Transforming through Legacy…

There is no way to continue in life with continuous transformation, and that is what the butterfly symbolizes–transformation! Before transformation there is the feeling of hopelessness.  That is where we start.  We know where we need to transform.  And a Legacy is the beneficiary of our continuous transformation for this is where we begin to face what we need to change not only for ourselves but for others in our life as well. It is with fear that we turn to hope as hope and fear are two sides of the same coin…you cannot have one without the other, and a Legacy demonstrates both sides.  The fear of when we will transition as well as the hope that there is plenty of time to transform all we need to transform… Advertisements

Is Your Bowl Empty?

The photo with this blog is the latest Oberlin work of art for me…it is the only Oberlin work of art to date for me, but it spoke loud and strong to me, and it soon became a part of my logo with the muted colors of my branding logo and the metalwork butterfly given […]

Sustainability is Hope Inspite of Trump

Yesterday was an ah-ha moment day for me, and I was looking forward in a way to attending a screening of the current film “An Inconvenient Sequel” featuring Al Gore and Climate Change.  Part of me was knowing that it would be depressing, but it ended on “Hope”, and I can handle that.   With the […]

Rainy Days Make Me Glad While Rainy People Make Me Sad

This blog needs to be bold! Reading my daily words of wisdom from Tama Kieves, I had to smile when she spoke today, April 29th, of people who make her sad.  I relate.  Today is my mother’s birthday.  She died in 2005 at the age of 86.  She would have been 98, and I believed […]

Want a Little More Vibrating?

Day Two of Biocell…All is good, and dreams are even more personal and vibrant!  The current edition had to do with the design of clothing–clear, crisp, meticulous–and the designing of houses–clear, crisp, meticulous!  Imagine that!   And Abraham Hicks had everything to do with focus, only on what I want, not on what has gone […]

Moving is Priceless…

When friends and acquaintances learn that I am moving to Oberlin, their first question is usually “Why?” There are so many possible answers, but my favorite is “I am meant to be there.” It is an answer that began to form about 20 years ago, and it has developed ever since.  I had never been to Oberlin […]

Love Makes the World Go Round or Upside Down & Money Always There!

It is two days until Valentine’s Day, and there are many different reactions to this infamous day.  Much of it depends upon your relationship status: young and single, single, divorced, married, in a relationship gone bad, and more… Speaking as a person with a professional interest in seeing relationships work, I know that there are […]

Realizations & Epiphanies, No Intentions!

Taking my cue, and the contents of my vortex, Doreen Virtue gave me the greatest gift of the new year this morning: What a beautiful and powerful card for the new year! You are going to receive great insights, and personal revelations that will set you on a positive course of action. Pay attention to […]