Now to Empower Our Children #Financial Freedom


Once we become empowered and soaring, it is mandated through values that we empower and teach our children how to be patient and get their wings so that they, to, can fly!

Energy can be good or energy can be bad! There are energetic highs and energetic lows. The energetic forces can be physical, psychic, and emotional. Financial energy can be devastating as children grow and learn the role that money plays in everyone’s lives.

We must be sure as the adults and as parents that we have energy under control in our own lives before we try to help our children through their own energetic highs and lows. If we are unsure, that message will carry over and magnify our own feelings with children.

Yes, good energy practice such as meditation, reiki, yoga, and more are good tools to show, share, and teach children. It helps them center, move their body, and breath. You and they are worthy of knowing this side of energy. But when they need it, they also need to know how to turn fear into fearlessness. Mindfulness can help them center, help them breathe, and help them find the joy in their lives. By loving kindness in their lives, they learn loving kindness , and they can become adults who practice mindfulness and loving kindness. They then can be reminded by their own thoughts and actions of their power, their support of themselves and how to celebrate their truth.

All children have the right to feel empowered to be able to decide on their lives and their futures and to love themselves and know that they, too, are loved!

We are Wise Women at Peace #Ageless Women of Wisdom

Beach Glass is Timeless and Ageless in its Beauty…So Peaceful

Meditation this morning yielded so much to me on this April 1st…usually known as April Fools Day, but not this year. This year April is unknown, but to me it is starting with a new mantra: We are EMPOWERED, We are CONNECTED, We are Wise Women…

Hope is running rampant, and Hope is where my strength resides. Insecurity is gone, and I know now that insecurity is the greatest killer of hope, not knowing is tough. But I know where my strength comes from: it comes from every woman who has been a part of my life, and it comes from my total history!

Spending time working with HOPE this week has been empowering and connecting for me. I am into the deepest revision of my book SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE. I am totally taken by the subject matter of freeing women from anxiety with money. It is refreshing to feel the way I did when I started working with the energy of money!

And the message from Sprit this morning–We are EMPOWERED, We are CONNECTED, We are Wise Women–totally fed my energy and my passion and gave me the next steps of where I am going at this moment.

But more than that, it reawakened my gratitude, my joy, my enthusiasm, and it gave me peace…WE ARE WISE WOMEN AT PEACE…

Energy to Set the World on Fire…#Ageless Women of Wisdom #Jan Litterst #Financial Freedom #Joy

This year I will set the world on fire! It did not happen overnight as anyone who knows me or my blog realizes. Fire for me is a good thing: I have set the intention to physically do the firewalk at Common Ground in Oberlin, Ohio, and that is something because I am very guarded, but I know I am ready spiritually, mentally, and physically! But, on the other hand, moving forward, I have realized and come to understand my fear of fire. I watched as a three-year old my birthday cake go up in flames because the whirly bird centerpiece wa snot removed when the candles were lit! All in the past along with the fear of having my face in water… but that is for another time to share!

This today is all about energy. It does not just come all at once, God forbid that or the world would have been destroyed by now. I probably started my energy journey about 20 years ago. It seems that I have been immersed in it since then in my personal and professional life. The bottom line is that each of us, you and I have the ability to find and direct our personal energy, but ti does take work. But there are guides to tap into to create our own personal brand of energy.

In an article by Deanna Michalopoulos in Yoga Journal entitled “ready, aim, fire”, talking about “The Five Koshas”, on the journey to joy, to financial freedom, to good energy, the five koshas can serve as a roadmap to the bliss and love and joy at the core of internal you. Think of nesting dolls for that is what the koshas act as on your energy journey. They represent your physical body, your life force body, your mental body, your wisdom body, and your bliss body. There are levels of your current status on each of the kosha stages. You can be too active or not active at all. There is a lot to learn in this body of study, but I am using it as a point of reference over two decades to arrive at where I am at today: ready to set the world on fire–ready, aim, fire literally. The final level of kosha is “bliss” and then “pure consciousness”.

The beginning of 2020 was focused on reviewing where I am on this journey. January saw a total review with “all” physical body experts, literally appointments with everyone who would only look at the state of my physical body, and there has been a clean bill of health! February was a review of my life force, or spiritual body, and my mental body. It was a month of being tested on many levels including the loss of a very good friend unexpectedly and the imprint on my psyche of having my control taken away from me by being chosen for jury duty. On top of all of that Mercury Retrograde went into action. To gain back control of my life, yesterday was spent cooking by design for the coming week, cleaning my home, laundering the linens, and not thinking because I had been thinking all month. A good night’s sleep had me awakening this morning with my mental and spiritual capacities back in check and ENERGIZED!

