Footsteps in Nature…

Connecting your soul to nature is free but the time to do the connecting is priceless. I can look out by window to a whole yard full of trees. I can walk into Oberlin and see flowers, trees, birds, and breathe the fresh air. I can drive 30 minutes and reach Lake Erie, walk in the sand, feel the lake breeze whisper across the water and the beach, and observe the lake gulls doing their best to stay out of my way. Connecting to nature is precious in whatever way you choose. But the first step is always the hardest with our busy lives. Do it anyway!

Finding Peace with Water…

Making changes in your life is hard. We get used to doing the same things all of the time until we know we have to stop and that it is time to transform. Water, living near Lake Erie, has always been an important part of my life with beach walking and collecting beach glass. And then I moved a half hour away from the lake to Oberlin, Ohio where there is no body of water. I stopped making the trip to Lake Erie probably because of time, but my Higher Power can conspire against me until I realize something is not right and that something was everything that could go wrong with water flowing into my life broke. I talked about that yesterday. So I felt compelled to change beginning today, I am making the time to go to the Lake as often as possible. More than that, a book I read years ago THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER by Masaru Emoto was available at the Oberlin Public Library. So that is tonight’s reading. It is like a love letter to water to tell it that I treasure it as a part of my life. This morning I was at Lakeview Park at the East Beach for a nice part of the morning walking in the wind, following the massive flock of lake gulls as they took flight, settled in the water and returned to land when I had passed. It was a beautiful morning peaceful and quiet and the added touch was the massive rose garden they have at Lakeview. Yes, it was walking, yes, it was windy, yes, it was sunny, but more than anything the water knew I was there finding the peace and also finding the beauty of the roses and the gulls. I think water and I are going to be ok.

We are water, and water is us, BUT…

A long, long time ago on a Sunday evening in Westlake, Ohio, I first experienced deep breath work which is literally intentionally practicing our breathing. Deep breath work shifts you into another state, often through a form of catharsis. The belief is that the trauma will only come forward during a session if it is necessary for healing, and it can only unfold as the session progresses. Well, the trauma did need healing and it was a welcome catharsis for it took me back into intrauterine time and the difficulty my mother had during her pregnancy with me. My mother died in 2005. And then the water incidents began to really happen. Before that I was always afraid to put my face in water, but I had learned to accept that after the deep breath work as the intrauterine experience was like drowning. But for the past 10 plus years water constantly poses situations for me.

I cannot tell you why but I can tell you that broken pipes in ceilings began in about 2010 in my Edward Jones office, a few years later in my townhome in Westlake, in 2018 it has become problematic with a total wooden floor in my Oberlin home being destroyed by water, about four water main breaks in the last year or so on Route 58 where I live, two of which were last week, kitchen sink drains becoming dislodged and flooding my cupboard, the dishwasher not liking the water temperature, bathroom sink plungers becoming inoperable, and 48 hours ago a three year old water tank needing to be replaced which uncovered all kinds of water problems that were not discovered until the water tank.

I have a very strong metaphysical background and consulted with a wise metaphysician this morning. The suggested solution is that I have to let water of all kinds know that I love it. The irony is that before Oberlin I was a regular visitor to Lake Erie for meditation and beach glass collecting. But I have only been once since I moved to Oberlin in 2017. That will change tomorrow when I begin to visit the lake again. It is the only thing that makes sense at this point. Water and I have to become friends.

There is a strong pull within me to slow down and re-examine my businesses brought on my Jackie B’s gift of rebranding to me recently. With that comes a re-examination of my life, and I am welcoming that because I no longer need to get better with what my craft of money energy is for that is just fine but it is probable that I need to get braver. What is need to do is to shift from working with clients who have money issues to people who have money and need the right professionals to make it do what they want it to do. Makes perfect sense to me. “Drowning in money problems” is not who I help. I help those who are ready to walk into the water and love money for what it is for them.

