Energize Your Life, Energize Your Money

  We are like beautiful pieces of beach glass, each one different and yet all from the same ultimate Divine source, whatever that may be; but it is all energy!   In one of my programs, I use red boxing gloves—full size boxing gloves—to represent fear and love, the two most basic emotions that run […]

It is Never Just About Money…

The holidays are a time when “the shit hits the fan” among friends and families, but this is exactly the season to let it go!  There are arguments that seem to be about money during this time of the year, but they are really much more than that.  It can be sibling rivalry from Christmases […]

Why Do More Women Seek Help?

I wish I could answer that when it comes to working on a money relationship.  All I know is that with each and every client I ask myself two questions:\ What is trying to emerge from the client? What gift am I meant to share? I do know, as a women, that there fairly universal […]

This Transition Called Life…

every day in every way we are sowing what we reap and reaping what we sow…it is an echo, and it applies to every single part of our life! So while we are currently talking about money as the foundation for the totality of our lives, let’s take a moment an talk about what some, […]

When You Have Joy…You Have it All!

Fall is spectacular!  I love fall!  The temperatures, usually, are more moderate.  It is my season being a Scorpio!  As I sit here in my home business office, I see beautiful trees glistening in the 72 degree temperatures.  Leaves are beginning to fall.  Everything is happening the way nature intends it to happen.  I am overwhelmed […]

Gratitude: Personal Sustainability Depends Upon It!

Without gratitude, where are we?  If love is the solution to losing fear, what does gratitude have to do with it??  Appreciation, love, gratitude are all linked together.  If you are without appreciation and gratitude, it is hard to believe you are living with a face towards love.  It is that simple.  Ask yourself:  What […]