Do One Hard Thing Today…

Continuing to build mental strength by doing one hard thing today and every day!   With Sara Bareilles on iTunes, and Tama Kieves on my Kindle, I find inspiration to do just that every day.  Tama’s share today — If you want to experience magic, you have to take a risk.  You can read all the […]

Simplicity is Found in Nature!

Every once n a while, as we talk about money and personal sustainability, I like to mention that a great money relationship can be built at very low cost.  How?  By learning to be in nature.   It is a magical trip even if it is into your backyard.  It is amazing what has been provided […]

The Magic of Goals That Scare the S____ Out of You!

Every day is a new day, a new beginning, and it can be a scary thought to know that you must start all over.  But it is also refreshing.  Take the Supermoon this morning…it is something brand new, and it has everyone excited.  It is beautiful, but in reality it is still the MOON.  Just […]

Finding the Magic Within to be Better Than Ever!

Transitions are hard, whether the transitions are good or bad.  You can lose a job, lose a significant other, inherit money, inherit a family, or inherit a job you do not want.  Each one of these situations are transitional.  They have various components of change involved.  But almost always they have a financial component that rises to […]

Choosing to be a Coach Rather Than a Healer!

This is an important blog post only because it all came to me during meditation this morning, and those are always game changers for me.  I had the opportunity to learn about a “money healer”.  I took my time and learned more about them, and I was not surprised to find that they are selling […]