Softening to the Challenge

The transformation to Oberlin has begun…maybe, I should call it the transition to Oberlin.  Whichever, the process has begun.  Where nesting is a natural introduction to a change, dismantling is the beginning to transformation and transition, and it has begun.  I will spare you the details, just trust me, the beginning has begun. Whenever you […]

Fueled by Purpose, Energy Abounds!

Oh yes, I am pumped today!  I am wracked with allergy symptoms, but that is not stopping me.  I have listened to one of the Abraham Rampages that was so appropriate for where I am right now with my life. More than that, my journaling last evening put into writing the saying “Not my Monkeys, […]

This Is One Battle…

This is one battle that I choose not to fight, at least not openly and verbally.  I am a good reader of people, especially when people, while still in integrity and within their values, say one thing and really mean another.  I am not a quiet, keep it all to myself person, especially when it comes […]

Stop Trying to Manage Everything…

Managing your life, managing your family, managing your career, managing your money…managing, managing, managing.  It used to be that Sunday was the day of rest, a day not to manage anything; but then that changed when people felt that they had to manage their religious life.  You notice I said”religious” not “spiritual”.  It is interesting today that […]

To Whom Do You Make Sense?

If I were to answer the question “To Whom Do You Make Sense?”, I probably would answer I am under no obligation to make sense to you.”  Sometimes I make no sense to myself.  It just does not happen.  I try to be logical, and I usually get into trouble.  Much of the world does […]

What Is Guiding You to JOY?

Too many times I find myself teetering on the edge of fear, afraid of what will happen if I jump into the middle of the “lake” of life and do what my heart and intuition are yelling at me to do. Pride, experience, reason, and heart are not always in agreement.  And that, sometimes, is […]

How Do You Feel About YOU?

Finding our power has everything to do with how we feel about ourselves.  Our instincts took a lifetime to develop, and we have to learn to respect our instincts.  Really.  call it instinct or intuition; don’t argue over the differences.  They are your feelings!  Respect them.  YOU need to find what you value about yourself, and then […]