Food is the Fuel You Feed Your Body; Are you Reading the Labels?

Sometimes I believe we spend more time researching the fuel for our car than we do for our body!  There is so much information available on food that I often say “the more I read, the less I eat!”  But there are some easy guidelines, well publicized but often ignored, and easy to follow. Grow Your […]

Sustainability & Quality of Food

It is quite the conundrum finding the best food at a reasonable rate.  Money always plays a part but it is only one variable.  Education plays a role.  The attached illustration gives only a part of what we all need to know to be able to make good choices with food.  BUT, I do want […]

Why Are We Not Bringing More Light?

There are many moments where I ponder what the blog of the day will be, and this one was easy.  Many of us are considered energy workers, many of us are light workers.  What does that mean?  Well, I could take on thousands of different opinions on both topics, but I choose in my own peaceful […]

Money and Butterflies and Nature and Life

Upon awakening this morning and through my meditation on “Releasing”,  the framed print done by a local artist, found at a local artisan fair several years ago, really caught my attention .  It is of butterflies, beautiful blue butterflies, and not just one, but two.  When I first saw it, the butterflies brought my eye to the […]