Find Hope in Trusting Yourself to Socialize & Network! #Empower Connect Share

Look at Socializing & Networking as TRUSTING IN YOURSELF!

In plain black and white, finding hope can be done in socializing…all kinds of socializing! But there is something you need to know about yourself first. That something is “Trust Yourself”.

In our Finding Hope with money segment yesterday, we touched on building confidence and self esteem and how money confidence helps build that. When you trust yourself with money, that carries over into trusting yourself with connecting with others. Trust in yourself builds to making you unshakeable. Your consciousness becomes unchanging, you feel grounded, and you know you can rely on yourself. All of these characteristics are needed to be able to explore and build new relationships which in turn do activate hope from within you. You know that you are worthy of all you are looking for.

Finding hope in socialization does also ask that you put ego aside as well as be vulnerable. Ego often acts as a shield, a shield that can be off-putting , but to put ego aside does make you more vulnerable, and that is good. Examine your expectations when socializing and networking; be careful to be open without expectations in socializing with new acquaintances. Chances are your new acquaintances may have their own lack of trust in themselves as well. They may be filled with doubt and fear and maybe expectations about you.

Trust yourself, trust your intuition. Trust and intuition are a part of your personal power. You can share that power, but do not give it away. When you meet someone new, or old in terms of a relationship, be open but careful. My words of wisdom in networking socializing is “Givers give”. Learn about your new acquaintance, learn about how you might be abe to help them with their purpose for socializing and networking. It is amazing how that opens up the conversation. But keep yourself in mind as well. A real danger signal is someone who only wants to “take” and not give”. That can kill hope really fast, but trust yourself, trust your intuition; you are powerful. Just remember that you are powerful. Find hope here.

But what about socializing and networking in our current times. This is where assessing your experience and comfort with the technology available is needed. Many networking groups are using and encouraging using the tools such as LIVE networking on Facebook. Zoom meetings and more can be useful but a little intimidating until you learn how to use them effectively. Get your feet wet slowly in the technology. I am very thankful that each of my four regional networking groups have their own “closed” Facebook group only open to the members to share, to experiment going LIVE, and in turn offering feedback to others and seeking help from the other members when they need it. There are many ways members can become familiar and learn to trust themselves with the technology. You can find hope here as well.

In all situations, in person and virtual, practice the art of conversation including listening. Conversation can be productive in all forms if listening and speaking are balanced along with the sharing of wisdom. This is where your power and self trust reign and are weighed constantly by your intuition. You know when to insert your power if you are listening to your internal trust; this is your intuition speaking to you without speaking. Intuition is a great conversation tool but weigh it carefully. Go gentle into conversation as you build your hope for too much of any of this can be counterproductive! Trust yourself, all of yourself.

My WHY with Ageless Women of Wisdom

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My WHY “to partner with women to achieve their financial freedom has been a journey for my whole life. In 2019 Ageless Women of Wisdom became the culminating activity that in and of itself has been a true journey to financial freedom.

Ageless Women of Wisdom began as a partnership and ended several months later as the beginning of Jan Litterst, LLC. One lesson I have learned on my journey to Financial Freedom is that I trust too easily because I pride myself on my honesty and integrity; consequently, I believe, or believed, that others who partner with me in any endeavor also pride themselves on honesty and integrity. Within the years since I have left corporate America, eye-opening experiences in each of my companies and programs have opened my eyes progressively wider. In Empower Excellence, a major client breached their major contract three months in, in Professional Women’s Connection the tearful founder asking me to take the networking program over left me hanging with a nonfunctional website and a blazing critique of what I had done to improve and grow the group, and in Ageless Women of Wisdom a friend of many years saw the opportunity for a new venture to begin together when what she really wanted was for me to be her “teacher to grow her business” and not a joint venture. Am I naive? Maybe a little. Am I honest? A whole lot. Do I have integrity? Definitely, yes. These are lessons many learn, but they are also lessons learned by many leaders of yesterday and today. So I have learned, and I have moved on with Ageless Women of Wisdom when the former friend and former partner walked away two weeks before the launch without fulfilling her commitment to me or to Ageless Women of Wisdom.

