Welcome Self Healing as a Path to JOY!

I Blieve in Light

You are a healer!  You are a light worker!  You can heal your thoughts, you can heal your emotions, and you can heal your body.  Don’t believe me?  Read the late Louise Hay’s work, among others, on healing your body, healing your life.  It is true, once you heal your body–any part of it–you are healing your life.  Once you heal your life, you are back to the primal feeling of JOY!

More than that, as you heal, you renew…

And, while you are at it, heal your money relationship.  You will find while you are healing your thoughts, your emotions, and your bodies, money may just become a whole lot simpler for you.  You have given away your power in many parts of your life, including your money.  It is time to take it back!  This is not selfish or egotistical!  But money many times is not a solo journey–family members, friends, and more are all a part of your money relationship.  Take back your primal powers of your mind, your heart, and your body, and spiritual healing may very well occur, and money has a role in our spiritual lives.  It is time to express your joy, your tenderness, and your caring–Start with the most important person in your life–YOU!  Be your own light worker and heal YOU!


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And Here We Go Again!

You Can Heal Your Life

My mantra about money and energy is that everything is related to money, and everything is related to energy!  This blog is definitely about money for whenever I am not well my productivity as a solo entrepreneur plummets.  Whenever my voice is shaky because of a cough or a tickle in my throat, I cannot do  program narrative or do phone calls with clients and potential clients.  That costs money!

So, as I woke up at 4 am this morning with the “tickle”, I went to work online doing my research not only how to get rid of it quickly but also to Louise Hay and her excellent work on linking physical ailments to emotional issues.  I resort to Louise quickly whenever things are not feeling “right”.  I am not paranoid, I am a believer in metaphysical and emotional connections.  

In late 2017, I spent a good deal of time with calendars matching up five upper respiratory events that occurred in 2017, and learn I did!  There was a common thread linking my siblings to the events.  Without going into detail here, I have not seen them until Easter, and two days later the upper respiratory event began with a cold.  Then my voice was disappearing and more…

I am about to share my awakening from this morning to demonstrate what happens when lifelong emotional issues are considered to be normal occurrences.  I am about to reverse my life because I have three decades plus to live, and I do not want to continue this pattern.  

While a child, I had no knowledge of the type of information Louise Hay provided.  As an adult, I use traditional medicine only as a reference base; my preferred providers are intuitives and naturopaths.  And me!  I have learned through the intuitives and naturopaths to listen to my body, and I do! 

Quite common when I grew up was the removal of tonsils in small children.  At the age of five, I joined that club because of strep thread occurring before then.  However, the strep throat illnesses continued.  Then came the bronchitis events.  Even to the point of needing an inhaler as a young adult.  At the age of 25, my gall bladder was removed in an emergency procedure.  Endometriosis took over my life in my late 20’s.  I was a walking disaster in my mind.  I had no idea why my health was so poor.  I was uneducated at that time.  

Now, without sharing the details of a truly dysfunctional family–generations not just my family, here in short terms are the emotional issues for the illnesses I have shared:

Tonsils, throat issues:  fear of speaking up, sharing my feelings, looking for my voice in life.

Bronchitis:  an inflamed family situation.

Gall Bladder:  Unexpressed emotions tied to bitterness, hard thoughts, condemning or hurt pride.  This is seething anger.

Endometriosis:  old beliefs preventing me from creating what I want in my life.  Disappointed, frustration, depleted, unsupported, ungrounded, and rejecting my feminine aspect because of feelings of rejection from the men in my family.  

Yes, there is total truth in all of this.  I was brought up to be “quiet” and not share my feelings.  My life was overshadowed by a narcissist mother and an acquiescing father.  There is so much here that I now understand.  I take responsibility for allowing myself to be overtaken by my familial background, but it is never too late.  I am taking care of me to the uptime extreme starting today.  More than I have ever done.  With the recurrence of the upper respiratory situation this week after four months of no exposure to siblings until Easter Sunday, I no longer have any doubts that my relationship with them, while on the surface good, has no depth to it.  I am not comfortable sharing my mission and passion with them, and I am still frustrated by that.  I am ready, finally, to recognize that this relationship is toxic.  

The energy is toxic.  It affects my mission and passion; it affects my livelihood.  I share so that others can learn to recognize that health problems have an emotional component that can be a hindrance to health and energy…and money.  It is never too late.

This is NOT Deja Vu!

Soul Plan

Yes, it is Saturday, March 31, 2018, and it is the same photo as yesterday, and it is deliberate!

I usually, but not today, do my blogs fairly early in the morning, and that is when yesterday’s blog was done.  But then came the rest of the day, and it had everything to do with MONEY!  

Life changes constantly, and while it all came together–good and bad, I guess–yesterday, it was something that made me smile because The Universe just has its way to communicate.  

For the first time ever, I created my own website, simple and clear –www.empowerexcellencewithjan.com because the six-year old website just was not cutting it any more.  So I took it down, and I ended up wading through the technology to create one on my own, all my by “alone”!  Then, the next step, which began on March 13th was to explore, decide, and create an online school for my programs.  Yesterday, I finished the first edition of my first program.  Tedious and hard no matter what anyone says unless you already know how to create videos on iMovie, know more than the average person about Power Point, like creating narrative on slides, inserting iMovies, and more.  And I did it!