Now, as March approaches, and the launch of the inaugural retreat for AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, I am declaring that “I am a Women of Wisdom” because I am, and a whole month of thinking and planning for the retreat this coming May led to this post-meditation declaration about a week ago. As I said earlier, energy does not just happen. But it all began more than two decades ago. I followed my WHY to learn all I needed to learn for many years, and then I began to leave behind the modes of my learning to move to the next level. In the early 90’s I left more than a decade in public service, politics and government to transition into financial services in banking and financial planning. In 2011 I left the financial services industry because my WHY was screaming at me in such a garbled voice that I was unsure of where I was going. But I had to follow the path unfolding for me: the path to financial freedom for women. Yes, women, money, and freedom. Empower Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection, and AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM are all wrapped up in money, women, and freedom!

Everything is now in place to “ready, aim, fire” and it is all dependent upon the energy of my body, my life force, my mind, and my wisdom. But more than anything, I am ready to set the world on fire. “Finding and Listening to Our Voices” is the first retreat and it has resulted from conversation groups sharing the topics that would make a difference for them in 2020. It is now up to me to light the match and prepare the world in small steps for a path to empowerment, connection, and the sharing of the wisdom of women. There is so much to happen…

Why to Seek Financial FREEDOM… #financial freedom #empower #connect #money

Are You Ready for Financial Freedom?

This is no ordinary day. Here in Ohio we have had clouds, then snow overnight, now freezing rain, and the promise of a 40 degree day followed by more snow tonight. Change is constant, and change is always coming. But why should you seek change?

Money came into existence out of a necessity to exchange or barter for goods. Fast forward to today, money is a necessary symbol of value and worth to be used for almost everything we need and want in our lives. It is way too complicated for someone like me who craves simplicity in all parts of my life. But we are living in a material world no matter how far we try to run from it.

So being a positive simplistic person, let’s talk about some “why’s” to seek FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

For my part, I seek FINANCIAL FREEDOM to be simplistic. No matter how little or how much money a person may have, FINANCIAL FREEDOM is a state of mind that allows you to be free with your state of money in this world. I do not seek a lot of material possessions. My purpose is to help women become comfortable in their spirit, mind, and body with their finances as they are or as they are working for them to be. I am the person who helps them find their money path whether that is a simplistic or materialistic life they are seeking. But there are reasons to consider seeking FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

A major reason to consider seeking FINANCIAL FREEDOM over and above peace of spirit, mind, and body is to be able to buy experiences. This is where “what is important to you” matters, and it is a time to decide what is important to you. Financial Freedom for my clients starts with their definition of being financially free spiritually, mentally, and physically. Putting their money relationship in order to be aligned with that definition is all about EMPOWER Excellence. The Excellence is an individual pursuit as everyone has their own reasons for their life and the money in it. EMPOWER Excellence works on the money relationship. If they are entrepreneurial in a business or have their own business, having the money relationship in place where they want it in the beginning of the pursuit of FINANCIAL FREEDOM allows them to have the money they desire to build their entrepreneurial pursuits with what I have developed to be PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S CONNECTION, an organization designed to CONNECT women when they are ready with other women sharing their desire to grow their business and to grow their FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Ultimately, as their FINANCIAL FREEDOM grows, their need to SHARE the WISDOM they have spiritually, mentally, and physically with other women no matter where they are along the path allows them to pursue their desires in this realm through conversation, philanthropy, and pure JOY! For this, there is AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

Money is Only Energy! #energy #money #flow #financial freedom #freedom

When you think about creating a budget for the new year, think twice about it. Budgets are all about limitation, responsibility, “shortage” consciousness, and constant discord. Intentionally, budgets should be all about what flows in and what flows out. I have successfully used with clients a “spending plan”. A spending plan allows for clarity and alignment and a recognition of Source. Clarity and alignment follow your feelings through the thoughts of manifesting what is yours to want and need. But there is always the thought that what will flow out will flow back in; that is the “knowing” with Source. And there is no limit to what flows in. Feeling good about the clarity and alignment are crucial. It is the reason why “feelings” are so important in work with money. Money is only energy. Begin to think about FLOW > FEELINGS > FREEDOM > FINANCIAL FREEDOM. What flows in, how you feel about that flow, creating freedom with the flow and the feelings and applying it all to money. Money is boundless energy if you are emotionally responsible, find clarity, and become aligned with the flow and the feelings. And the feelings of Love and Joy should be a natural feeling about money, but somehow many os us have lose the enormous capacity for joy that is ours from birth. Maybe, it is time to find the love and joy again with money.

Moving Into 2020 With an Enormous Capacity for JOY!

