful. Sharing a story shares the power of not only the storyteller but also the transformation that can occur. When AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM was conceived through a conversation, the story of my former collaborator had more of a negative vibe about women and aging and the media and culture. My story became more positive.

Positivity was my story, living in the NOW, moving only forward and not back. The launch program and 2020 retreats of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM (AWW) focus on “what would make your life better in 2020?” Conversations during the summer of 2019 were stories with women of all walks of life, all ages, and positivity. Energy is what moves us every moment of our life; healing occurs by moving forward with energy of all types. With Energy and your story, you are armed to make changes that are very possible. The first thing is to tell the story, share the story, empower your continuing transformation by asking for help through your story. There is nothing more powerful than your story except for sharing it through conversation one to one or through groups. By sharing it, you empower another to see that there is a way through their problem.

Women are nurturers. Nurturers who want to help, and they help each other, whether friends or strangers, when they are invited to share their stories on their own way to finding their own solutions to life. AWW began with a Summer Program called Ageless Women Emerging through three “Conversations”. The idea worked and more than 100 ways to make their lives better in 2020 were shared. Women will on October 16 not only enjoy a fantastic comedic program THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Faktor but also prioritize the ideas for retreats in 2020. They will be in a winery setting in Richfield, Ohio, out in nature planning the beginning of many transformations in 2020. They talked, they shared, they opened their hearts to others to tell their stories. Every one benefited, and they will continue through their participation in retreats created by their own stories…

Do you have a story to tell, to share, to find a solution in? You can attend on October 16th The Eventbrite invitation can be found on Facebook @AWWAgelessWomenofWisdom or leave me a comment…You have a story, I just know you do!

An Open Letter to All Women About AWW “Ageless Women of Wisdom”…and it is worth the read for it is for you!

Thank you to Maya Angelou for the quote, and thank you to Simon Sinek who won over my nerdy head and heart with his work on “WHY”, but now he has a new book to be released on October 15th, a significant date for me and AWW “Ageless Women of Wisdom”.

Anyone who really knows me knows that I am awake in the 3 am to 5 am area in meditation and allowing Source to share with me what I really need on any particular day. The interview Simon Sinek did with Bryan Elliott on UTube came to me this morning. The interview was on the book THE INFINITE GAME Simon just finished. While the book was focused on business, it came through loud and clear that this was really about the game of life where we can choose to play FINITE games with a focus on winning or losing. But with INFINITE games there is no end to the game and the players and rules and more are changing.

As with most of my early morning learnings, what was being shared was so appropriate for my work with AWW. AWW is not FINITE, it is the SHARING of WISDOM through the generations of women to change life for the better for all women–it is INFINITE. SHARING can go on forever, but the movement has to start somewhere and sometime. The time was now and the movement was mine to begin. I am a born writer and a born giver, but I am also an introvert and a nerd! I see things other people do not see like how Simon Sinek’s book really has many other applications, and I have not yet read the book. SOURCE brought it to me as a gift this morning. And gifts need to be shared.

SHARING is something that I have really put to work with my regional professional networking groups for women in Northeast Ohio. Rather than a “taking” mentality, it is a “giving” mentality. It has been the proving ground of the wisdom all women have and how powerful it is when the women SHARE the WISDOM with all women no matter their differences in ages. All have something to bring to the table through energy and conversation and really contributes to the reduction of ego-minded stress and insecurities and weaknesses the women feel. They in turn SHARE that “giving” mentality with others not only in the groups but in their personal and professional lives. It is a direct result of learning “not to go through life by yourself.”

This, without my knowing it, was a part of the continuum and momentum that led to my founding of AWW this year. Not every woman will join one of my groups, or others like it, and I am sure there are others who are nurturing this type of SHARING, but it became a purpose and a passion of mine to take this further, to ask women what would make their lives better on a personal level. I cannot do this purpose and mission alone, and ASKING other women how I can help them was helping me bring a way to do this on a grander scale to other women, first in Ohio, and then potentially national as a nonprofit. But I digress, and I want to stay on track with the purpose of this blog, which is “a letter to all women” regarding AWW.

How would I do what was mine to do? We began AWW with AWE “Ageless Women Emerging” this summer with three open membership conversations in a natural setting with no strings attached –women joining other women in “Conversations” to talk about “What would make your life better in 2020”. It worked immediately, the confidentiality of anonymity and learning that others had the same desires for ways to make their life better bonded them together with the larger purpose of all of the topics they created over the summer would remain anonymous and would be moved to prioritization through the formal Launch of AWW on October 16th.

And so the Launch will happen with a woman by the name of Mary Faktor who created an artistic comedy about a phone conversation with a best friend that lasted through the generations of her life. It was an INFINITE creation aptly named THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN. And so the launch took form. How appropriate to find the right work with the right woman creator to launch AWW. And SOURCE provided her as my friend many years ago. And this was where my values regarding women came into play…

Mary and all women involved in AWE in the future would be paid for their work. There would be compensation.

At the Launch, the ideas created during the summer would, following THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN every woman would be invited to participate in the prioritization of the ideas which would then be used to create the next step of AWE, the SHARING part, Retreats designed by the participants in the months of 2020. Retreats of various venues and costs to invite women in Northeast Ohio for a day in the middle of the week to carve out for themselves to make their personal lives better in 2020. Women constantly receive invitations to attend programs that “will make their life better”, but they are never part of the process to say what those programs will involve. And in 2020, with day long retreats, the next step will be to plan for 2021 overnight retreats, and then to take it all to a larger geographic area. This is the SHARING of WISDOM infinitely.