But there are lessons others have learned with me as well. I am honest and have integrity, and I am a straight shooter. After all, I am a Scorpio, and we will leave that at that. In all three of the above cases, I have forgiven each one in order to keep moving forward. But I have not forgotten as I am now much more skeptical and thorough in not only personal but professional ventures. As we enter Mercury Retrograde, all agreements are being explored thoroughly for Ageless Women of Wisdom’s launching retreat in May. But presenter agreements were signed weeks ago, the caterer and I have a verbal agreement in place, the venue contract has been signed in 2019. The Universe works with me when I work smarter and not harder.

Right now, all pieces of what will become Jan Litterst, LLC legally later this year, are a place of comfort for me. There is plenty to do, but I do also pride myself on focus and efficiency. Right now the focus is on Ageless Women of Wisdom and how my WHY has brought it into existence in more ways than one since June of 2019. There was no hesitation on my part when I faced moving ahead alone that this was what I wanted to do. It had many impacts including financial. But you see, as I shared with a son this morning, what I do in the next eight years of my life will impact the remainder of my intended longevity! And I am on a great journey!

All women are on a great journey as not only the divine feminine but also as the nurturers in everyone’s life as defined by our almighty design. We arrive in the world with wisdom and we continue to learn and live by that wisdom even though we rarely even attribute that wisdom to anything but “doing what we have to do.” Creating Ageless Women of Wisdom (AWW) begged certain questions including is this about aging, and it is not. “AGELESS” is the key. The sooner women realize that the wisdom we have to share with other women of all generations, the more we tap into the wisdom that is ours to SHARE. Someday, with permission, I will share how a five-year old “woman” constantly demonstrates her wisdom among women of many generations her senior!

So, Financial Freedom? What is it in laymen/laywomen’s terms? It is self confidence grown through intuition and knowledge in every woman throughout her life. When she has the confidence, knowledge, and trusts her intuition, she is on the road to financial freedom as money, right or wrong, plays a role in every decision throughout life. That decision can be made by the woman herself or by other members of her family, her education, her religion, her friends, and more. If our Ageless Woman of Wisdom, our AWW Woman, is on her financial freedom journey, her decisions are impacted by her wisdom. Her wisdom grows from the sharing of all other women in her life as well as what she shares with other women.

And my WHY with Ageless Women of Wisdom is to be a partner to every woman to achieve their financial freedom. It is so simple as Oprah puts it this month in O Magazine “I’m always amazed by how easy it is to impact another life.”

I am told by some I am called “the boss”. Really?

And the color of the day is bright green! For many years I have subscribed to a daily weekday (I wish it were 7 days) message from THE UNIVERSE at I know each message is not personal, but it sure seems like it is. The message from The Universe today expressed frustration “some of what frustrates us here the most, Janice Marie, are your regrets over the past, insecurities over downtime, and self doubts over decisions to be made. Please, the past was only a warm-up, your downtime allows us to set a new stage, and it’s you we proudly call “the boss.” This message was so powerful to me this morning for many reasons. I have had regrets over how I raised my now adult children and those regrets had me bummed out for a few days. Insecurities over downtime hit the nail on the head as I have taken a brief hiatus for thinking through my total rebranding making decisions on how to incorporate all I do under the new company name JAN LITTERST, LLC.

The message is all about what I am all about–self care and learning to love yourself. The last few weeks have been a distinct effort to do just that. And it is clear, as a Scorpio, with a Halloween birthday, “I am the boss” but my Chief of Staff is Source aka Spirit. No decision is made without my staff, and sometimes, they call it “intuition” , they make the decisions and then quietly share them with me in meditation. Wow, so calling me “the boss” is maybe tongue in cheek?

