No Matter Your Age…Gratitude!

There is an uncertainty when planting seeds, whether human or plant life. The best intentions are held when you ask the question “Who am I?” and you move forward on your journey. Life and the seeds that are planted change daily. You can close your eyes and envision what will become of the dreams you put into motion, but you never know what the outcome will be. There can be whispers and dreams, and you can ask again and again for what you hope will be manifested. There are so many possibilities. As we have developed AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, the focus is on ALL WOMEN of ALL AGES. We can breathe and let go of the expectations. We can trust ourselves and our higher power and our Inner Being. As is your desire, so is your intention, and so is the resulting action. But you will never know if the seed that is planted will survive into birth or beyond birth for any particular period of time. All I can ask and hope for is that there will be wisdom shared across the generations of women no matter how old they are and how long they may live…

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Have the TIME of Your Life!

Everything is all about timing. Consider this…

It is the first day of fall

It is the day you read this blog about timing.

Fall is a time for change!

The leaves change color, differentiating them from all other leaves.

The leaves let go of their past knowing they do have a future in Spring

This is the time of transformation for nature dispelled by the leaves!

The leaves know who they are and are ready to know who they are. Is it time to ask yourself a question: WHO AM I?

This is a tough question for some at some times in their life to ask. Remember it can be asked of yourself every day if you feel the need.

But it is this question that leads to learning more about yourself, to learn about the intentions that lie within your heart.

Questions invite energy in to your Inner Space to and your peaceful awareness and to look at your full potential.

These feelings and yearnings are the SEEDS of Passion and Purpose. Only YOU can plant the seeds and Begin YOUR JOURNEY…Your Destiny is held by you and not the Stars.

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And Then It Was April…


April is a time when I start new things…

In 1978, on April Fools’ Day, I conceived a son!  Yes!

In April of 1984, I began an affair that lasted on and off until 2010!  No!

I didn’t want to be a fool or a trailblazer or someone who marched to my own music, but I have always been me, and no one who tried could ever change me.  I am not a conformist, I am not a radical, but I am uncompromising and honest.  

It is a cloudy, gray day in Northeast Ohio, in Oberlin!  The day started with a planned power outage from 5 am to 7 am this morning.  Very weird, but it was scheduled by Oberlin Power & Light for repairs and maintenance.  One more thing that is different about Oberlin!  And the day is going well…Slow, but well.  Actually, I am the slow one.  Maybe “deliberate” is a better word!

Five days before April began, I started the Modere Biocell, liquid collagen and hydralauric acid.  On Day three, my digestive elimination system shut down, a small concern knowing how my body works.  Today is Day six, and my body is telling me “this is good stuff”, and we are back on track.  I have a wellness visit with my doctor on Tuesday, and I will see what he thinks.  I will also weigh myself for the first time in a month since my scale somehow avoided me twice during the move, and I simply acknowledged that this was a plan of The Universe.  But I think I may have lost weight through the move and the Biocell…

My horoscope for April, including Mercury retrograde beginning on the 9th, is fairly optimistic excluding any romantic interest until May!  So, April is off and running, and I am in the midst of really focusing everything I do to achieving balance, health, and a new home in 2022 which will include my business.

Closing out March was good…the move is accomplished, the balance is returning, I have taken The Empower Excellence Experience into the Clean Living sector and The Practice at Oberlin is scheduled for its next conversation within the next two weeks…step by step.  The Healthy Eating part of The Experience will begin April 11th.  So it is a good month of new beginnings, and it is also a month of old endings…

In settling into Oberlin, several pieces of my past were found–old 78 records that were my ex’s were returned to him two days ago, and a romantic album given to me by the partner in the affair has been pulled and will be returned to him this month…It is clearing the energy to allow room for the new energy with The Empower Excellence Experience, the Modere, the Healthy Eating, and The Practice at Oberlin!  

And toxic friendships are also being cleared.  I put forth a concentrated effort to ascertain whether questionable friendships would go forth; two of them will not.  One is afraid of the rain…short story that has been long in coming.  The other is someone who is lacking in self esteem and concocts stories to make herself bigger than she is.  And she goes to great lengths to find ways to share her embellishments with me.  That happened last night, and I walked away shaking my head and promising myself…NO MORE!

Oberlin was a deliberate move in all ways, and I am now holding myself accountable to be true to those deliberate intentions, clearing the old energy to make way for the new and life enhancing intentions that brought me here!  

 In April, I will begin to share those intentions and the good I hope to bring to all who are interested in sharing the good of The Empower Excellence Experience.  Join me…

What is Your Story?


Many years ago, I learned that one of my strengths was in story telling, especially about money.  Story telling allows a person to relate through someone else’s story.  It is as old as the ages and yet every story, sometimes told and retold, is a new listening experience.  The heart and the head react, and sometimes even the soul has a part.  

What I have learned over the past year especially is that story telling is also a very powerful tool to manifest your desire.  A year ago, I began the story of moving to Oberlin, and I shared it with many.  I know without a doubt some began to wonder about my being out of touch with “reality”.  There may have been a microsecond when I had that thought, but I soon let it go because I saw how story telling can become your true desire becoming reality–I did this when I created my company Empower Excellence in 2012.  There was never a doubt that I saw the story unfolding of helping folks with their money relationships.  Of course, the story did not include the hardships and sacrifice I experienced during the last five years, but I never doubted the veracity of the story.  Now, five years later, my story was Oberlin, and in a week I begin the physical move.  It happened, once again, without a doubt.  Yes, it was faith.  But it was also learning that God and the Universe know when your story  is your path and all conspire with you to make it your present moment.  It is with gratitude that I now move into the next story.