So, WHY this letter and WHY now from me. I have never found it easy to ASK for help, but in order for me to help all of the potential women I can help women reach through AWW, I need your help.

It takes courage to ASK FOR HELP, and Brene Brown shared that many years ago. I have always “fronted” BRAVE even including Sara Bareilles cry for help song by the same name. And I am calling on each of you to help each one of you and many other women in the future. Join me in my belief in “Servant Leadership” which has led me to do many things in my life to help others. I am ASKING you to join me in Acts of Service. It is all about relationship building, building trust in SHARING. The needs are many:

Buy tickets when you receive the Eventbrite invitation for THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN on October 16th. There are a limited amount but still a good amount to be sold to pay for the venue and Mary Faktor’s gift to all women. And SHARE the invite with women friends. It is a thoroughly enjoyable and fun program. But more than that, you will become part of AWW as “WE” choose the priorities for the 2020 Retreats.

Send “Presenter One Sheets” to be considered for presenting topics at the retreats in 2020. Do not underestimate your potential contributions. Call me at 440-670-2252 if you have questions about the “Presenter One Sheets”. You can find info on the internet about creating your own to submit to Please send them to me by October 1 so that I will be ready when the topics are chosen two weeks later at the Launch!

Join me, I ASK YOU TO JOIN ME IN THIS MOVEMENT, as an INFINITE GAME which is all about how the world works for each of us. We are all looking for Joy and Happiness infinitely. Ask yourself “WHAT IS LIFE ALL ABOUT”? You have the answers and I ASK YOU to SHARE your WISDOM and join with me in AWW “AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM”.

THANK YOU TO SOURCE FOR SENDING ME THE MAYA ANGELOU QUOTE…we all know what we do to achieve the individual beauty of the butterfly we each become through life. Each butterfly in the above graphic is different. Each of us is different but each of us is the beautiful product of our own transformation through life. Let’s SHARE this beauty with all women…I ASK YOU, Please and Thank You!

Many Things are “AGELESS”!

Including a wonderful woman named Mary Faktor…and Mary Faktor among many achievements produced THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN. When “Ageless Women of Wisdom” manifested itself in the Fall of 2018, I called my friend Mary Faktor, and the end result many months later is that THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN is an important part of the upcoming launch of “Ageless Women of Wisdom” on October 16th of this year.

Just like the book “CITY OF GIRLS” by Elizabeth Gilbert that I shared in a blog earlier this week, the Universe has delivered so many gifts as “Ageless Women of Wisdom” has developed. This is something that is needed: SHARING of Wisdom between all generations of women. So I created this program which will present day long retreats in areas of nature for 10 months in 2020 and, then in 2021, there will be overnight retreats. These are personal retreats for women of all ages with the topics for the retreats being developed as I write by the women who have participated in “Ageless Women Emerging”. It is phenomenal how this concept has developed. It is an exciting concept. Women of all ages have wisdom to share, wisdom which will benefit others as well as themselves. Stay tuned, because this is “Ageless”, as ageless as every woman everywhere.

YOU are as Precious as Time!

When we began this year, I had no idea of all that would happen in my life in 2019. Now, as we head into August, I really have to take the time to catch my breath and find my balance on a daily basis. I have found through all of the previous months that I have really found out how precious time is. Each of my three entrepreneurial ventures have their own mission, their own path, but they meld together to form the main mission of my life–helping women empower their own unique excellence. Empower Excellence, now in its seventh year, began and continues to find women’s excellence with money. Professional Women’s Connection, in its sixth year in my life, continues its growth as a networking organization to find women’s energy in growing their businesses. And in 2019, Ageless Women of Wisdom was born and strives to have women of all ages SHARE their wisdom across the generations through personal programs and retreats they help identify while moving forward to empower their futures to be truly designed for them, no matter their age. Each path works with women to empower them to make their decisions in an excellent way. Each path recognizes and stresses that YOU as a woman are as precious as time, and making time for you is so empowering.

Beginning tomorrow, August 1, Ageless Women of Wisdom begins shedding the initial phases of this path: Since June, phase one Ageless Women Emerging AWE hosted women who chose to come together in conversation to SHARE topics the women would love to see offered to them through programs in the future, programs to make their life better. There have been two major conversation sessions yielding over 70 topics for future programs and retreats. The final session, still accessible for those who join THE SUMMER OF AWE, is August 28. Emailing to join us on August 28 can put you into that conversation.

Also tomorrow, August 1 at 4 pm on the announcement of the major launch of Ageless Women of Wisdom SHARES the opportunity to attend THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Factor on Wednesday, October 16th. Mary is a professional actor who has presented her original comedy program over the years SHARING the ageless parts of a a woman’s life. The program and Mary are a precious way to SHARE the generational hallmarks of being a woman with all of the women in your life. Time for the passage of THE SUMMER OF AWE conversations will close the program while introducing the next phase: AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM AWW!

YES, for now we are in the phase AGELESS WOMEN OF WONDER AWW…moving from the Emergence of our Summer conversations into the fantastic opportunity of taking the time for ourselves as women and learning where we want our paths to go while naturally SHARING with women of all generations. All of us, YOU are as precious as time. Find the time to join is with us either in late August or by making the time for THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Factor on October 16th.