2020 is starting off in world events to be a year when we need all of the JOY we can find. Long before 2020 began, I had the desire and plan to take my company to the format of a B Corporation which puts people before profits. And everything I now do is weighed against that intention. 2020 will see my presentation of Our Enormous Capacity for Joy offered pro bono to select groups, yet to be chosen, of women in the Northeast Ohio area. While not putting money first, money can contribute joy and love to our lives as we seek financial freedom OR it can suck love and joy out of our lives. Women who are on a path to financial freedom can benefit from the approach of openness without drumming financial facts at them…if you can know of a group that fits this need, please let me know or 440-670-2252 to talk with Jan

Counting Down to Christmas, but… #children #illness #joy #prayers

It is only 11 days till Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year especially for children. But when healthy, happy children become ill unexpectedly, seriously ill, it sucks the joy out of the season. But I refuse to let go of the joy because it is joy, and the memories of joy and the anticipation of joy that can make all things new again. I ask you to inspire joy for all children seriously ill today but more than that I ask that you think joy for a little 3 year old full of life and joy who finds himself very ill today. But in 11 days, joy can be back in his little heart and soul to know the joy of Christmas…prayers from so many can do that!

The Chance for Good…

Perfection does not happen because we are never done with what we are doing and perfection can be the enemy of good. Every day, there are disappointments in the weather, in the world, in our country, in our used-to-be heros, and injustice thrives in certain sectors of our lives. Even our own pasts, sometimes our current thoughts, are less than perfect. Expectations have a lot to do with that. And with Thanksgiving two days away, expecting perfection can be devastating. It is so easy to find the imperfections and then go on to criticize those imperfections and even find shame in them. As I set out with renewed intention in my life in many areas, I look forward to Thanksgiving. It will be different this year in many ways, but for months I have sought out the glimmers of good and I move on to amplify them. Mistakes are common, improvements can be made to mistakes, and seeking the chance for good in each moment allows me to see through the imperfect to find the chance for good, the chance for better. I have learned to avoid the negatives and injustices because they are not for me, and I try to find the best chance for the best outcome in each moment. There is a short story I want to share that just occurred yesterday.

Banks and technology are not necessarily compatible, and while one may present the problem they are not always the source. Four years I have used my iPad for a certain bank function which yesterday morning was stopped because of supposed cookies, which in fact were not the problem, but the bank disavowed responsibility and sent me to APPLE SUPPORT. For almost 2 hours a young 22 year old at APPLE TECHNICAL SUPPORT with 3 months’ experience walked me through every variation of a solution. There were many waiting moments–for a supervisor, for a download, etc.–and I found with my new intention that I engaged Kyle, his real name, in conversation and learned about Southern California where he is from and he learned for the first time about Oberlin, Ohio. He was patient with my limited knowledge but impressed that I knew as much as I did about Apple products and the particular problem I was having. Yes, he solved the problem, but we were both thrilled when the final choice worked. We shared the JOY! We wished each other Happy Thanksgiving, and we both hoped I would receive a random survey from APPLE to relate the experience. What I learned is that patience and collaboration was so much easier on both Kyle and I to solve what was a “high level” problem at Apple. No one was to blame, it was a technological glitch with my Apple product. But it was solved, and I was left with a wonderfully warm feeling that we solved it together and did not fall to blaming or shaming anyone in the process. Who knew banking and technology could have two strangers in a yucky situation find common ground and respect.

I am Self Caring! Where do I find love glasses?

Pink? Yes, pink, for I am looking for joy like pink cotton candy, hearts, and flowers. and now I am looking for love glasses! Yes, I am looking for joy, and I am realizing that I have not been doing self care for a long time. Time to change, time for JOY!

There have been trends in self care ever since I can remember. For me, my first memory is detoxing with trendy cleanses, better food choices, cleaner air, healthier relationships, better inner words for ourselves following. Yoga followed and more. All of this is good for you if you find JOY in it. But the purification trend has faded, and now we hear a lot about self care. I like the term self-care because we have to determine what we individually need. Now we hear about more sleep, healthier eating, restoring yoga, being grateful, journaling, and grounding. But JOY still eludes us.

And joy is what I am seeking to empower me, to connect me, and to share with other women of all ages. Yes, all of the modalities already mentioned can contribute to self care, but we need to find inner joy while we are seeking JOY!

So let’s start with compassion which benefits all of us in all ways, but starts with me. This is putting ourselves first, and it is hard for us to start a practice of compassion because for many us we are told that this is being “selfish”. Being selfish is really bad, we have been told. This is the starting point of self care. And the first point is to remove the word “self” and start with “CARING”. Caring is for all including ourselves.

Add motivation to caring. When you feel the need for caring, go with it, that is motivation. All you are doing in this first step is getting familiar with your needs and you allow yourself to open up to the need for caring…Open up to care for you! Open up to caring, open up for joy, and open up to loving yourself. Forget the word “self”, just do it!