Have the TIME of Your Life!

Everything is all about timing. Consider this… It is the first day of fall It is the day you read this blog about timing. Fall is a time for change! The leaves change color, differentiating them from all other leaves. The leaves let go of their past knowing they do have a future in Spring […]

And Then It Was April…

April is a time when I start new things… In 1978, on April Fools’ Day, I conceived a son!  Yes! In April of 1984, I began an affair that lasted on and off until 2010!  No! I didn’t want to be a fool or a trailblazer or someone who marched to my own music, but […]

What is Your Story?

Many years ago, I learned that one of my strengths was in story telling, especially about money.  Story telling allows a person to relate through someone else’s story.  It is as old as the ages and yet every story, sometimes told and retold, is a new listening experience.  The heart and the head react, and […]

Do Not Make Resolutions! Make Disciplined Intentions!

I have created much information that may strike the hearts of women who aspire to become more active in their lives, more active in their families, more active in their communities, and more active in their future!  Words like these may strike a chord for a moment, but the true test is to strike a […]

Can We See When Things “turn on a dime”?

Sometimes I feel stuck because I am trying to make my personal and professional life all better all at once, and it just is not going as quickly as I would like to see it move.  Lately I am trying to totally live in each moment including what I meditate on–it is no longer a […]

Rebirthing Yourself with Money, Relationships, and More

When you think of “rebirthing”, what comes to mind? Is it ever too late to be “reborn”? What happens when you are “reborn”?   Ok, this is pretty heady stuff, and I know because today is my new birthday.  Nobody proclaimed it, I just know it.  When a baby is born, they come into the […]