No Magical Thinking Here! #Ageless Women of Wisdom #Financial Freedom #Money

There is no magical thinking, there is real thinking here! Over the Sumer of 2019, many women gathered on “Whatever Wednesdays” and had conversations about retreat topics that would make their lives better in 2020. There was magic, but the magic turned into real topics beginning with the Ageless Women of Wisdom Spring 2020 Retreat! And here is the information for you to ponder: would finding your voice and learning how to listen to your voice make a difference? I hope so!

An Extra Day — Leap to be Inspired & Unstoppable! #Money #Inspired #Unstoppable #Financial Freedom #Empower Excellence

Be Magically Inspired & Unstoppable!

In the Summer of 2020, Empower Excellence will sponsor a program called “Inspired and Unstoppable” based on the 2012 book by Tama Kieves. Planning is just starting for a multi-session program to be held in Northeast Ohio.

On this magical Leap Day, 2020, it is time to do something magical, and this program is magical. It has had far reaching results from our previous offering. Folks pursuing dreams of all kinds! Make Leap Day 2020 a day that is magical for you!

AWE is Magic and Wild!

Many times I choose graphics from social media in the middle of the night during what I call my meditation time…it is a time between 2 and 4 a.m. when I wake up after 3-5 hours of sleep and have quiet time which usually results in my going back to sleep for another 3+ hours. This graphic struck home right away because of many items:

  • the butterflies as a symbol of transformation
  • the mandolin because music is the voice of the soul
  • the tree sprouting from the crown chakra representing our connection with nature
  • and the sentiment that we each have our own magic, or AWE

Women are the nurturers of the soul, of nature, and we possess magic of our own, a magic that is wisdom, and wisdom is meant to be shared once we discover our own wisdom and magic. You have magic, and we are all in a constant state of transformation as we move agelessly through our lives, no matter our age…

Dream, Damnit, Dream!

Do you dream? Do you have a “dream”? I hope you dream, and I hope you have a “dream”! Why do I care? Because inside each and every one of us is the Universe’s promise to us and our promise back to the Universe. Huh? When we enter this existence, we come with a plan. Really, we do. We agree with the Universe, our higher power, etc. why we are coming to Earth and what we intend to do during our life. It is true that mission can get lost with all the other stuff happening in a lifetime; but, if you take the time to be quiet enough long enough–in spurts, truly–the mission comes to you. Call it a dream because that is sometimes how it comes back to you. Call it your “dream” because then you are making it real. I am serious when I say I have some magical shit to do. I am busy. And I am very happy and peaceful with my busyness and my shit because that is why I am here. It saddens me when someone tells me they have no “dream” because they do have a “dream”. They just haven’t take the time to seriously find it. It is there. When you find it, the “dream”, you will truly feel the AWE of your own emerging from a nighttime dream to living your “dream”.

The MAGIC of Words…AWE!

Yes, words are magical… zest, youthful, xylophone, women, wisdom, wonder, vibration, understand, truth, sexuality, respect, quicken, peace, opportunity, nourish, manifest, love, kindness, joy, intuition, healthy, grateful, fun, empower, delight, catapult, badass, and appreciation can all conjure up on your personal level your outlook for magic!

And, are you ready to choose which words can make your day magical? The program coming alive right now is AWE or Ageless Women Emerging, and the program would like to convene women, and men, to begin the discussions this summer to choose the words of importance to all women as they age throughout their life cycles to be AWEsome women.

Stay tuned for more information on AWE or contact

Do One Hard Thing Today…

Happiness Question

Continuing to build mental strength by doing one hard thing today and every day!  

With Sara Bareilles on iTunes, and Tama Kieves on my Kindle, I find inspiration to do just that every day.  Tama’s share today —

If you want to experience magic, you have to take a risk.  You can read all the books on parachutes.  But you won’t ever know the feeling of true support, insane grace, and wonder until you’re falling through the air and your parachute opens like butterfly wings–just like all the books promised.

Be willing to leap, …you will know support when you do

Butterflies Happiness.

Being happy is a key component of mental strength!  So strive for your own brand of happy no matter what anyone else asks you!     440-670-2252

Simplicity is Found in Nature!

Magic and Nature

Every once n a while, as we talk about money and personal sustainability, I like to mention that a great money relationship can be built at very low cost.  How?  By learning to be in nature.   It is a magical trip even if it is into your backyard.  It is amazing what has been provided for our benefit and our enjoyment wherever nature is found.  You can find healthy solutions in physical participation in nature as simple as walking and more.  There is so much more to enjoy, and the enjoyment is very personal:  everyone has their own path in nature to take.  Please, take a moment today to see the miracle of nature all around us, and then take another moment to be grateful for whatever appears as magic for you!  There is no cost other than a moment of time very well spent!

Is Your Job Boring? Is It Time to Do Something You LOVE?



I drew a line in the sand and told corporate America I would not, could not, do what they were asking.  Many thought I had lost my sensibility, I had not.  I had just learned to listen to my inner voice after many decades.

If you do not love what you are doing, no matter what the reason you are doing, then it is time to begin to listen to the inner mind and soul of YOU and find something that you can love to do every day.  And, believe, me there is MAGIC in new beginnings….

Being Who I Am…

Born to Be

I cannot escape who I was born to be.  It seems like I have been fighting to be me all of my life.  It has been a very long day working on the training for my new role…and I am tired.  It is true, and I know it, that my Magic is more than it seems.  I am on the precipice of a dream that I had worked for years to accomplish.  It is discouraging to talk to clients who cannot seem to get their act together, it is discouraging to talk to family members who cannot comprehend “what I do”, and others who just do not seem to be traveling on a path that in any way resembles my path…

But it is because I am driven by my passion and mission that I keep on…I know what my Magic can be, and I refuse to be less than that…

So, in Thanksgiving, I realize how special my mission is and the talents I have been given to fulfill that mission…the Magic is alive, and the gratitude of tomorrow’s special day will carry me further toward accomplishing all that is mine to be.

The Magic of Goals That Scare the S____ Out of You!


Every day is a new day, a new beginning, and it can be a scary thought to know that you must start all over.  But it is also refreshing.  Take the Supermoon this morning…it is something brand new, and it has everyone excited.  It is beautiful, but in reality it is still the MOON.  Just shining a little more brightly to make sure that we do not take it for granted.  In much the same way, it is so easy to fall into patterns and habits that allow us to just go from day to day.  I wish I was that way, but there is something within me that is never quite satisfied..there is always something more I can do, and I am continuing to do that…marching down new roads with new ideas that can be of help to people in different ways.  Yes, it is magical, but with every good act of magic, there is a little bit of the scary in it.  That is what makes it special!