Getting Ready for the Flow…

While Spring has finally arrived in Northeast Ohio, Lake Erie is so ready for Summer!  Summer brings FLOW to our minds, our hearts, and our souls as well as our bodies!  Walking the beach at Lakeview Park today was a thrill, and I even found some small pieces of beach glass.  I had never been […]

To Gain Clarity, You Need To Clarify…

Walks along Lake Erie’s shoreline at Huntington Beach is a solo, meditative experience, which I have not done often enough this year.  That is a mystery to me.  But this year has been many mysteries, and many of them have to do with money.  I am very driven about my business and my work with […]

Can We See When Things “turn on a dime”?

Sometimes I feel stuck because I am trying to make my personal and professional life all better all at once, and it just is not going as quickly as I would like to see it move.  Lately I am trying to totally live in each moment including what I meditate on–it is no longer a […]

Money and Butterflies and Nature and Life

Upon awakening this morning and through my meditation on “Releasing”,  the framed print done by a local artist, found at a local artisan fair several years ago, really caught my attention .  It is of butterflies, beautiful blue butterflies, and not just one, but two.  When I first saw it, the butterflies brought my eye to the […]

Where Did Summer Go…Finding Peace on the Beach as Fall Begins to Prepare for Winter

Life on the edge of Lake Erie is so transitional!  With the beauty of each passing season, life by the Lake is so fleet of foot and ever changing, much like life itself.  It is a constant reminder that each moment, each day, and each week is forever bringing new challenges and new feelings… Much […]