Getting Ready for the Flow…

While Spring has finally arrived in Northeast Ohio, Lake Erie is so ready for Summer!  Summer brings FLOW to our minds, our hearts, and our souls as well as our bodies!  Walking the beach at Lakeview Park today was a thrill, and I even found some small pieces of beach glass.  I had never been to this beach before, and it was a great trip for me.  This week has been one to recognize all of the abundance that flows to me…sunshine, health, money, and more.

Money is difficult to change its story as we move forward in life.  This is a statement that you can see the worth to be held in your consciousness…If your desire is strong enough, it cannot be stopped.  So money can change its story with the strong belief.  It really is a reflection of FLOW.  But paying too much attention to your money thoughts can disrupt the manifestation.  So I am paying attention to all of the abundance in my life…sunshine, health, Oberlin, Lake Erie beaches, and beach glass.  Why?  Because I know in every part of my being that I am changing my money story while I am on the mission to help others change their money story.  I know it so I do not have to constantly think about it.  What I do think about is all of the ways I am blessed with abundance…like walking on the beach through the sand, listening to the calming roll of the water, and finding beach glass on this the first day of May.  It does FLOW!

To Gain Clarity, You Need To Clarify…


Walks along Lake Erie’s shoreline at Huntington Beach is a solo, meditative experience, which I have not done often enough this year.  That is a mystery to me.  But this year has been many mysteries, and many of them have to do with money.  I am very driven about my business and my work with clients, which is at a slow pace this summer.  That is a mystery to me as well.  And the funny thing, as witnessed by this photo, the clear beauty of Lake Erie does give me clarity.  so, I am beginning this past week to “clarify” in order to gain clarity.  I used to always have a “plan”, I no longer do.  Please do not mistake the lack of a plan to mean that I am aimless…I am not, I am just proceeding according to the plan of God and the Universe.  I need to clarify that as well.  I know what my life plan is, I know what my mission is, and I have learned that in a more intense way than ever in the last four years.  

Through the hardest years of a new business, I have not only learned but have also have internalized that God is with me in this plan, and I will always be okay; so the stress is minimized and the JOY is maximized.  There will always be enough, whether that is through my traditional money clients or through the maturing regional networking groups.   It is almost miraculous the peace I feel on a moment-to-moment basis, and the ability I have to work with people to help them find the same with their money relationships. I am truly grateful.  

What I have learned in the past weeks is that I became almost single-minded in nature, not obsessive, and the weeks have flown by without my taking the time to take care of me or to enjoy the summer…lack of discretionary income can tend to do that no matter what I work with clients on to avoid that.  But then again, summer is not my season.  Fall is.  I am beginning to find the time and clarity to take care of me, knowing that all I need in regards to money will be there if I keep taking care of me and my clients and members.  So, I began Friday…grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up my nest…There is now food in house for 2 weeks, much of it prepared to eat and freeze.  It is the first step in healthy care for me.  I love having food prepared all at once so that I can open the refrigerator and feel like I am at a deli making great choices to eat!  Moving on, am caught up on the newsletters for the next 12 days on all of the networking newsletters.  A little work is healthy as I prepare to nest.  Actually watched a movie, and I have two more to watch.  The brain needs stimulation.  Today was a sleeping in day, Sunday paper reading, cleaning windows, doing nails, leisurely shower and hair treatment, and now I am blogging.  Plan to work for about three hours and then watch another movie and begin the very first Harry Potter book.  So who cares?  

NO ONE!  But I do, and that is my point.  Too many times, we lose clarity and then we lose sight of what success is to us.  It may be a million dollars in the bank; not a bad thing.  It may be finding the right life partner; not a bad thing either.  My nesting is my way to really get back in the groove in all parts of my life…and that is to clarify what success is to me.  I am at that point in my business that we are on the precipice to grow, but to grow in the right way.  And that takes focus, and that takes the nesting:  the healthy eating, the great sleep, the working out, the working until I am happily satisfied each day.  But I am not losing focus on the memorable times either:  the time with the two grandsons, even when they are on vacation…, the time with my spiritual class, the time with good friends.  Working it all in takes time, so the nesting happens periodically, and then I am ready to focus, even if I am not ready to focus.  