Over the months, I have been realigning my business for the future in the areas of freedom and income.  Last 5 years, I have done mainly group programs–low pay and lacking interaction because the topic of MONEY does not lend itself to free-flowing conversation–and I have done a lot of one-to-one coaching.  But when it comes to money, those who need it do not necessarily have the money!  And one-to-one coaching is energy draining when you are dealing with money and emotions.

Add to that, the two little people who are just about 4 and 2 live a full hour away now and the family plans to move in 2019 further south because of the schools.  My time in Oberlin for the last year has been one of illness(Louise Hay has her interpretation of what was happening, and I tend to agree), but it has also been a time of quiet soul searching.  I love being here, I love the nature right in my own back yard, and I love the environment here.  I love it all except that, as the little people grow, I want to be closer so that I can be at their events on a regular basis, and more.  I want more freedom.

So the plan has come into play:

The three award-winning networks, Professional Women’s Connection, will have a fourth group added in April, 2019 in Summit County which will be licensed.  The legal work is already in place.  Now I have to find the right person aka as “Jan’s Clone”.  It is a way to be in touch regularly with dozens of women in Northeastern Ohio!

Empower Excellence is kicking off April 2 the Money Energy Certification Program with the two pilot coaches beginning training.  This program will go public April 16th!  This will be Program #2 on Teachable.

The “Empower Excellence Transformational Moments” online school is loaded onto Teachable with the first program “Our Enormous Capacity for Joy”  being offered on Teachable as a bonus gift to early participants in the coming week or so.  It is all about “The Why” of Money Energy.  

There are probably close to 10 more programs to be added to the school over the coming months.  These are all programs which I have offered as group programs since Empower Excellence began, and now it is time to take them to be offered in an evergreen fashion to everyone in their own environment–personal topics in a private environment.  

This is the freedom, the revenue stream, for which I have prepared for five years.  

Also, my book THE JOY OF M.E. (Money Energy) will be published this year!

So, with the completion of the first program, the commitment for the fourth networking group, the two pilot coaches for the Money Energy certification program, and more, all happening since February 1st, yesterday saw one of my last regular clients take a hiatus.  Yes, it is a loss of income, but it was so much more…

As the teacher, I learned in the last five years how to live in faith with the uncertainty of being an entrepreneur.  I learned so much from creating Empower Excellence, and I am really an “Expert” on MONEY ENERGY now.  Really!  When you yourself learn the spiritual side of living and manifesting in the entrepreneurial world, you are an “Expert”.  Now, I am putting it all together in the “Empower Excellence Transformational Moments” School to go out and BE BIG this year, GO BIG to reach more people!  The book, written in 2012, will be edited and published to reach more as well.  Group Four of Professional Women’s Connection also expands my reach to help women in the workforce to really grow their businesses…

All of these years of preparing in government work, banking, financial planning, and more have led me to really live my mission, and that includes the little people as well as my sons…It is time for me to use my Money Energy to empower my life.

Yesterday, with the call from the client, extinguishing one more part of my old income, it brought a smile to my face because The Universe knows all.  It knew I was ready to move to the next stages of what I am doing…and, yes, without real warning, it roared like thunder and pulled out the lightning, and I did not react.  I just smiled knowing it was all as it should be, and I was perfectly fine moving forward!


Patience, and Stop Looking for the RIGHT Photo for the Blog!

Having just returned from my holistic practitioner, I know it is time for me to “blog”!


After four years of frequent visits, my visit today is my first in over 15 months.  I know when it is time to “show up”.  But this time, it was a medical scare that brought me to scheduling the visit.  However, the scare has passed; there was no cause for concern my traditional medical practitioner assures me; but I did not cancel my appointment.  That appointment was conjured up by two of the wonderful assistants at the wellness center with only a few weeks’ notice–many have waited 4-6 months to be seen.  Between The Universe and the two assistants, Penny and Patti, I had to keep this appointment.


It was an “OMG” appointment!  You see, my holistic practitioner is more than a chiropractor (his medical training); in fact, he no longer does adjustments.  He is truly a faith healer.  It is unimportant what needs healing physically for me.  It is important for me to know what in my makeup manifests itself as the physical symptom.

Today the manifestor is PATIENCE, or a lack thereof!

Oh yes, that is exactly me.  So, I am taking my time, living in the moment, and learning PATIENCE.  Yes, I do have a supplement to support my physical body as I transform from being impatient to PATIENT, and it does have to do with water.  Within 25 days, I should see change beginning….I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I am learning to practice PATIENCE…I usually have an additional photo on my blogs, but there is also the photo of the beach glass on my blog.  When I started looking for “just the right picture”, my soul yelled “Stop It!”  What takes more patience than beach glass?

The sand on a beach becomes glass and glass is washed through lakes and oceans, and one day, after a lot of patience, you have beach glass.