My WHY with Ageless Women of Wisdom

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My WHY “to partner with women to achieve their financial freedom has been a journey for my whole life. In 2019 Ageless Women of Wisdom became the culminating activity that in and of itself has been a true journey to financial freedom.

Ageless Women of Wisdom began as a partnership and ended several months later as the beginning of Jan Litterst, LLC. One lesson I have learned on my journey to Financial Freedom is that I trust too easily because I pride myself on my honesty and integrity; consequently, I believe, or believed, that others who partner with me in any endeavor also pride themselves on honesty and integrity. Within the years since I have left corporate America, eye-opening experiences in each of my companies and programs have opened my eyes progressively wider. In Empower Excellence, a major client breached their major contract three months in, in Professional Women’s Connection the tearful founder asking me to take the networking program over left me hanging with a nonfunctional website and a blazing critique of what I had done to improve and grow the group, and in Ageless Women of Wisdom a friend of many years saw the opportunity for a new venture to begin together when what she really wanted was for me to be her “teacher to grow her business” and not a joint venture. Am I naive? Maybe a little. Am I honest? A whole lot. Do I have integrity? Definitely, yes. These are lessons many learn, but they are also lessons learned by many leaders of yesterday and today. So I have learned, and I have moved on with Ageless Women of Wisdom when the former friend and former partner walked away two weeks before the launch without fulfilling her commitment to me or to Ageless Women of Wisdom.

But there are lessons others have learned with me as well. I am honest and have integrity, and I am a straight shooter. After all, I am a Scorpio, and we will leave that at that. In all three of the above cases, I have forgiven each one in order to keep moving forward. But I have not forgotten as I am now much more skeptical and thorough in not only personal but professional ventures. As we enter Mercury Retrograde, all agreements are being explored thoroughly for Ageless Women of Wisdom’s launching retreat in May. But presenter agreements were signed weeks ago, the caterer and I have a verbal agreement in place, the venue contract has been signed in 2019. The Universe works with me when I work smarter and not harder.

Right now, all pieces of what will become Jan Litterst, LLC legally later this year, are a place of comfort for me. There is plenty to do, but I do also pride myself on focus and efficiency. Right now the focus is on Ageless Women of Wisdom and how my WHY has brought it into existence in more ways than one since June of 2019. There was no hesitation on my part when I faced moving ahead alone that this was what I wanted to do. It had many impacts including financial. But you see, as I shared with a son this morning, what I do in the next eight years of my life will impact the remainder of my intended longevity! And I am on a great journey!

All women are on a great journey as not only the divine feminine but also as the nurturers in everyone’s life as defined by our almighty design. We arrive in the world with wisdom and we continue to learn and live by that wisdom even though we rarely even attribute that wisdom to anything but “doing what we have to do.” Creating Ageless Women of Wisdom (AWW) begged certain questions including is this about aging, and it is not. “AGELESS” is the key. The sooner women realize that the wisdom we have to share with other women of all generations, the more we tap into the wisdom that is ours to SHARE. Someday, with permission, I will share how a five-year old “woman” constantly demonstrates her wisdom among women of many generations her senior!

So, Financial Freedom? What is it in laymen/laywomen’s terms? It is self confidence grown through intuition and knowledge in every woman throughout her life. When she has the confidence, knowledge, and trusts her intuition, she is on the road to financial freedom as money, right or wrong, plays a role in every decision throughout life. That decision can be made by the woman herself or by other members of her family, her education, her religion, her friends, and more. If our Ageless Woman of Wisdom, our AWW Woman, is on her financial freedom journey, her decisions are impacted by her wisdom. Her wisdom grows from the sharing of all other women in her life as well as what she shares with other women.

And my WHY with Ageless Women of Wisdom is to be a partner to every woman to achieve their financial freedom. It is so simple as Oprah puts it this month in O Magazine “I’m always amazed by how easy it is to impact another life.”

Moving forward to thrive…

Morning meditation time is always a lucid, clarifying time for me. It is because of that I recommend it for everyone. In reality, I meditate in the morning and the evening…I need a lot of clarity in my life! With the meditation practice in place, it allows me to find the value in my experience and knowledge. Many times conundrums are resolved following meditation–it clears my head and my emotions and many times answers long standing questions. Right now, answers came today to the question of what should I do with the lack of transparency and candor with my chosen first 2020 retreat provider…My soul had the answer before this morning’s meditation, but how to proceed is what came to me this morning and that follows my experience with me–I know what I need to do, I just need to be educated on “how” to do this with the least harm to everyone involved. And therein lies the problem–I trust too quickly and care too much. That is the problem and the problem which I am ready to now solve. And that leads me today to create my core values for the rebranding in progress for the umbrella corporation which will be Jan Litterst, LLC. The values will be shared as I refine and develop the list, but the top value is integrity including honesty and candor personally and professionally. The problem with the retreat provider is that I requested the agreement to review on October 7th and i was told I would have it by the end of that week, which was October 11th. It did not happen, so on October 14th, I requested the status, and I was told that the agreement would be prepared on October 17th, but then was told on the 19th that the program to do it had gone down. It is now October 27th and I have heard nothing more. Another key value will be “Communication”, and there has been none. The contact I am working with retires on October 31. This is an experiential problem from my past, and it will not be repeated. And, no, I am not reaching out again–there is a responsibility on the part of the retreat center to follow through, or NOT. If they do not, they are operating without integrity and without communication. They are not partners for my business! Unfortunately, another example came up where I indicated interest in working with another potential business partner. That was on October 3rd, and I was told the information would be sent the week of October 7th. It did not happen; I followed up. I was given an excuse and that I would receive it the week of the 14th; it did not happen. I am no longer following up–in both cases the responsible parties did not communicate and did not perform. Well, the lesson I have learned from the experience shows the connection from knowledge to experience, they are not good partners for my business moving forward JAN LITTERST, LLC for my values include communication and integrity!

