Are You Living From a Place of Fear, Especially with the Money in Your Life

Take one moment and describe your feelings about money in one of two words:  love or fear.




It is like a pair of boxing gloves–one “fear” and one “love”.

If you take that one moment, breathe, and be honest, tell yourself is it “fear” or “love” when you think about money in your life.  You have just started your personal journey to transform your money and your life.

Fear appears and can paralyze you from imagining what your life would be without limiting beliefs, limiting behaviors, what it would be like to BE BRAVE, BE BOLD, and become the magnificent person you were born to be.  

Take the moment and decide if the money in your life is in fear or in love…you are moving forward.

Money Breathing…

It is February 2, 2014…Mercury goes retrograde today and stays that way until February 26th!

I knew that when I went to sleep last night.  What I did not know was what could happen during those sleeping hours to help kickoff Mercury retrograde today!  It was an OMG moment upon awakening…

For the first time in my life, I received an email notice that my credit card had been declined for a service I subscribe to.  What?  It was a small charge, and it did not make any sense.  However, my actions upon moving from my bed (yes, I check my phone for emails right after I meditate in the morning) were very different than they would have been years before.

I made my breakfast, read the Sunday paper, and then set about to discover and, I was sure, to unwind whatever mess I put myself in.  By the time I got to my computer I had created a “real mess” in my brain–kind of like a bad game of dominoes.  So, I checked the credit card account, and it was in fine shape, just like I thought it should be.  Then, I checked another account because by this time I knew it all had to be linked and every account I had must be in a mess.  But it also was just fine.  You know how the rest of the story goes…nothing appeared to be amiss.  It turned out that the card I had indicated for the subscription was linked to the “Target” situation .

And that is another whole story that is still unfinished, should have been finished weeks ago, but Mercury retrograde kicked in early on this one, and all that could go wrong with the card that was used at Target in early December for a $4 purchase has gone wrong!  It is now almost laughable!

POINT OF TODAY’S BLOG:  Living Fearlessly, especially when it involves money!

That topic was chosen yesterday, long before I knew about this morning’s revelation.  When you are dealing with money,Image learn how to breathe…breathing dissipates the fear you may be experiencing and allows you to clear your thoughts.

The situation rarely is as bad as it seems, but our limiting beliefs, the thought that “we” must be wrong, create a spiraling effect that removes us from our magnificence and deactivates our potential, at least for the time we are in the downward spiral.  But…

taking the time to breathe, really breathe, or what I call “Money Breathing” brings us back to move beyond those limiting beliefs and behaviors, to understand the “real” situation, and then to take action.  “Money breathing” allows us to look the “fear” (and that is really what we are experiencing at the moment we go into the downward spiral) in the eye and be “BRAVE”.

Money breathing is just a part of learning to live fearlessly.  It is an important part of learning to live fearlessly because money plays an important part in the actions of living.  When we breathe fearlessly in our money relationships, it is like a load has been lifted from our shoulders, and we are free to become the people we are meant to be…be BRAVE and live fearlessly, especially when it comes to money!