And, if I am not ready to focus, and I need to focus at the time, I thank my two networking friends, Sharon and Kathy, who are my essential oil teachers, because they have provided me with what I need, but I need a little help.  And I get a little help from my friends whenever I need to!  

So, why do I need to clarify to gain clarity?  Because when I am clear who I am, I know my passion for life and my business allows others to see me as real, and that is the secret of my success, and I am ready for success now and especially in the Fall, my time of year!


Can We See When Things “turn on a dime”?

Butterfly Philosophy

Sometimes I feel stuck because I am trying to make my personal and professional life all better all at once, and it just is not going as quickly as I would like to see it move.  Lately I am trying to totally live in each moment including what I meditate on–it is no longer a meditation marathon every morning and evening.  It is one small focus.  Breaking it down into teeny, tiny pieces makes it much easier.

But more than that, when I am meditating, the aftermath of each few minutes is shifting–it is God, the Universe, my Guardian Angel, Michael, alerting me to what I have accomplished in broader brushstrokes than I tend to think in.  

Months ago I planned to grow my one women’s networking group into a regional entity.  Well, that has now become a reality with a presence in three counties bordering Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio.  While I have been working in this venue, I never jumped out of my space to see what I have created–Professional Women’s Connection is a regional networking organization!  That turned on a dime!  I almost missed it as I moved on.

My intentions also included becoming more aware of me and keeping me healthy in all ways.  Just recently I set out modifying my metabolism with a very unique eating plan.  Today is Day 8, and I have lost 5 pounds while full of energy while feeling full.  Cravings for salty and sugary foods are under control.  I am exercising regularly.  That is great, but what I am also experiencing is a new recognition of creativity..fueled by my love of the lake and beach glass.  There is a side of me that has been dormant for a long time.  That turned on a dime!

Moving forward, I am on a precipice of planning for 2016.  Having laid out the basics for my business, a new piece of information over which I have no control other than what I have done in response to the recognition of an opportunity presents a mental ping pong game of pros and cons…  This is a game I cannot win at this stage of play, so I have turned it over to God.  Who knows?  This, too, could turn my life and business on a dime.  It is not up to me, is it?  I am just a player in the game with my eye on the ball so I CAN SEE WHEN THINGS TURN ON A DIME!

And who knows?  I may just see the butterfly that I have become and keep changing…

Money and Butterflies and Nature and Life

Perfect Butterfly Today Perfection 4 3

Upon awakening this morning and through my meditation on “Releasing”,  the framed print done by a local artist, found at a local artisan fair several years ago, really caught my attention .  It is of butterflies, beautiful blue butterflies, and not just one, but two.  When I first saw it, the butterflies brought my eye to the fact that there were two.  As I began my company several years ago, the butterfly–the symbol of transformation–took a prominent spot within my circle of Energy, and I am always looking out for the “butterflies” whether it is on Facebook, on greeting cards, or art work.  Friends send me greeting cards shaped like butterflies, and I attract butterflies everywhere.  I love it!  It is the true demonstration of reticular activation–what you think about,you bring about.


Well, when I finish this blog, I am going off into Nature, to the Beach along Lake Erie, to walk, meditate, and be near the water.  And, oh yes, to collect beach glass.  The beautiful, beautiful beach glass which I use to make send off gifts as friends move from this region–it is a piece of the Lake that they can take with them.  The beach glass which is intended to create a Christmas tree this coming year.  It is just plain beautiful.  Oh, and the walk along the beach and the beach glass, as a part of Nature’s recycling program do not cost me anything.


let’s keep it going in a healthy, efficient way, with or without money


Where Did Summer Go…Finding Peace on the Beach as Fall Begins to Prepare for Winter

Huntington i the Rain Oct 18 12 5

Life on the edge of Lake Erie is so transitional!  With the beauty of each passing season, life by the Lake is so fleet of foot and ever changing, much like life itself.  It is a constant reminder that each moment, each day, and each week is forever bringing new challenges and new feelings…

Much like life, if you don’t take the time to enjoy each precious moment, that moment will be gone never to return, leaving you with a new season, just like life on the Lake.