2019 is a Legacy Year

All of these actions are integral and great…BUT

There are more “ingredients “ still unknown to you; only known to your God. Your life path depends on you, but only God knows the total plan, and the only one who knows the next “ingredient “ to be introduced.

So, no matter where you are at this moment, it can all change!

In a moment, with, as Joel Osteen says, “BAM”, it is all different. God, gives the ingredients needed, and you are the chef 👩‍🍳 putting life together and moving moment to moment…with trust and faith, and peace of mind that your Legacy is only known to God.


Legacy, Life, and Living…

2019…a year to consciously think about and plan your Legacy—your life plan and your plan for life once you transition — your memory of your life for your loved ones moving into the future. Living this year, moment by moment, day by day, is to enjoy the good and the bad since we cannot control what life presents to us. Life is what we Experience usually in retrospect. No matter at what point of you are today…live in the moment…it’s Saturday!

A Legacy is a Story…

Whenever people share their life, it is a story that reflects “their” beliefs. That is why a Legacy is your story! The words in all stories come from truth or fantasy, and I can feel it through my chakras which are really the truth, and which are fantasy also through my chakras. I do not believe anyone’s story until I breathe and take the time to listen to my energy centers.


Begin with Your Self Mastery

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a lot of discussion here regarding a Legacy, and there is a reason for that.  Money is a part of our lives from day one, whether we know it or not.  We work hard to make a living, we have dreams, and we have hopes for others we care for.  Legacy allows all of that to happen whether with intention or helter-skelter.  I prefer as a Money Energy Healer and Coach to make it intentional.  If you are of the “helter-skelter” variety, you must have your energy in alignment with what you want for now and for the future.  And I believe I could learn a lot from you as well, so please share in the comments, seriously.

And to get to know ourselves and what we want is a beginning step:  let’s call it self mastery.  The above graphic displays how our mind and heart sometimes rule internal and external conversations.  Unfortunately, our intuition, or soul for me, is left out of the conversation when it really contains all we need to solve any problem if we would give our soul the space and time and quiet to really learn from ourselves.  That is self-mastery.  


Legacy Unveils Your “family”

Planning a Legacy with a “family” unveils a lot of love, a lot of emotion, and a lot of “WTF!”  It is your time to get to know those who you think you hold closest to you:  maybe you learn what is good or you learn what you do not want close to you!  

And I continue to learn so much from so many different sources including right from my heart where, I truly do believe, we hold all of the wisdom we will need in our lives.  And that learning is not only about finances, but it also includes so much about finances and money that comes from life and from the heart.  If we would only listen to our heart, to our intuition, to our own good sense.

The quote in the above graphic really made me think, and stop, and breathe. I know from time infinite that I am responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for what people understand. Other people are responsible for what they understand. They are the ones who give meaning to every word they hear. This comes from THE FIFTH AGREEMENT materials.

Go off in this chilly day with the warm thoughts of happiness.  Find your heart, your mind, your intuition, and relax in your solitude for it is truly time to remember, and understand, that (from THE FIFTH AGREEMENT) “I am one half of my message.  Other people are the other half.”  And neither you nor I can take responsibility for the other people!  And I am ok with that.  In fact, I am happy with that…


Virtual Reality & Legacy

Money, Life, Legacy, and Reality are all a part of who we are.  Yes, money is included in that because it is up to us to determine what role money plays in our life in the Now and in the future.  Life does create reality, but it is left up to me and to you to recreate our true reality with an interpretation of what it means in our own lives.  It is your and my personal creation.  It can become an art in our lives if we allow that.  But no matter what we recreate, it becomes truth for you and me; our only truth.


And Where Do Dreams Happen in a Legacy?

When you have brought the members of the family together to Collaborate, to Compromise, it is time to share your dreams, your personal dreams for the Family Legacy of Financial Wellness.  To the point that you want to know and cherish the members of the family’s dreams, you also need to talk with them about their dreams as it will affect your perception of what you want your Family Legacy to be as you grow and eventually transition for it is then that you want the importance and significance of the Family Legacy to be meaningful.  And it cannot be meaningful if you do not have knowledge of the others’ dreams.  This is about YOU, but it is about you leaving a Legacy that will live on.  Talk about the dream YOU have, but also talk with the others about their dreams.  It brings a new perception to all involved knowing that the Legacy is truly one for the Family!


Collaborate in Wellness

It is Sunday, the news show are on, and no one is collaborating nationally. Do not follow their lack of leadership. If you have the intention of creating a Financial Wellness Legacy, learn what collaboration is. Simply, it is working together. That is it: bring together each of your strengths and move forward.


How Can Two Become One in a Legacy: A Process, My Dear

It is amazing to see how one person begins to work with their money relationship with me, and it becomes very clear that this is not a solo problem!

And, yes, I am using a soft feminine color along with a dark masculine color for this blog to emphasize my point.  However, do not assume that only make/female couples can create a Legacy of Financial Wellness for their family.  I have many different colors of ink!

In any situation, even when both parties agree to create a Legacy, one will become the lead contact, and it is usually the person who becomes or already is the leader with their finances.  Does not have to be that way, but it appears almost to be a natural evolution.  It can be the woman, the man, or in rare occasions the two together.

In the beginning, an intent for the Legacy needs to be spoken or even developed.  It may have been something that no one had thought about.  This is similar to asking someone “What is your dream about money in your life and after?”  It is really that simple to get started.

And while it is simply the beginning, that is all it is, a starting point.  This is now where a discussion between the principal parties to the Legacy journey must occur.  This cannot be relegated to simply the leader; it will not work because both parties need to be invested in the process and the result!

And this is a strongly empowering point because all parties must have their dream shared:  It must be Considered.  It must be communicated.  It must allow collaboration.  And it must have room for compromise.  

This is how empowerment starts!