March 1, a pivotal date.  Twelve years ago I made the move from the home in Vermilion to Westlake.  Intentions along the way were modified as they usually are.  But March 1, 2017, is significant in many ways.

That morning I should have the keys to 309 N. Main Street in Oberlin.  The internet and cable will be installed, the business will be up and running in theory.  Later that day, I attend the Cleveland Business Connects Awards Dinner where Professional Women’s Connection, my regional women’s networking group, is in the top five in its category for the second year in a row.  Win or lose, it is significant, and I will be the only one representing the group as the ticket price is steep for a woman entrepreneur.  The story of Professional Women’s Connection is a good one, but it is only a part of the pivotal day of March 1.  Also, The Empower Excellence Experience becomes a reality that day when all the pieces and parts will be shared over the coming days of March.  It is all about Money and the role it plays in finances, nutrition, health, wellness, and spirituality.  It is the foundation of my future and the futures of many.

It is the next story, and it will be shared here and elsewhere…like I said, I am a good storyteller!  And this story, like all of my stories, has a great deal to do with “Energy”….

Do Not Make Resolutions! Make Disciplined Intentions!

Intention Without Discipline

I have created much information that may strike the hearts of women who aspire to become more active in their lives, more active in their families, more active in their communities, and more active in their future!  Words like these may strike a chord for a moment, but the true test is to strike a chord that makes a difference.  If that happens with what I write, then I have done a good thing.  If what I write creates an intention within one person, that is a good thing.  But it is all useless unless one person creates an intention with discipline–how they are going to accomplish their intention–then I have truly made a difference!

Can We See When Things “turn on a dime”?

Butterfly Philosophy

Sometimes I feel stuck because I am trying to make my personal and professional life all better all at once, and it just is not going as quickly as I would like to see it move.  Lately I am trying to totally live in each moment including what I meditate on–it is no longer a meditation marathon every morning and evening.  It is one small focus.  Breaking it down into teeny, tiny pieces makes it much easier.

But more than that, when I am meditating, the aftermath of each few minutes is shifting–it is God, the Universe, my Guardian Angel, Michael, alerting me to what I have accomplished in broader brushstrokes than I tend to think in.  

Months ago I planned to grow my one women’s networking group into a regional entity.  Well, that has now become a reality with a presence in three counties bordering Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio.  While I have been working in this venue, I never jumped out of my space to see what I have created–Professional Women’s Connection is a regional networking organization!  That turned on a dime!  I almost missed it as I moved on.

My intentions also included becoming more aware of me and keeping me healthy in all ways.  Just recently I set out modifying my metabolism with a very unique eating plan.  Today is Day 8, and I have lost 5 pounds while full of energy while feeling full.  Cravings for salty and sugary foods are under control.  I am exercising regularly.  That is great, but what I am also experiencing is a new recognition of creativity..fueled by my love of the lake and beach glass.  There is a side of me that has been dormant for a long time.  That turned on a dime!

Moving forward, I am on a precipice of planning for 2016.  Having laid out the basics for my business, a new piece of information over which I have no control other than what I have done in response to the recognition of an opportunity presents a mental ping pong game of pros and cons…  This is a game I cannot win at this stage of play, so I have turned it over to God.  Who knows?  This, too, could turn my life and business on a dime.  It is not up to me, is it?  I am just a player in the game with my eye on the ball so I CAN SEE WHEN THINGS TURN ON A DIME!

And who knows?  I may just see the butterfly that I have become and keep changing…

Rebirthing Yourself with Money, Relationships, and More

When you think of “rebirthing”, what comes to mind?

Is it ever too late to be “reborn”?

What happens when you are “reborn”?


Ok, this is pretty heady stuff, and I know because today is my new birthday.  Nobody proclaimed it, I just know it.  When a baby is born, they come into the world with very little baggage, very few blocks, and a clean slate for the most part.  The only things they bring with them is what might have happened in their DNA and in the womb.  

Nobody told me I would be reborn today, but in my intuitive self, I know it!

And the process began when I was born.  I had to accumulate all of the feelings, emotions, patterns, behaviors, and more throughout my life before I could let them all go.  And that is what a rebirth is all about–letting go of the past, letting go of the old me, letting go of the negatives, letting go of those who have been in my life that no longer are in my best good.  It has been one heck of a journey for oh so many years, but in the past several weeks, I have been going through an energetic clearing and cleansing.

And today, I declare, is Day 1 of my new life.  I may be older, but as long as I am alive, it is not too late to start anew, and this time, I can move ahead without all of the baggage,  I have left it in the Universe’s baggage storage area;  and,  much like lost luggage, it will never resurface in my lifetime.  That is how resolute I am today.   

So, now what happens?

My family structure has changed to only include those who are truly family.

My mindset is positive self-care.

My love for the Universe and all in it is limitless.

My abundance is manifesting.

I am who I am today, August 18, 2014, and my intention is to be all of the glorious manifestations I am meant to be!  

Think about it, it is your decision to be reborn..  Yes, it is your life, and your life is beholden to you.  


Life is Beholden to You Photo