And then maybe not…

It is only March and the last few days’ outlook of 2018 would have suggested a metamorphosis, but I was not expecting all that has happened. In my constant comparisons with the transformation of butterflies, the metamorphosis that rolled out in the last weeks of December would have suggested a metamorphosis comparable to the dark days in the chrysallis for the butterfly. That is what started the year, and it has happened, but it is “light” that is becoming reality in the last few days!

And it is light that will carry me through this phase into a fantastic part of this year on all fronts–personal and professional! It is quite wonderful when you live in the NOW and begin to see what living moment to moment can become with faith, friends, and the Universe working on my behalf.

Now I can just imagine what is becoming…it is light and it is BIG and it is wonderful!

Are You Living From a Place of Fear, Especially with the Money in Your Life

Take one moment and describe your feelings about money in one of two words:  love or fear.




It is like a pair of boxing gloves–one “fear” and one “love”.

If you take that one moment, breathe, and be honest, tell yourself is it “fear” or “love” when you think about money in your life.  You have just started your personal journey to transform your money and your life.

Fear appears and can paralyze you from imagining what your life would be without limiting beliefs, limiting behaviors, what it would be like to BE BRAVE, BE BOLD, and become the magnificent person you were born to be.  

Take the moment and decide if the money in your life is in fear or in love…you are moving forward.