What DO YOU WANT: a Quiet Mind or a Monkey Mind? #FinancialFreedom


And I do believe in energy. You are a powerful being; you can turn negativity into positivity but only if you want to! A quiet mind can start out as a noisy mind and with your control of your energy you can make the transformation. How? Well first of all observe your feelings in the moment. Can you acknowledge the feelings that you are allowing? That is what you are controlling. If you want to change, you can through your own thoughts and actions. It is not always easy, but it is possible!

The Buddhists named “monkey mind”! Think about it. Monkeys flitter from one tree to another possibly mindless of what they really are seeking. I cannot say that I know what they are thinking, but I can admit that when “monkey mind” is occurring, it is an abundance of brain activity, too much thinking, that now drives me to STOP IT!

And it does take practice. It is especially bothersome when it is about money; it appears as confusion and indecisiveness. It is about decision making, and money decisions are not always easy. In fact, for many, they appear to be elusive! Why? For one of many reasons, but for whatever the reason, and each reason can be remedied once identified, it is feelings that have taken over: fear, jealousy, revenge, love, desire, and more. Put the feelings in place at that moment, and you have started down a path to make easier money decisions and you are beginning to know you want financial freedom!

How I Found the TAO (pronounced like DOW) #Financial Freedom

THE TAO Found Me

For as long as I can remember, I had been taught that it was hard work to be successful. I had been taught that it might be sinful. I had been taught that only “rich” people are successful. But if I was not “rich” I really had to work harder. Made sense to me since I heard it from teachers, religious figures, parents, and more. But just recently I learned how wrong they all were.

It took me years. How about you? Were you taught that you really had to be determined, had to work hard, and had to sacrifice to be successful?

My first steps of disbelief probably began in the late 1990’s. Other words, other advice began to be heard in different venues I was pursuing. But still it took years to overcome those original admonitions to really compete, really try, and really stretch myself. After all, “nothing worthwhile came easy!”

Were you told that, too?

It took many years of undoing all I had been told, of finding what was right for me, and what is “right” is different for each of us. Much of it was fear based. I learned over many tries to learn about love rather than fear, and the hardest part was learning how to love me. Why was that so hard? Because I had been taught that was being “selfish”, “greedy”, and a “sin”. “Hard work was the answer!” Many years, many teachers, many lessons, and I finally was receptive to learning new ways to love me and to be successful. I learned about “flow”, “letting go”, and more. I worked with others with my extensive financial training to help them, too, to have a good relationship with money because it is so totally involved in all parts of life. And then, other parts of life came into the picture.

I began to see how all of the things I had learned personally and professionally came together as my mission, something I loved doing–working, especially with women, to empower, connect, and share my wisdom while learning from the wisdom of all I worked with. And money became the tool that it has always been. It was no longer the end all for me and for so many. The women I worked with became more important.

What was their “WHY”? The WHY for their lives was not necessarily the WHY for their money. But the money was now a tool. They needed more tools, such as Financial Professionals, Attorneys, and someone like me who could help them find their WHY, help them find the professionals they needed and more to live out their lives in love, not fear! They knew themselves best. My approach slowly changed, and then,,,

Just about a week ago, the Universe, as it always does, pulled it all together: I was living a different life these days. Money was a tool, life was what I had to allow to enter softly and slowly, step by step, to find my own success and to help others find theirs as well. My life had been my re-education, and I was ready. The ah-ha moment when TAOism was made apparent to me. This was a way to bring together my non-competitiveness, my letting go, my finding non-stressful ways to live my life, to accept others as they are, to continue my belief that I am in my own personal “flow”, and more. Including how to love myself totally…

Now to Empower Our Children #Financial Freedom


Once we become empowered and soaring, it is mandated through values that we empower and teach our children how to be patient and get their wings so that they, to, can fly!

Energy can be good or energy can be bad! There are energetic highs and energetic lows. The energetic forces can be physical, psychic, and emotional. Financial energy can be devastating as children grow and learn the role that money plays in everyone’s lives.