My Inner Being & I Have a Mutual Admiration Society!

Thanks to my friend Beth this beautiful graphic came my way. It spoke to me for many reasons: the butterfly, trust, intuition, and more. I interpret intuition as my “Inner Being”, and I want to feel about me the way my Inner Being feels about me. The Inner Being always looks out for the best for me. It is interesting to look at my Inner Being that way as I am a teacher of life, and I am a creator, and I walk with the Universe in acceptance of who I am as a whole being: mind, body and soul. I have no limits in seeing what is or feeling what is. I see with my eyes and I feel with my mind, body, and soul.

Like my Inner Being, my power is in the NOW and I resonate with my Inner Being as my Source. Source is NOW focused and shares its wisdom with me. My Inner Being is not interested in the past, and it does not wait until the manifestation of an intention “happens”. I try to be secure as my Inner Being is secure in the NOW. Consequently, all my power is in the NOW as is Inner Being’s power is in the NOW. I do not see every intention as an already done deal, but I look at every intention with the vision of my Inner Being.

What I do Know is that the world is waiting for my vision of what is real for me. I know that action leads to connection and communication and eventually co-creation. Collaboration always has potential, and that to me is SHARING. Taking a step into certainty empowers my intentions to the Universe. I can then connect to my true self of Pure Spirit and pursue my divine purpose with action, connection, and communication to share and speak my truth. We walk the path of what we want and what we need. Interconnection leads to inspiration, and the new ideas roll in. I then know where to go, whom to meet, and make the human connection to reach manifestation.

I then come to the table with others to SHARE our individual visions and to begin to live in the flow together. It is networking, it is being out there sharing visions but still retreating back into stillness which then encourages and inspires action with the spoken word which is a very powerful tool. Verbalization empowers our intentions into the world: My vision shared with your vision becomes our SHARED VISION. And my Inner Being becomes blended with my outer being of reality to become an AGELESS WOMAN OF WISDOM.

Believe in Yourself…It Takes Time, But It is Worth Time, AWE!

So easy to say, but hard to do! But when you do you can do anything. Yes, you will still have doubts but they will evaporate quicker, you will regain your composure, and you will be able to accomplish whatever you want, but you will not always be able to control the timing, you still need your Higher Power whatever it is. The belief in yourself comes from your Higher Power, which is your Source within you, call it conscience, call it intuition, call it YOU. And it will not happen overnight even though you were born with it…Remember that, work on believing, and AWE you will get there. Believe in that!

Add a Little Intuition to Your MONEY!

I like to think of my intuition as “this little light of mine”! Really, I do. It is like when you are really thinking hard about a money decision and nothing seems to come to me as an answer. But, if I get really quiet, and I become still, my intuition comes to me just a like a nightlight in the dark. It really does, and it makes decisionmaking so much easier. Just like this little light of mine–intuition–helps, people in my life who love my light, and usually I love their light, really add to my intuition because intuition for me is simply everything and everyone who has been in my life–they all add light to my life!

Begin with Your Self Mastery

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a lot of discussion here regarding a Legacy, and there is a reason for that.  Money is a part of our lives from day one, whether we know it or not.  We work hard to make a living, we have dreams, and we have hopes for others we care for.  Legacy allows all of that to happen whether with intention or helter-skelter.  I prefer as a Money Energy Healer and Coach to make it intentional.  If you are of the “helter-skelter” variety, you must have your energy in alignment with what you want for now and for the future.  And I believe I could learn a lot from you as well, so please share in the comments, seriously.

And to get to know ourselves and what we want is a beginning step:  let’s call it self mastery.  The above graphic displays how our mind and heart sometimes rule internal and external conversations.  Unfortunately, our intuition, or soul for me, is left out of the conversation when it really contains all we need to solve any problem if we would give our soul the space and time and quiet to really learn from ourselves.  That is self-mastery.