AWE the Blog About AWE

This is what AWE Ageless Women Emerging is all about. Women learning of their own power and how to access it. This has been an all-consuming thought in the last week since a new option of how to do AWE came to my attention. Nothing, but everything, changes. It is all in the delivery of AWE into the future. This is not meant to be an exclusive program, it must be inclusive. In the way it is currently formatted it is exclusive. There are costs of running programs as entrepreneurs. But there are ways to provide an inclusive program and to really bring everyone to the table who needs to be there. This is all about Business 101 and serious management introspection and skills. It really was a point of concern for many, many reasons, and at 4 a.m. this morning, Source, God, the Universe, and Joel Osteen all ganged up on me. I was restless, I was preoccupied, and I was tired of researching all of this and not coming to a conclusion, which, for reasons I cannot speak of this morning, and I am ok with that, cannot be finalized today, or tomorrow, or the next few days. But it is big. Source has been with me for days providing servant leaders along the way bringing new ideas to the forefront. They love AWE, and they are being quite supportive. And they have a expertise I have not let surface for years. God kept speaking to me that I was leaving something out of AWE. She spoke only in the way God does: gently but nagging. No rest from God. The Universe kept sending more expertise my way including people I have not yet met who really have knowledge to share: wisdom. That is it! AWE is all about wisdom, and yet more wisdom came my way of how to look at this program. I was ready to run to my room and take a very long nap…anything to find rest and peace. Sleep is good, it always is. I have a way of waking up around 2-4 a.m. for a bathroom run and then meditation. I knew I had to get more sleep at 4. My nose was running with allergies, and my one eye was strained from too much use over the last weeks. So up I got and found my way to Aleve–have not taken Aleve in weeks or months for anything, but I knew it would relax my total body for sleep. For my meditation partner this morning it was Joel Osteen with a sermon entitled “You Will Have What God Says You’ll Have”. I thought twice because here was God bringing the whole gang together to get me to listen and find peace, and I did. First Kings was his scripture of choice regarding “spiritual ears”. It was about “struggling”. It was about believing what was in my Spirit not in my mind; it was about faith. It was about accomplishing much. Things are about to turn. Be encouraged by what I feel and hear in my Spirit; what I see is subject to change. Oh yes, “subject to change”. “The path of the righteous gets brighter and brighter.” It was all about listening to what Spirit, Source, the Universe, and God have been sharing with me. Sprit is speaking about what is coming. Am I going to believe what I currently see or believe what “the gang of the Spirit” keeps sharing with me. And, I was at peace and off to sleep…AWE!

The Source of AWE…SOURCE

The source of AWE is SOURCE…Plain and simple and ageless and true. I am moving so slow on this Saturday morning, and I am not trying to rush anything. While I have been on a nonstop schedule for weeks, yesterday and today was like a fast-moving train hitting the brakes, and it has taken more than 24 hours for this train to come to a stop. In the meantime, I have employed healthy eating, coffee with friends, nature even with the rain, and meditation. With the slowing-down process, good sleep came my way last night: 7 hours without moving (the sheets demonstrated that to me this morning), and then a meditation time. The body was totally in a state of gratitude, and so was I.

But being in that state, brought so much to the forefront of my mind. I found a one-minute meditation on God, which I consider my Source and the Universe. Kirk Nelson is a new found source on YouTube, and the following was a total inspiration this morning:

Science and religion have the same purpose…to describe reality.

Science tells us the Universe began with a big bang.

An unseen force caused the Universe to expand at the speed of light.

Scientists call this force Dark Energy because they don’t know what it is.

As you approach the speed of light, time slows down.

When you reach the speed of light, time stands still.

So there is an unseen force creating the Universe from a place where there is no time.

This is almost the very definition of God.

And God is love.

Share that love.


I needed that right at that moment. It was the reminder that God is Source, and the source of AWE, Ageless Women Emerging, has been with me since the moment of the Big Bang. I have been on my path for only several decades of the 14 billion years since the Big Bang. I am a newbie, and I have learned so much. But it has all been to bring me to today. I used to wonder what makes the difference in people’s lives. Yes, we can acquire intelligence, talent, and dedication. Many of us have had DESIRE that burns within us. In the beginning we are not always aware of what it is, but then further down the path, through perseverance and protection from Source, we “learn”. That is the key word “learn”. Through divine guidance we are directed toward learning the right tools for our purpose. We can become mentally proactive to search for what our mind, heart, and soul put on that path for us to choose. But the decision to learn, to acquire more and more knowledge, steers us away from those who think “Ignorance is bliss”. That phrase may be liberating, but it is not part of my life. I am on a path that keeps expanding, and it is exciting. But, like this morning, I needed to come back to my center, and my center is Source…I will never forget that. Because I am a part of the Big Bang I am a part of Source. Yes, I am part God, and that feels good right now and forever.

Did You Know that the Color “Blue” Represents…


Knowledge, Health, Decisiveness!  That is what the color “Blue” represents!  In the logo for EMPOWER Excellence, it is where you become excellent with the energy and work you have done so far.  “Excellence” is what you strive for in even the smallest actions moving you toward even the smallest of goals.  The “Blue” is mentally relaxing, and that is what you feel when you hit the “Excellence” spot.  

It empowers you…  It is that simple.  Become empowered one step at a time.  No matter how small your goal when you begin, you an become excellent in whatever you do!