We must be sure as the adults and as parents that we have energy under control in our own lives before we try to help our children through their own energetic highs and lows. If we are unsure, that message will carry over and magnify our own feelings with children.

Yes, good energy practice such as meditation, reiki, yoga, and more are good tools to show, share, and teach children. It helps them center, move their body, and breath. You and they are worthy of knowing this side of energy. But when they need it, they also need to know how to turn fear into fearlessness. Mindfulness can help them center, help them breathe, and help them find the joy in their lives. By loving kindness in their lives, they learn loving kindness , and they can become adults who practice mindfulness and loving kindness. They then can be reminded by their own thoughts and actions of their power, their support of themselves and how to celebrate their truth.

All children have the right to feel empowered to be able to decide on their lives and their futures and to love themselves and know that they, too, are loved!

When Hope is Lost… Regain it through Connection #Empower Connect Share

Beauty can Empower Connect & Share Hope!

Just yesterday I spoke with a friend who is also a business associate, and I was concerned about her lack of hope in the future moving forward from COVID 19. Many women entrepreneurs are often lacking in the resilience that arises out of childhood for boys. Simon Sinek this morning provided an explanation for this inasmuch as boys get rejected more than girls in the dating experience. While I do not agree with his analogy, how could he really know how much rejection girls face, really, I agree with his solution: all children need to know that they are loved and supported.

Everyone needs to know that they are loved and supported no matter their age or gender. And that love and support needs to come from within first. With the above mentioned friend I crafted a note of support which was well received. Sometimes when we reach out to others to offer hope, love, support, and encouragement, our motives may be called into question especially if it can be intuited that we are not loving, hopeful, and supportive of ourselves. People can tell. There is a spark when we are a true light which can offer to others what we make sure we offer to ourselves. The word for this is “Connection”.

When we offer “Connection” to others, we need to make sure that we have something that they can “Connect” to. When that “Connection” is felt, expectations are put to rest. There is something that each party can feel without reservation, without fear of being “asked” for something soon. There is no need for an “ask” when “connection” occurs for there is a sense of offering help when it is needed or sensed. It really is quite simple when we start with the “connection” to ourselves. I know this feeling because it has taken years of conscious development through many avenues. We are energetic beings in need of love and support from ourselves to ourselves before we can share our spark with others we “Connect” with.

Financial Freedom Heartfelt

#Financial Freedom #Money #life #death

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my readers no matter who or where you are and how you celebrate and with whom you celebrate. I am glad I celebrated this day with “the little people” in person with the Fire & Ice Tower and then by mail in the last few days! It is so easy for life to take over and to miss, not by decision but by life, celebrating special days with loved ones. This is a day for the 4 and 6 year olds to be children with valentines and parties and just sugaring out!

The theme of the day should be love and beauty and courage and respect. It is for the living but it is also for those who have transitioned this past week. It is also for those who I will witness in jury duty for the next two weeks. It is for lovers, for entertainers, for the old and the young because it is what you make it. And, yes, financial freedom allows you to celebrate with love, with beauty, with courage, and with respect. But the love underlying it all can be your choice when you are feeling your financial freedom. You have removed the pressure of having to use money for every choice you make…that is the freedom!

Everyone Has a Dream! #Empowering Families

When we are children we look at the world through the eyes of children, and when we are adults we look at the world through adult eyes. It gets a little complicated when the children become adults and become parents and become a family. Each person in a family has a different perspective according to their life experience and age. But their perspective is valid, and far too many times parents become totalitarian in their approach to their children. But children have dreams, too, and their parents still have dreams not only for themselves but also for their families. Everyone is still a child at heart!

Each family member has needs and wants, and children need to express those needs and wants as well. Every member of a family has an invested interest to be happy and to make their family happy as well, and it isn’t always easy.

And money always enters into family matters. Parents tend to control the money, or not control the money, from the beginning of their family life. Children not only do not learn how to work with money, they are many times excluded from the decision making process for the family. It is no wonder that as the children grow into adults decision making i not always smooth and loving. This is one of the reasons that through my company Empower Excellence I created “Empowering Families”.