Source is Sustainable…

Soul Plan

Ending the month of June and beginning the month of July marks the end of the first half of this year 2018.  Everything does not always go as planned, one day can be great, and the next day can be less than great.  

As you begin this week, with a holiday smack dab in the middle, you may feel discombobulated by the craziness of the days with people on vacation and many feel that moving forward we are on the downside of the summer.

It is hard to plan your life on a week such as this, but maybe it is time to stop the planning and begin to trust your life for it will unfold with or without a plan.  It is also the end of a month and the beginning of a month financially.  This alone can drive folks a little crazy trying to get a handle on their money.  

No matter how the week and the month unfolds for your life and your money, keep this in mind.  No matter what, Source (aka Inner Being, Soul, God,  and more) is Sustainable.  Maybe, it is time to slow down on action and begin to “listen” to your Source.  This is also the seat of your intuition, which is the culmination of everything you know and have experienced in your life.  “Listening” to Source and Intuition, some may call it “gut feelings” rightfully so, can open your mind, your heart, and life to new things.  But it also brings you back to a concept I developed as my “core values” several years ago.

CORE VALUES ______November 2013 jpg

Our primal instinct directs us to become “personally sustainable”.  Maslow addressed this with his hierarchy of needs many years ago.  If we can “listen” to Source to follow what we need to do with life and with money to become “personally sustainable”, our next logical step is to create a sustainable environment for our family unit, no matter how it is structured.  From there, the simple approach is to have a family unit which can influence the creation of a “sustainable community”, no matter how small or large, no matter if it is a geographical, religious, educational, or similar community.  From there, it is an understandable leap to create “environmental sustainability” for it is inherent within each of us to care for our “home” large or small.  And the Earth is our home.  This is basic.  For each of us it can become simplistic or complicated, but, no matter Source is Sustainable.  

This week, take a little time each day to listen to Source in terms of your life and all that goes with it including money.  Trust Source and trust your soul for there has been a plan specifically for you all along, now is the time to “listen” to what that plan is.

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The Secret Within Us Is “Balance”


We are always seeking “balance” in money, food, politics, family, friends, and more.  Trying to find what is right for us all the while being told what everyone thinks is right for us.  It surrounds us in all of the media—printed, electronic, and social.  There are those who say the media makes up the news.  Do they?  Is what we hear real or “fake”?  Is what we read the truth?  After years of exposure to everyone else, how can we find our “personal” balance?  How do we express more of ourself when sometimes we cannot find our “person”?

There is an answer.  It is not easy.  It depends how far “down the rabbit hole” we have gone.  We may not know how we feel about “family”.  We may not know how we feel about “friends”.  In this era of Trump, we may be totally torn about “politics”.  “Food” is a battlefield of good, bad, and more.  And we don’t have a clue about “money”!

The answer is finding your intuition…if you even know what it is.

“intuition” is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence or conscious reasoning, or without any understanding how we learned it.  Intuition begins with the native knowledge we are born with.  We react to being wet, hungry or tired.  But all gets murky when we begin interacting with our environment, and that includes family, friends, politics, food, and eventually money!

If we can find our foundation in intuition, then we can begin to rebuild and eventually find our balance in all areas.  “Balance” means listening to what we learn from our environment and taking what is pertinent to each of us personally and allowing it to become a part of our being.  It is not easy.  And that is why I chose it as this week’s topic.  So many of us are so conflicted, but all is not lost.  Finding your intuition is necessarily selfish, but you must be selfish.  This is your life.  It is the only one you have.

Now, taking each area of your life, separately, and quietly drilling down to find your meaning in each area, through  quiet, mindfulness, and meditation and other quiet energy paths, you will find your meaning coming to you…slowly but surely.  From there, you will find what resonates for you…only then can you, and only you, determine what “balance” is for you.  You will know it when you feel it…feelings are another topic for another week.