Dance Through Life for JOY!

Do you have a wish to live “happy ever after”? Do you see that as an impossible dream or are you living the dream now? Your answer could be halfway between those two points. Are you working really hard to realize your dreams without taking the time to rest and play on the way? Are […]

The Law of Grace, Happiness & Joy

It is possible to reconnect to your truth of your being, to your wholeness, to your wisdom, and to your power. Things happen through you, and the entire Universe is aligned in your favor. When you realize it, it is a holy instant. It also reminds you that happiness is part of a finite game: […]

She Did It Under the Willow Tree: Personal Leadership!

I do not normally write about food although I really love healthy food, and I rarely eat sugar deliberately, so please disregard the beautiful teal frosted cupcake. Say the words aloud, and then you will know why I am writing about cupcakes! My topic today is personal leadership and I want to introduce you to […]

Make Your Youthfulness & Uniqueness a LEGACY…

You are on the road to creating a Legacy, a family legacy for financial wellness; and the place you start is with your youthful, abundant energy.  You mold your life with your youthful vitality and uniqueness.  Just like you, no two family legacies are the same!  Begin by defining what is your uniqueness that you brought to the Earth upon your birth.  No matter […]