“Empowering Families” is not a secret formula, but it is a formula: COMMUNICATE, COMPROMISE, and COLLABORATE. Learning how to do the formula with children from a young age allows the parents to educate and retain necessary control until the children begin to feel and act like a part of the family in decisions involving their lives and the resources of the family. It is a learned process, and it may be a process that parents never learned in their own families for many reasons. Maybe it is time for all to learn this formula through practical use and maybe a little coaching. Stay tuned for more on this innovative concept!

Emotions, Feelings, Logic can Follow! #Empower Excellence #Money #Love #FINANCIAL FREEDOM

Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away, and the children are already preparing their valentines and eating their early Valentine chocolate. As we grow older, and as we find ourselves no longer in a romantic relationship (and I am better for that but open to what the Universe may provide) we focus on love every day of our lives. There is love for ourselves (that is not selfish), love for our friends, love for our families, and love for the Earth, our home. Dreams portend that a romantic relationship remains in my subconscious, but dreams also have multiple meanings should I choose to start researching them which I do not intend. Love is important in 2020 as I have already spent the month of January focusing on self care, very successfully, I might add. I am taking care of me first because I want to make sure I am in the best year of my life for all I have undertaken. Every day can bring changes, but self care begins with knowing all is well right now. There is a superlative feeling knowing that my ophthalmologist, my dentist, my Osteopathic Doctor, my gynecologist all have given me a thumbs up. I have begun and stuck with Tai Chi and Yoga. I have spent time with “the little people” for a whole day for a Fire & Ice Festival, witnessing in wind, rain, and snow all at once, the Battle of Fire & Ice, and Ice won! Leaving January and headed in the direction of my heart every day, I know that my personal and professional ventures are on the right track–I am running in the direction that my heart shows me every moment!

Money is Only Energy! #energy #money #flow #financial freedom #freedom

When you think about creating a budget for the new year, think twice about it. Budgets are all about limitation, responsibility, “shortage” consciousness, and constant discord. Intentionally, budgets should be all about what flows in and what flows out. I have successfully used with clients a “spending plan”. A spending plan allows for clarity and alignment and a recognition of Source. Clarity and alignment follow your feelings through the thoughts of manifesting what is yours to want and need. But there is always the thought that what will flow out will flow back in; that is the “knowing” with Source. And there is no limit to what flows in. Feeling good about the clarity and alignment are crucial. It is the reason why “feelings” are so important in work with money. Money is only energy. Begin to think about FLOW > FEELINGS > FREEDOM > FINANCIAL FREEDOM. What flows in, how you feel about that flow, creating freedom with the flow and the feelings and applying it all to money. Money is boundless energy if you are emotionally responsible, find clarity, and become aligned with the flow and the feelings. And the feelings of Love and Joy should be a natural feeling about money, but somehow many os us have lose the enormous capacity for joy that is ours from birth. Maybe, it is time to find the love and joy again with money.

Become Your Own Chief Vision Officer in 2020 … #free will #financial freedom #vision #empower #connect #share #your story

Merry Christmas from me as I am of the Christian tradition, and I am the Chief Vision Officer of what is soon to become Jan Litterst, LLC. And Christmas brings to our immediate attention with the message of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.

Talk about alternative thought and vision and wisdom before it was talked about in those terms, at lease as much as I know about that time. Let me take a few examples.

Mary, the Blessed Virgin, was all of that…a virgin, young, unmarried, and she listened to Spirit and had enough faith and self confidence to go along with the Holy Proposal to bear a child without sexual intercourse, to be with a man who was not her husband to father a child purported to be the Son of God. Wow! This is enough woo-woo to have a reality show today. But it was faith without social media and the press to tear her apart.

So then with all of this already in their minds and hearts and in Mary’s case, womb, they had to leave under government edict to travel to a foreign land. Off they went on their great adventure unquestioning in the dead of winter and no way to secure reservations. Transportation was a mule or donkey and from everything I had ever seen Joseph, the forever unquestioning gentle man, walked the whole way! And then with only a manger to call his bed, Baby Jesus was born without the benefit of a sterile hospital or even a midwife. And they all lived happily ever after, at least for a few decades.

