Want to Renew Your Money Relationship?

You often hear of folks renewing their vows, renewing their license, renewing their library card, and more; and yet, there is hesitation to admit that it is time to renew your money relationship.  Things may be going just fine, or not.  But it never hurts to do some introspective work on where you and your […]

When Dreams Go Crazy!

Sometimes dreams interrupt the flow of life…and that is what this morning’s blog is about…a short but sweet story about a dream about my maternal grandmother, Mae Murray Gleeson.  Mae died in 1959.  Simply died following the death of my grandfather.  Alcoholism was rampant in their family.  It contributed to all of their deaths, directly […]

Every Move You Make…

Life is going great in all areas!  I am very aware of the power of intention and the focus that brings chaos!  So, life is grand.  I found new inspiration yesterday when something was not going quite the way I would have liked, but, then, I do not know it is all going to turn […]

Softening to the Challenge

The transformation to Oberlin has begun…maybe, I should call it the transition to Oberlin.  Whichever, the process has begun.  Where nesting is a natural introduction to a change, dismantling is the beginning to transformation and transition, and it has begun.  I will spare you the details, just trust me, the beginning has begun. Whenever you […]

Transitioning is a Necessary Step to Transformation

Oh my.  Sometimes I pick a topic for my blog, and then wonder why.  But this is such an important topic when you are working through financial situations intertwined with life transitions.  In the words of a favorite author Tama Kieves, “Being in transition doesn’t mean you’re broken.  It means you’re breaking away from the old–the […]

Intent on Satisfying Your Life?

Caroline Myss is a wonder!  Truly a wonder… Her quote “Intention without discipline is useless.” really speaks me this morning.  This Sunday morning… So many times, especially early in a new year, people are so “intent” on getting the answers so that they can make the changes they really want, or so they think.  But do they […]

Something Wonderful is Happening & I am a Part of the Wonder!

Yes, this is all about self-love at the time of the year when love is running rampant, and that is wonderful!  Make sure you are a part of it.  Become a self love promoter, and do it today! Every moment of our lives something wonderful is happening! It is up to us to be in […]

Is There a Price on Butterflies? Thanks to Doreen Virtue…

Thanks to Doreen Virtue, we have all been brought to understand so much in life.  This illustration from her describing “Let it go!” is a very favorite of mine.  You see, with what I do every day in my own little world of transforming people’s money relationships, letting go of your beliefs, disbeliefs, myths, cultural taboos, […]