Want to Renew Your Money Relationship?

You often hear of folks renewing their vows, renewing their license, renewing their library card, and more; and yet, there is hesitation to admit that it is time to renew your money relationship.  Things may be going just fine, or not.  But it never hurts to do some introspective work on where you and your […]

When Dreams Go Crazy!

Sometimes dreams interrupt the flow of life…and that is what this morning’s blog is about…a short but sweet story about a dream about my maternal grandmother, Mae Murray Gleeson.  Mae died in 1959.  Simply died following the death of my grandfather.  Alcoholism was rampant in their family.  It contributed to all of their deaths, directly […]

Every Move You Make…

Life is going great in all areas!  I am very aware of the power of intention and the focus that brings chaos!  So, life is grand.  I found new inspiration yesterday when something was not going quite the way I would have liked, but, then, I do not know it is all going to turn […]