On Thanksgiving we all can be enlightened!

Thanksgiving comes but once a year, but in essence it can be every day when we are thankful for so many people and things that are taken for granted. Gratitude is a part of my daily meditation and living in the NOW. I know I am grateful for my two sons every day that they are healthy and that they have a healthy outlook most days. I am grateful for my two grandsons who bring love and laughter to everything we do together. I am grateful for my daughter in law for her gift of the “little people” to this world. Always, I am grateful for my sisters and their families because they are what constitutes my solid ground and they are now bringing new people into the fold with two nieces who have each had a little boy over the past year and a new daughter in law on their part with an upcoming wedding. But I am also grateful for my home in Oberlin and the ability to live where I feel a part of a quietly intelligent community that feels like “home”. And that is important as I continue growing my livelihood and pursue my writing. I am on my path of intention. I am always grateful that I am fully aware and comfortable that Source is with me and I am part of Source for that is where all to be grateful originates from…and that gratitude is every day including thanksgiving.

Red AWE Shoes, Ageless!

It is a red shoe day, no matter your age or gender! It is really “the little people” day for Sheep Shearing at the FarmPark! The sun is shining beautifully, and I am ready with my shoes trimmed in hot pink, pink glasses, and red jacket vest. It is close enough to red…and it is a day to celebrate a 3 year old and a 5 year old out in nature! Yes, all of us have always had the power to celebrate everything…Now I am going out to celebrate. It is Saturday! Celebrate with us whatever you do. It takes more intention and planning than money! Go find your red shoes!

All This Talk About Legacy…

It is rare that I have the occasion to capture “the little people” on social media.  Out of respect and caution, they are rarely shown with their faces in any of my postings.  But with all this talk about Legacy, I wanted to include them and everything about them that is part of a Legacy.

For a very short time following each of their births, they are almost 5 and almost 3, their mother was able to stay home with them.  Stay-At-Home Moms are a beneficiary of a legacy also.  Families can provide for that as part of their value system.  At-home parents tend to become the family CFO, but they sometimes get lost when the money runs out leaving nothing for them.  Think about that when creating a legacy.  

Yes, it is a Saturday, but I wanted to take a moment to bring up just one way a Family Legacy in Financial Planning is beneficial to all generations in a family.  Too many times, the stay-at-home parent is the one forgotten in planning.

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