But there was no free will, only a vision provided by the Angel who came to announce the Heavenly plans to Mary, a woman, of course. And Mary became the carrier of that Vision. How else could two sensible adults fulfill God’s Plan, and the rest is history. And now, today, with all that I have learned through metaphysics and other sources, we are born with a predetermined purpose. Yes, we are told we choose that mission of our own free will. But when we are born, for most of us, the rest of the world takes over, and the mission or purpose gets buried under what family, society, religion, culture expect of us. But then, for many of us, we are searching for our identities, for our purposes, for our missions. We begin to exercise free will. That starts early with toddlers and continues into the teen years. We know we have a right to self manifest but we do not use those terms. All of a sudden we begin to learn who we are, what is ours to do, and then a vision might appear.

So, our vision and free will comes from the past, and now with Christmas upon us, we never talk about the bravery of Mary and Joseph. We never talk about having a vision, fulfilling our purpose, and more as originating in our lives as the Christmas Story. Well, I am a fan of story telling. It is the way we really learn. It is the way we empower ourselves, it is the way we connect with others, and it is the way we share our wisdom. Through the empowerment, connection, and wisdom we learn about ourselves, about our free will, and we learn about financial freedom. And that is my purpose: to be a partner to women especially to realize and reach financial freedom for it is a vision for all to reach the ability to serve their purposes. When you realize financial freedom, free will can be exercised through all parts of your life. Financial freedom allows you to make your choices, live your purpose, and create the Personal Vision which will make you the Chief Vision Officer of your life. Baby Jesus came into the world so that we all might live a life that would expand the love of God and Spirit. Live your Vision!

Sunday Self #empower #connect #share #wisdom #story #financial freedom

Sunday stories have been around for centuries: church sermons, prayers, movies, radio shows, television religion shows, and making memories from which stories can be told forever. The stories are about religion, God, sin, adventures, love stories, dramas, and fantasies.

Stories never became part of my life until I reached the point of self worth in my career, first in government which is full of stories; then in finance where most stories cannot be shared, and then in financial planning where my life experience became the basis of stories to help other women especially. That was when I learned the value of stories for that is how many women really relate their own lives and make them their stories.

There is an art that is learned in storytelling: how to preserve integrity and confidentiality, how to have good taste, how to know when to share a story and when not to share a story. It has to be applicable in time and place without hurting anyone’s sensibilities. It is knowing when to offer advice and when not to. And I do believe I am still learning. It seems the closer I am to someone, the more careful I try to be now. Psychology and reading signals are important to maintaining everyone’s space in story telling.

Perhaps the most important stories are the ones we tell ourselves. Feelings and emotions are a choice. In Seth Godin’s blog this morning, he shared about “irritated” being a choice. “And it’s a choice because the act of being irritated involves the story we tell ourselves. People are rarely irritated by gravity, because gravity got here before us. If you’re telling yourself a story that leads to you being irritated, you’re welcome to change your story.”

The same goes for every feeling, every emotion, and every moment of your life living in the NOW. Your story about anything can be changed at any time. Yes, it sometimes takes time to become aware of the story we are telling to ourselves, and to others. Becoming aware is the first step. Finding our reaction internally and externally to that story is next. Then we can change the story or continue on with it. That is also a choice.

When EMPOWER Excellence began 7 years ago, I had one story. New chapters were added when we accepted the challenge of PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S CONNECTION and most recently with AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. They were separate stories that have now become a type of anthology which is melding into one theme: Financial Freedom. And there are plenty of stories in each category. But their major goal is Financial Freedom with the underlying, connected themes of EMPOWER, CONNECT, SHARE, and WISDOM. Stories do all of that. And this Sunday, someone I love is beginning memories–good or bad–that will become not only their stories in the future but also my stories as well. And they may never be shared!