Confident, Ask Your Questions

You are seeking a financial professional to be your partner planning all of your financial future.  It is a daunting task, but I have found that, when folks get ready to leave an advisor, they only know that they do not like the person they are currently working with.  They may not be able, or willing, […]

Just Tell Me What To Do!

Sometimes, when faced with decisions and choices, it can become too much; and all we want is for someone to tell us what to do.  That is where the ancient art of storytelling can really come in handy.  Wisdom through the generations has been passed through stories–it is an easier way to tell someone what to […]

Sunday Morning is…Transitioning

The window is open with the promise of 70+ degrees. The sunshine is out. My allergies are watery, itchy eyes, runny nose, and waiting for the natural allergy cure to kick in! A stiff neck from too much sleep from the natural allergy cure from last night having me sleep too long! And listening…to the birds […]

What Was That Caterpillar Thinking?

Transformation is not easy.  I fact, it can take a whole lifetime; and, I am sure, that is how a caterpillar feels when its transformation begins.  I cannot help but feel that a lot of listening by the caterpillar occurs, which can lead to a lot of respect of what is happening.  That is, if a […]

Meditating, What is it Really?

Meditation.  A simple concept made complicated by so much in the popular media.  It really is so simple.  It is a takeoff on what I spoke of yesterday…listening.  But this time the listening is listening to yourself…  Really, that is the simplest way to meditate.  I am not talking about rehashing your to do list, rethinking […]

Simply Listen…

Listen to the flapping of butterfly wings.  Listen and change someone’s life immediately.  Listen to how they see the world.  Listen without trying to change anything.  Listen to yourself, too.  Listen reverently without suggestions.  Listening changes everything.  These words have been inspired by my friend Tama Kieves.  The butterfly is my contribution.  The flapping of […]

I AM Who I AM…and that is ok!

Holidays bring a lot of baggage with them, and at this time in my life, I choose to leave the baggage behind and create new journeys and traditions.  I used to think that I had to find a way to make “small talk”, I had to “join in the conversation”; but I no longer feel […]

Is Your Money Story Heaven or Hell?

Since I live my life listening to money stories, I really have learned that all is not what it appears to be when I am talking with someone.  Many times, I find that what I am told is a “mask” .  It is the mask of what someone believes should be their money story; not what […]