It is Never Just About Money…

The holidays are a time when “the shit hits the fan” among friends and families, but this is exactly the season to let it go!  There are arguments that seem to be about money during this time of the year, but they are really much more than that.  It can be sibling rivalry from Christmases […]

Being Our Own Best Friends Heading Into the Holidays…

Becoming our own best friends is a topic that is related to everything in my life.  It has to do with how we relate to money, how we relate to time, and how we relate to others.  It is not always in our best interest to be best friends with the people who appear in our […]

What Does Your Present Moment Feel Like?

It is a Wednesday in the early part of December.  The holidays are upon us big time!  But the present moment is all you have.  It is all I have.  I want to convey something to you in this moment that might make a difference in your moment.  You are important to me, no matter […]

We Are All Connected….Everyone is Needed To Be a Prosperous World!

FALL brings to mind the coming holidays…we are led down the holiday road beginning with Halloween.  Never knew until today that Halloween is an Irish creation.  Trick or Treating opens doors, literally, to giving small presents to children of all ages.  Thanksgiving follows with its history, tradition, and gratitude.  Then the Christmas holidays and Hanukkah follow…. […]

Are You Excited Every Morning as if It Were Christmas Morning?

EVERY MORNING COULD FEEL LIKE CHRISTMAS, COULDN’T IT? Presents to open but not every morning does,  THAT IS WHAT MAKES CHRISTMAS MORNING SPECIAL! but most mornings as we rise we are off to “work” THAT IS WHAT MAKES CHRISTMAS MORNING SPECIAL! but today is not Christmas morning THAT IS WHAT MAKES CHRISTMAS MORNING SPECIAL! but […]